Meanwhile, back at the Ranch….

Hello!  Yes, I know it’s been awhile since we last talked.  But I’ve been having some Health Issues, and, well, Priorities have changed.  Let me catch you up.

First off, about 3-4 months ago, The Wife came back from a Vacation to Florida with her Sisters and brought back a NASTY Bug.  How bad did we get sick?  How about multiple trips to the Doctor AND TWO DIFFERENT Antibiotics to get it cleared up?

Then a couple of weeks after that, when I got back to work, there was an accident.  Ever seen those Portable Stairs at Loews or Home Depot that are used to get to the Top Shelves?  Ever have a Co-worker drive one over your Big Toe while trying to get parts?  Well, it didn’t break any bones, but the Toe Nail was ripped out, so…

Finally, last month, after taking a New Shooter to the Range, my right wrist started hurting.  Bad.  So bad I couldn’t do my job.  After X-rays and a trip to the Ortho, it turns out I have Arthritis in the Wrist.  Now the Ortho said the Arthritis agrevated a tendon, and I need to take Advil for the rest of my life, wear a Brace unless i’m sleeping, and learn how to Shoot Left-Handed.

Yeah.  Just what I need to do, learn how to shoot all over again.

So, the Good Thing is that the Insurance picked up most of it, The Wife has a Health Savings account at her work place, Workers Comp covered the Foot and I still have a Job.

But my out-of-pocket co-pay for what the Insurance didn’t cover takes some time to get re-imbursed from the HSA, and all the days I’ve missed means any money I was going to use to go to Nashville for the NRA Meetings went to the Doctors instead.  And since I picked the Wrong Parents before I was Born, I don’t get Obamacare.

But I did keep my Time Off for the NRA Meeting even though I couldn’t afford to go.  Which is why you are reading this instead of me talking to a lot of you about it at Nashville.

I mean, I REALLY needed some Down Time.

Especially for the upcoming Summer.

You see, I live about 25 miles from where the Republitard National Convention is going to happen this July, and I work about 10 miles from where it’s being held.

Unfortunately, my workplace is Smack-Dab right in the HOOD.

Trust me, there’s a Ruger LCP in my Front Pocket before I head out the Door.  And something “Extra” in my car.

Which, BTW, I put in the Shop the other day, and they just called and said it’s ready, after I pay them $807.00.

Now, let’s have some perspective.  There are a lot of you out there who wish you had my Problems, and I agree.  But I am wondering what I did to piss off God, you know?

And Trust Me on this:  the time around the Convention up here will NOT be Fun.  My “Security” contacts are telling me that they are REALLY Sweating the Convention, and are telling me that if there’s no Damn Good Reason to be Downtown, don’t go there at all.


And of course, We, The People are looking at choosing between TWO Upper-Class Baby Boomers born into Privilege worth Gazillions  for the next President, with a World that seems to be run by Lunatics.

But (Knock Wood!) if nothing else seems to Crap on my Head, I’ll try to put out some more Content, okay?  No Promises, but I’ll Try.

Yeah, yeah, I know what Master Yoda said.  But that little guy wasn’t going to work in a neighborhood where three guys stomped a guy to death at the Bus Stop during Rush Hour last November about a half a mile from where I work, either.

And my Workplace has those Israeli Blast Shutters to cover the Windows, because the Drive-byer’s like to shoot them out at night.

Funny, I didn’t know I was living in Chicago.  Bubblehead Les Out.


6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the Ranch….

  1. ProudHillbilly

    So glad to see you back but yeezo peezo!

    Yeah, I spent a week in Cleveland one day… That’s not really fair because I know both Baltimore and Detroit have great places but… I wouldn’t walk out of the house unarmed and I’d have a collection of stuff within reach while home.

  2. Wandering Neurons

    Missed you in Louisville, but totally understand the issues, thanks for the update! Time to hunker down and wait for better opportunities. Stay safe there! Next year in Atlanta!!!


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