Enough already!

Hello.  Well, I’d never thought that I’d have to say this, but in light of recent events, I believe it’s time.

It’s time to Break the Law.

Look, in spite of all the Political Pundits out there, come November, we have a choice of either putting into the Oval Office Hillary or Donald.  Yeah, yeah, there’s always a Libertarian or a Communist or a Whatever Party Candidate on the Ticket, but I don’t see a Perot or a Nader out there to screw things up, so there’s your choices.

Of course, you could leave the space blank and vote for the Senate and the Dog Catcher and the Tax Increases, but if you do, Hillary would probably benefit the most.

Trust me, it ALL comes down to the Electoral College.  And a few thousand Votes one way or another, and the Election goes to person who captures the STATE, not necessarily your Home Town.  Why do you think the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Florida HAD to Recount ALL the States Vote’s (INCLUDING the Absentee from the Military), not just the Three Counties the Democrats wanted.

Which is why Algore capitulated before they started the count.

And then started the DemoCommie LIE that Bush STOLE the Election!

When the TRUTH is that Algore couldn’t win if all the Votes were recounted, and he knew it.

Of course, if Nader hadn’t screwed Algore with his 2 million Green Party Votes, Algore would have taken most of them.  C’mon, do you really think 2 million Treehuggers would have Voted for Bush?

Which does explain why Algore went Nuts and jumped on the EcoFreak Bandwagon…

Of course, you could stay home and not Vote at all, and pray that the Senate and the House would oppose a Hillary Admin.

Yeah, the same pack of Asshats that’s doing it’s best to stop Obama.

How’s that working out for you Mitch?


But before we get to the Election, we have to go through some Dog and Pony Shows called “Conventions.”

Which is where the Law Breaking comes into effect.

You see, Hillary’s Anointment is happening in Philadelphia, and its Security Plans seem to very good and running smoothly.

However, the Republitard Circus is a FUCKING JOKE as far as Security Preparedness is concerned.  I won’t bore you with the Details, but the DemoCommie Powers-that-be who run the City have created such a Cluster that other cities that were going to send extra cops have pulled out, and they are manned at about 2,000 BELOW what the Secret Service wants for a MINIMUM.

Oh, and the Mayor says he sees NO NEED for Pepper Spray, Riot Shields, or even metal detectors for the so-called “Free Speech Zones”; i.e. Rioters Starting Point.  After all, HE’s not going to “Antagonise Peaceful Free Speech Advocates by Militarizing the Police.”

Oh, and did you know that Cleveland will NOT pay for the extra workman’s Comp Insurance for all the Out-of-Town Cops?

Or even Overtime?

So no wonder the Greensboro, NC Dept (along with many others) told them to Stuff it.

And even though they were given $50 Million for Security by the Feds, they’ve hardly bought any gear?  And what they have ordered is being bought on Credit, with payment AFTER the Circus?

So who scammed the Cash?  after all, half of the Local Pols up here seem to have gone jail over the last 20 years.

Those that got caught, anyway…

Then we have every Left-Wing “Hate Group” such as ONLY Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, SEIU, The New Black Panther’s, PETA, etc.  are coming into town.  In fact, MoveOn has 2,000 “Volunteers” who will be knocking on every door in the “Minority Neighborhoods” to “Inform them about the THREAT Donald Trump poses!”

That starts the Friday BEFORE the Convention, BTW.

Takes a weekend to get the Pot Stirred up, you know.

So why am I going to break the Law?  Simple.  I live about 25 miles from the Convention Site.

I WORK less than 10 miles from Convention, in the HOOD.

So, in light of the Published Protests that are going to happen, Trumpsters plan on bring about 5,000 of THEIR People in to “make sure the Establishment” doesn’t try to Steal the Nomination from The Donald.

And of course, every “Lone Wolf” Terrorist and Anarchist and just plain NutJob is probably coming in to join the Picnic.

And I don’t plan on Playing the Victim Role for THOSE Cocksuckers.

So, even with my CCW Permit, I’m breaking the Law by Ignoring every “No Guns Allowed!” Sign that is posted.  Unless there is an Armed Guard doing Pat-Downs and Metal Detectors, I’m staying armed for the Duration.

And I will be having extra “Gear” in my Car, all properly Stowed under Ohio and Federal Law, but still ready to go.

You see, I HAVE to go to work during the Con, because the Owner is a Cheap Bastard who won’t shut the place down during Ice Storms and Blizzards, even if the State Highway Patrol shuts the roads down.

But what does he care?  He’s an “Absentee Boss” who lives in Florida and only shows up once a month or so.  And he just looked at me when I asked about the Convention and Security and told me, “Call 911 if anything happens.”

Yeah, right.  Tell it to Ferguson and Baltimore.

So that’s pretty much it.  I’m willing to Break the Law to Stay Alive during this Insanity that’s brewing up in Cleveland.

The question you have to ask yourself is this:  “Am I willing to break the Law to Stay Alive and Protect my Family and Friends?”

That’s up to you. But something tells me that there will be a lot of craziness happening this year leading up to the Election, and I recommend you all get prepared for your neck of the woods.  Something tells me that this is going to be another Summer of ’68, and some of you who lived through those times will remember how it sucked.

And if you’re too young to remember it, trust me it sucked.

I remember my Dad getting a Colt LW Commander and keeping it in the Glove Box that year.

And he also knew he was Breaking the Law.

But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Oh, and unless he does something so far out and Stupid, I’m voting for Trump.



And I don’t think The Donald will.  I’m trusting the NRA on this.

Because I don’t want to fight the Next Revolution in February 2017 if Hillary gets the Nod.

So, as usual, Got Guns?  Got Ammo?  Bubblehead Les Out.



Meanwhile, back at the Ranch….

Hello!  Yes, I know it’s been awhile since we last talked.  But I’ve been having some Health Issues, and, well, Priorities have changed.  Let me catch you up.

First off, about 3-4 months ago, The Wife came back from a Vacation to Florida with her Sisters and brought back a NASTY Bug.  How bad did we get sick?  How about multiple trips to the Doctor AND TWO DIFFERENT Antibiotics to get it cleared up?

Then a couple of weeks after that, when I got back to work, there was an accident.  Ever seen those Portable Stairs at Loews or Home Depot that are used to get to the Top Shelves?  Ever have a Co-worker drive one over your Big Toe while trying to get parts?  Well, it didn’t break any bones, but the Toe Nail was ripped out, so…

Finally, last month, after taking a New Shooter to the Range, my right wrist started hurting.  Bad.  So bad I couldn’t do my job.  After X-rays and a trip to the Ortho, it turns out I have Arthritis in the Wrist.  Now the Ortho said the Arthritis agrevated a tendon, and I need to take Advil for the rest of my life, wear a Brace unless i’m sleeping, and learn how to Shoot Left-Handed.

Yeah.  Just what I need to do, learn how to shoot all over again.

So, the Good Thing is that the Insurance picked up most of it, The Wife has a Health Savings account at her work place, Workers Comp covered the Foot and I still have a Job.

But my out-of-pocket co-pay for what the Insurance didn’t cover takes some time to get re-imbursed from the HSA, and all the days I’ve missed means any money I was going to use to go to Nashville for the NRA Meetings went to the Doctors instead.  And since I picked the Wrong Parents before I was Born, I don’t get Obamacare.

But I did keep my Time Off for the NRA Meeting even though I couldn’t afford to go.  Which is why you are reading this instead of me talking to a lot of you about it at Nashville.

I mean, I REALLY needed some Down Time.

Especially for the upcoming Summer.

You see, I live about 25 miles from where the Republitard National Convention is going to happen this July, and I work about 10 miles from where it’s being held.

Unfortunately, my workplace is Smack-Dab right in the HOOD.

Trust me, there’s a Ruger LCP in my Front Pocket before I head out the Door.  And something “Extra” in my car.

Which, BTW, I put in the Shop the other day, and they just called and said it’s ready, after I pay them $807.00.

Now, let’s have some perspective.  There are a lot of you out there who wish you had my Problems, and I agree.  But I am wondering what I did to piss off God, you know?

And Trust Me on this:  the time around the Convention up here will NOT be Fun.  My “Security” contacts are telling me that they are REALLY Sweating the Convention, and are telling me that if there’s no Damn Good Reason to be Downtown, don’t go there at all.


And of course, We, The People are looking at choosing between TWO Upper-Class Baby Boomers born into Privilege worth Gazillions  for the next President, with a World that seems to be run by Lunatics.

But (Knock Wood!) if nothing else seems to Crap on my Head, I’ll try to put out some more Content, okay?  No Promises, but I’ll Try.

Yeah, yeah, I know what Master Yoda said.  But that little guy wasn’t going to work in a neighborhood where three guys stomped a guy to death at the Bus Stop during Rush Hour last November about a half a mile from where I work, either.

And my Workplace has those Israeli Blast Shutters to cover the Windows, because the Drive-byer’s like to shoot them out at night.

Funny, I didn’t know I was living in Chicago.  Bubblehead Les Out.

Doing the Same Thing over and over…

Hello! Well, it looks like the Enemies of Freedom have struck again.  No, I’m not talking about the Mother Fucking Terrorist Pieces of Shit in San Bernardino.  I’m talking about the Liberal Democommie Regime and their Cronies in the MSM and in Local, State and Federal Gooberments all across the Fruited Plain.

You probably heard how the New York Times put on the front page it’s first Editorial in 95 YEARS to DEMAND that New Gun Control Laws to BAN “Assault Rifles”be Decreed Immediately!

Which proves that the Old Adage “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”  And the Liberals just can’t seem to get the point that new Gun Control Laws have a Snowball’s Chance of being enacted under the Obama Regime.  So why are they pushing it so hard?

Because Bad People with Guns don’t give a Rat’s Ass about Gun Free Zones, and lately, THEY seem to be the Targets.  Think I’m wrong?

Well, the Bad Guys shot up a College in Oregon a few months ago, and of course all those Poor Liberal Middle Class Parisians who got killed enjoying a Night Out at the Bars, Cafes and a Music Hall, well, isn’t Paris a Gun-Free Zone?  Why, the entire EU is a Gun-Free Zone, full of new ” Migrants” from the Islamic World whom they Joyfully allowed to settle in the Land of Socialized Lattes.

And then a “Background Check” Vetted Female from the Middle East decides to Shoot up a “Holiday Party”  in one of the Biggest Gun-Free Zones in the United States, i.e. Kalifornia in a Gooberment Office Complex designed to help the Needy in the VolksRepublik!  Why, didn’t Obama just “Mock” the Republicans for being AFRAID of “Women and Children from the Middle East?”

And what is really making the Liberals Piss their Knickers  is the FACT that all their Laws didn’t mean a Mouse’s Fart in a Hurricane in stopping the Bad Guys.


So they feel Threatened by the very People they paid Danegeld to NOT Attack them.  Which History has shown again and again doesn’t work.

But these oh-so “Enlightened Political Elites”  can’t get it through their Numbskulls that the American People have Voted with their Pocket Books to Arm themselves, whenever Legally Allowed to so.  After all, there was the biggest single day of NICS Checks on Black Friday.  And it looks like this year’s Total Firearms Sales is on track to be another Record Breaker.

And John Lott tells us that over 12 MILLION Americans have their Concealed Carry Permits.

That’s about TEN TIMES the number of Law Enforcement Personnel in the U.S.  And about the same for Active Military.

Which  ALSO has to have the Political Elites who think that they are Gods sweating like Turkeys in November.  After all, who will keep the Peasants from Revolting against their Benevolent Rule?

Yet these Fools Threaten You and Me with Jail if we Refuse to Give up our Firearms?  After all, Hillary has already declared she’s willing to do Gun Confiscation if she seizes Power.  And we are to be willing to go along with this Insanity in the Face of Terrorists who WANT to Kill Us?  All on the say-so of Idiots whose Policies helped the Terrorists?

And that’s the Stinking Rotting Thing at the Heart of this Wave of Terror:  the Government and their Cronies Policies helped the Terrorists.  Instead of messing around trying to pick Air Targets in Iraq that has ZERO chance of Civilian Casualties in spite of the fact ISIS uses Civilians  as Shields, in spite of the fact that all the Background Checks won’t stop 15 year old Gang Bangers from shooting up Chicago every night, in spite of the Fact that “Yes, Mr. President, Islamic Women and Children have Grown Up or Embraced Radical Jihadism to be Terrorists in France and Kalifornia and Boston and Ft.Hood and other places where Armed Citizens are TREATED LIKE THE CRIMINALS YOU ARE PROTECTING!”

In spite of all these Facts, these Jerks want US to be LESS Protected than THEM?  AND we’re supposed to keep them in Power?  All because they SAID SO?

Screw them.  Buy Guns.   Buy Ammo.  Get Practice.  Get your CHP.  And Shoot Back if Attacked.  And The New York Times can Bite Me.  Bubblehead Les Out.


“You never get rid of the Dane.”

Hello!  Something a little different this time around.  “Big Picture Time.”

Want Islamic Syrian Refugees moving into your neighborhood?  If you do, don’t thank Obama, thank Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Who’s he?” you may ask.  Why, he’s the guy who’s SHIPPING them to Europe.  How’s he doing that? Why, you get to do things like that when you’re President-for-Life of TURKEY.

Look, this guy came to Power about 15 years ago, and Trust Me, he’s NO Friend of the West nor of Israel.  Just hit the Wiki page on him, and you’ll see what I mean.  He basically has decided to create his OWN Turkish “Caliphate” in spite of the Safeguards Kemal Ataturk put in place when he built Modern Turkey out of the rubble of the Ottoman Empire.  You see, Ataturk wanted to make sure that Turkey would be a SECULAR Nation, where the Muslim Nutjobs couldn’t get Control and drive them back into the Middle Ages.  Well, after having the Secret Police arrest about 300 Officers and Trashing the Courts and the Press and all kinds of other nasty things, over the years, he’s decided that the best way of handling the “Refugee Problem” from the Syrian “Civil War” is to ship them to Europe.

About a MILLION so far this year.

You see, Erdogan is SUNNI, and Assad of Syria is SHIITE, and there’s about a 100,000 “Turkomen” living just across the Border.  And when Obama and Hillary pushed their “Arab Spring” Bullshit a few years ago, he was one of the first to jump on the Bandwagon. Against Assad.

Now, unlike Obama who’s been bending over Backwards to “Appease” Iran and the rest of the Shiite World, Erdogon has FIRMLY sided with Sunni Groups like the Islamic Brotherhood, Al-Queda (sorry, “Nusfra Front”), Hamas, etc.

And guess who’s buying OIL from ISIS on the Black Market?  Why, the Turkish Energy Minister, his Son-in-Law.

But he screwed up last week, and decided to show the Russians “Just who’s Boss!”  You see, that Russian Jet that was Shot Down?  It was heading over to Bomb some Turkomen. And he had the Air Force put a Stop to that shit!

Needless to say, PUTIN IS NOT HAPPY!

Trust me, Vladimir is REALLY NOT HAPPY.  And Guess What?  If Russia decides to attack Turkey, and Erdogan invokes Section Five of the NATO Agreement, guess who gets to Fight the Russians?


You see, we’re using the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey for our “Air War” (HA!) against ISIS.  Of course, that’s because OBAMA doesn’t have enough money to keep a Carrier in the Region.  Guess it’s more important to fund Solar Panels than keep the Fleet up.

But Not To Worry!  You see, the EU just had a Big Summit with Turkey to solve the Refugee Problem.  Guess what?  The Freedom-Loving “How DARE YOU keep Poor Refugees from Syria trying to enjoy the Benefits of European Socialism” Germans and French and the rest of the EU Gang is going to GIVE Turkey over $3 Billion to “Help them KEEP the Refugees in Turkey until Peace has been Achieved.”  AND they are going to Ignore the Turks “Lack of Freedom Press, and Human Rights and all that Stuff”, AND they’ll let the Turks Travel Visa-Free AND they’ll probably let them into the EU!


You know, the Mob used to send Tony and Vinnie into a Shop and tell the Owner “Hey, Nice Place you got here.  Be a Shame if anything happened to it.”  And some places in England tried to Buy off the Vikings with “Dane-Geld” when they were Raiding.  History showed us how well THAT worked.

And it looks like The Europeans are going to pay Dane-Geld AGAIN.  Kipling in his Poem “Dane-Geld” taught us how well THAT worked out.

And how is Obama handling on these Crises on the World Stage?  Not to Worry!  He’s in Paris with almost every other World Leader to handle the GREATEST PROBLEM IN WORLD HISTORY:

Global Warming.

Yeah, I know.

So as usual: Got Guns?  Got Ammo?  Been Practicing? Trust me, if you think it’s Bad now, just look at the World, and remember that OBAMA is still in Charge until Jan 2017.  Bubblehead Les Out.




Where have you been?

Hello!  Long time no see.  Been Awhile.  Well, I know I’ve been Lax in keeping this up, but I have a Good Excuse.  You see, someone Hired a Vet.

Yep, I got a Job.  Nice place.  Good People, good conditions, good pay.  Even back in Electronics.  Basically, I’m helping to build Sensors that control things like Conveyor Belts, Robots, CNC Machines, etc.  Industrial Gear, mostly.  Commute is kinda long, about 45 minutes each way, and I expect it to get worse when Winter shows up around here.  Guess who gets to Plow the Driveway every morning?  So call it 10-11 hours dedicated to my Daily Job.  Then of course THE Wife and I have to figure out Dinner, take care of the Dogs, Clean, etc.  So, if we’re Lucky, we get about Two Hours together before we hit the hay and start all over.

Weekends? Well, have some Home Repair and Improvements to do, so that’s pretty much taken up the Weekends.  And of course, Murphy’s Law still Rules, so things like the Car needing Tires and taking the Dogs to the Vet gotta fit in somewhere, so, well, that’s why I haven’t been able to ride the Interwebs as much as I like, nor do some Blogging.  And once things develop their own Rhythm, I’ve got to get some Exercise Time in and hit the Range some more.  Trust me, I am NOT looking forward to the coming New Year.  ESPECIALLY when the Republican Convention hits Cleveland next July.  And the way the World is running OUTSIDE the U.S.?  Whoo Boy, I sure am Grateful that I’m Here rather than THERE.

But what is Good is that now, since I’m back to Work, I now have some Cash to do some “Upgrades”, shall we say.  In fact, there’s a Sale this Weekend concerning a 12 Gauge Pump that I am VERY Tempted to go to Saturday.

And I already told the Bosses at Work BEFORE I was Hired that I won’t be available during the time of the NRA Annual Meeting, so I hope to see you in Louisville next year.  Current Plan for me is come in Thursday and leave Sunday Morning, so “Where’s the Party?”

Oh, BTW, I talked to my Dad yesterday, he’s doing much better, so THAT Crisis seems to have calmed down a Lot.

As for the Blog?  Well, it’s still too early for The Presidential B.S. for me, but as for me, I’m voting for ABH.

ABH?  Yep, ABH.  ANYONE BUT HILARY!  Trust Me, I’d rather have PUTIN in the White House than Her.

But I’ll do my best to talk with you all more Often, okay?  And in the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I hope you are all Grateful for the fact that MOST Americans can Buy Guns, Buy Ammo and Practice with them.  I am.  Bubblehead Les Out.

Veterans Day 2015

Hello.  It’s that time again. Veterans Day.  The day when people walk up to you and say “Thank You for Your Service”.  The day when certain Restaurants and Stores give us a Free Meal and/or a Discount.  The day when those of us who Honorably Served in the United States Military might get a Chance to tell our “War Stories” to a few Kids in School or we get to march in a Parade.

But for me, it’s the day that reminds me that I, along with a few million more of my Brothers and Sisters, no matter which Uniform we wore, whether they are alive or dead, that WE did do something that those who are Civilians just don’t get.  At least, a lot don’t.

When it was Time to swear “I do Solemnly Swear…”, we did it. That’s all.

Drafted, Enlisted, Appointed to an Academy; Cook, General, Infantry, Fighter Jock, Nurse, Bubblehead, whatever, that’s all just jobs or WHAT we Did.  WHO WE ARE IS MORE IMPORTANT.


And we said “Yes”.

Now a lot of us didn’t make it back home.  Or they came Home in a Box.

Or on a Stretcher, to be “Patched Up’, and sent home with our Brand New Legs or Arms or Guts or whatever they did to make us “as Well as Possible.”

And a lot came home with Broken Minds and Spirits because they saw or felt or smelled or LIVED through One “Incident” Too Many.  And Too Damn Many of them are Roaming the Streets for Too Damned Long for me to think that our “Gooberment” really cares about them.

But in a Strange Way, that’s Okay.  Because I didn’t Swear an Oath to Cover their Political Asses.  I took an Oath so that My Family and Your Family and all Good People who can live under our Constitution can be as Safe and Secure as my Brothers and Sisters can make it.

You know, the REAL Bosses in the Republic.

We, The People.

But for most Vets, we just Swore in, did our Jobs, came Home and lived Life.

So I’ll take Your Thanks, but not for me alone.  I’ll take them for all my Brothers and Sisters who Honorably Served and aren’t Present with me. Heck. I’ll even use your Discounts.  Got some Repairs I need to do to the House this weekend, so thank you Lowes.

But on one day a Year, I won’t Accept your Thanks.  Instead, I’ll tell you where the nearest VA Hospital is, or the nearest Military Cemetery and tell you to give your Thanks to those who “Occupy” those Locations.

For you see, for some us, even Vets have Heroes.

And THOSE Men and Women can NEVER be Thanked Enough.

Bubblehead Les Out.

You’re Older than You think You are.

Hello!  Just a little something to share.

So I was born on 22 October 1958, which means I am Officially 57 years old.  But I’m Older than that, and so are you.  And I’m not counting the time from Conception, either.  So how can you be older than you think you are?


Forgot about living through all those February 29ths, eh?  Me too, until Someone who shall remain Nameless said that if we count one Rotation of the Earth as a “Day,” why don’t we count February 29th?  After all, isn’t it a Rotation also?

Bastard was right.

So I’ve added up all the Leap Years that have occurred since my Birth, and somehow, I’ve gained TWO WEEKS!

AND 2016 is a Leap Year also.  Which also allows another day for Political Hacks to Campaign and/or stay in Office.

Sucks, I know.

But THE Wife has pointed out to me that this only occurs to MALES, since it is a well-know Universal Law that NO Woman EVER gets past the age of 29, no matter how many times she has to celebrate it.

Got it?

Anyway, now that I’ve made your day, try and enjoy the rest of it, you Old Fart.  ; )

Got Guns?  Got Ammo?  Been Practicing?  Bubblehead Les Out.

Election Results.

Hello!  Heard the West Virginia Blogshoot went off well, and everyone who showed had a Great Time.  Sigh!  Maybe next year, guys.

Anyway, All’s Quiet on the Homefront.  Dad’s Stable, no major problems on my side.  Just could use a Gazzillion Dollars, but who couldn’t?  But something interesting has occurred regarding the RKBA lately.

It seems that, out of the Blue during a Debate, a “Concerned Voter” asked Hillary about Gun Control a few weeks ago.  And she’d said she would have No Problem Confiscating ALL “None-Approved” Firearms if she was Elected President.  And of course all the Democommies who were there Jumped on her Bandwagon, saying “Me Too!”  Except Jim Webb, who has a CHP.  But he’s out of the Race, and Lincoln Chaffee is gone, so that leaves Hillary, Sanders and O’Malley.

Funning thing is, Bernie Sanders, the Uber-Liberal Socialist is probably the most “Conservative” on the 2A.  But since he plans on STAYING as the Senator from Vermont if he doesn’t get the Prez Job, he has to keep his Home State Voters Happy.

But Hillary and O’malley are HUGE Anti-Gunners with the record to prove it, so, whatever they say about Gun Control, BELIEVE IT.  

But something “Interesting” has occurred since Hillary opened her mouth.  Suddenly, as if it was Magic, Obama opened HIS mouth, and this past weekend, the Lamestream Media Outlet AP kept pushing this “Study” that says “More Guns Equals More Crimes.”  Now, this so-called “Study” has been Debunked as a Piece of Inaccurate Crap months ago.  It has ZERO co-relation with the FBI Crime Stats, yet Obama quoted from it, so have others, and it is being treated as Gospel by the Modern Democommie Party.

Remember, Propaganda is telling the Same Lie over and Over as if it were True.  And eventually, People will believe it.

But this “Study” basically says that “Water is Dry.”  The Sad part is, way too many People believe it.

And they Vote.

Now, the same AP released its “Survey” on Gun Control today, and Low and Behold! the Registered Democommie Voters Surveyed AGREED by nearly 80% that “America NEEDS More Gun Control NOW!”

And how many of them will Vote for Hillary?  Probably most of them.

Now, I dug out the Survey, and Trust me, it’s 13 pages long, and I’m NOT going to Parse it.  But a couple of things did stand out.

Only 60% of Registered Republicans said the Gun Laws are Okay OR need to be Relaxed.  SUPPOSEDLY, 31% of “Conservative” Republicans said we need “More Stringent” Gun Control.

Yeah, right, SURE they’re “Conservative Republicans.”

What’s interesting is that about 20% of the DemoCommies believe Gun Control Laws need to be Relaxed.  Yeah, take that one with a Grain of Salt too.

But one Stat does jump out.  According to the AP, 1 in 3 Surveyed said that they LIVE in a Household with a Firearm.  Just a LITTLE Math, okay?

Let’s say (for ease of Math) that there are 200 Million Adults over the Age of 18 who live in the U.S.  According to the Survey, that means about 67 Million live in Homes with Guns.  Now, it doesn’t matter whether they’re Married, Single, in a “Partnership”, Roommates, etc.  Just that about 67 Million people have Guns in the Home.

Are they ALL Republicans?  Well, according to the Survey, only 50% are Repubs, the rest are “Undecided, Democommie, Libertarian, Whatever.”  Which makes them about 1/6th of 200 Million, or about 33 Million.

One little Problem, though.  You see, the NRA says that there are about 100 Million Lawful Firearms Owners in the U. S.  And they get their Numbers from Firearms Sales, Background Checks, etc.  Which means that the “Democommies, Libertarians, Undecided, etc” would have to make up 50 Million of those Households that the AP Surveyed.  And I don’t think there are that many in the U.S.

So why the Discrepancies?  Easy. PEOPLE LIE.  I doubt that 31% of “Conservative Republicans” would support Stricter Gun Control Laws.  And I doubt that only 1 in 3 Americans have Guns in the Home.  But I bet you that the Hillary Campaign and the DemoCommie Party will use those “Stats” to say that Gun Owners are a “Minority” of Americans who really have No Place in a Peaceful, Liberal Society,” and “it’s THEIR FAULT that Gun Violence happens at all.”

That’s how Propaganda works, after all.

So, here’s the Take Away.  For some reason, the DemoCommies have decided the Gun Control MUST be a “Campaign Issue” for the 2016 Elections.  And ANYONE who’s running for ANY Political Office in 2016 that’s a DemoCommie better get on the Gun Control Bandwagon.

Because the Democommies want to return to the “Golden Age” where they had the Presidency, the House and the Senate.  Remember how much Damage has been caused to the Republic when Barack, Nancy and Harry ran things from 2009-2011?

Imagine Hillary, Nancy and Chuckie Schumer in Charge in 2017.

Do you want those Elections Results to happen?

Think about it.

Got Guns? Got Ammo?  Been Practising? Bubblehead Les Out.

Beating Hillary’s Confiscation, Pt.2.

Hello!  Okay, I just FINISHED Part Two, hit the Edit Button, and WordPress just  WIPED IT CLEAN!  Give me a few Minutes.

Okay, I’m done Screaming.  You know, as a Card-Carrying Member in “Enemies of the Vast-Left Wing Conspiracy to Rule the World,” there are times that I SERIOUSLY wonder if they are messing with me and my Blog.  Anyway, back to the Subject:  “How to Legally Own Firearms W/O leaving a Paper Trail for the Gun Confiscators.”

First, you HAVE to be a Citizen of a FREE State that “Allows” Private Sales of Firearms amongst its Citizens. Most VolksRepubliks say that, even if you own a Firearm, it has to go to someone on THEIR “Approved” lists.  Ever hear of a FOIA ID Card?  Yeah, be glad if you don’t live in that State.  Trust me, you wouldn’t BELIEVE the Legal Hassle JG, Wally and I went through a few years ago at a Blogshoot just for me to sell a pre-Ban Lower to JG just to get it into Massholevania!

But let’s say you do live in a Place that tries to follow the Constitution.  If you want to purchase a Firearm w/o having to leave a Paper Trail that the Confiscators can use against you in the Future, like Hillary will try to do if she gets Elected, you basically have Three options.

A,)  Buy it from a Friend.  Even if they bought it New, the records will show that they are the LAST Owner.  Even if they get the “Knock on the Door” and say they sold it to you, well, you do what you think is best for you and yours.  Of course, if you happen to keep stored SAFELY off your Premises “Just-in-Case”, well….

B.) Check the “For Sale” Ads.  Every once in a while here in Ohio, a Family is selling off Grandpa’s Guns, and they just place an Ad.  Usually it’s because someone in the Family knows what a Firearm is worth, and the local Scumbag Gun Shop (YES, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) offers them 10cents on the Dollar, then tries to Sell it for 150% above Book Value.  So you show up, get to Haggling, come to a Deal, and you then pay in CASH.  Again, it’s possible that they might pass your name onto the Federales, but, oh well.

C.) Go to the Gun Show.  Now, here in Ohio, our Gun Shows are “Allowed” to have “Not-a-Dealers” set up Tables, provided that we follow a few simple rules. And trust me, there’s usually 3-4 Shows happening every Weekend across the State.  Basically, unlike the Professional Dealers and Stores that HAVE to run Background Checks while at the Show (and Charge Taxes), all the Not-a-Dealer has to do is ask for some sort of ID that says one is a Legal Citizen above the age of 18 (21 for Handguns) and is a Resident of Ohio.  Military stationed here DO have the Right to buy Firearms, even if they’re a Citizen of another State.  Something about Freedom involved there…

Also, the Not-a-Dealer is supposed to ask if the Buyer has any sort of Record that might keep them from legally purchasing a Firearm.  THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RUN A BACKGROUND CHECK ON THE BUYER!

THIS is the “Gun Show Loophole” that all the Uber-Liberal Anti-Gunners want to shut down.


Now, if the Buyer is a Mass Murderer who lies and says that their Record is Clean, I have no obligation to prevent the Sale under the Law, because it is NOT my Job to Enforce the Law.  Trust me, we’ve had Court Cases in the past here where Uber-Liberal Prostituters try to blame the Seller for the Crimes the Buyer committed after they bought the Firearm.  The Judge usually throws them out, or they win on Appeal if the first Judge is some Uber-Liberal hack.

Now, having been on both sides of the Table many times, I have passed over Tables where I have heard that the Sellers tend to deal with, shall we say, stuff that’s a little “Hot.”  And I’ve refused to sell on the grounds that the Buyer was a little too “Shady-looking” and “REALLY ANXIOUS” to buy a Gun.  Again, a GOOD CAPITALIST likes to stay in Business, and doesn’t deal with People and Things that are “Bad for Business.”  And of course, the Weapons are Sold “As Is’, so if you don’t have Gunsmithing Experience, befriend one and take him to the show with you.  Most HONEST “Not-a-Dealers” are, well, not Happy, but they do realize that the Smith Revolver they have for sale needs to be Timed or there’s a Headspace Issue on the Mauser they picked up last week, so a Good Capitalist will pull the Items that are Bad or mark it down as a “Parts Gun ONLY.”  As long as WE help each other out, most of us don’t WANT to “Beholdin’ to the Gooberment,” right?

But that’s like explaining Brain Surgery to a Cow, as far as the Anti-Gunners are concerned.

So there are other methods of Obtaining Firearms Legally, but since my Relatives are holding on to their Weapons, and the purpose is to illustrate that one can be Perfectly Legal and still keep the Gooberment out of the Loop, that’s pretty much it, at least in Ohio.  Hopefully, if you want to have the RKBA w/o the Gooberment keeping Track of what you own, feel free to use these Methods.

As for me, when I can get the CASH, I’ll probably just hit the Shows for my AR. I probably won’t get an 80% lower, just because I don’t have the Tools and the Time to do a Build.  I’ve got an FN-Fal Parts Kit that needs a Build, and I KNOW that one would HAVE to go on the “Books”  because the Receiver isn’t something that shows up at the Shows.  Plus I have a few other “Project Guns” that I just don’t have the Time to get Fixed.  Besides, I want to be able to get a LOT of Practice with my AR, because, well… I’m only getting one for “Just-in-Case” Events, and I got a Funny Feeling that Time is getting Short.

So I hope this helps with those who just don’t Trust someone like Hillary getting her hands on the Top Job.  And if she does, let’s hope there’s enough People out there who won’t put up with her Power Grabs to become “Empress for Life.”  But if it comes down to Armed Opposition, one needs Firearms for that Scenario.  And when all the rest of the Guns are being Confiscated, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have something that SHE doesn’t know about.

Just in Case.  Bubblehead Les Out.

Beating Hillary’s Confiscation Plan, pt.1.

Hello!  Time to check in.  Dad’s condition is Stable, but it’s just a matter of time.  Things keep breaking around me, but we have the cash to get it fixed.  One of my Nephew’s got Married last weekend.  His Brother, the “Not-a-Seal” NAVY EOD Tech came in to be his Best Man, and his Father and I and Him had a nice long Discussion about Gun Rights, CCWs, and what would Hillary do if the Bitch got elected.  Trust me, we’re all on the Same Page regarding the RKBA.

BTW, My Nephew, the “Not-a-Seal,” has escaped from the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, and is now an Instructor at an EOD School at Eglin.  Since he’s going to be there for Four years, he’s decided to become a Citizen of Florida, and bought a home.  And he asked me about the Paperwork needed to get his CCW Permit.  Of course I helped him out.  Good News.

Bad News.  Since he now lives in a Free State, he decided to collect all his “Evil Banned-in-Kalifornia” Firearms that were held in “Safe-Keeping”, and take them back to Florida.  And one of them is his AR, which I was keeping for him.  He no longer is relying on a Rossi 357 Lever Gun, Smith N-Frame 357 and 12 gauge pump for Home/Self Defense.  But he’s not selling them to me, because who know’s where he might be Stationed next?  Sigh.

So what that means is I no longer have an AR in Inventory, and I need to Purchase one.  Don’t worry, I have JG’s old SKS (which I have “Tactikooled”), THE WIFE has her M1 Carbine, and there are enough Pistols, Bolt Rifles, etc for me to be well-protected.


After all, in some Scenarios, Resupply would be coming from Government “Resources,”  and it would be Useful to NOT have to get an AR and a 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol through “Coercive Means.”

I remember what my Father told me about what he and his Friends did to get Firearms for the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.  Just be glad YOU live in the United States.  So what to do?

Well, since I live in a Free State, I can just use my Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms, head over to my Neighborhood Ye Olde Gune Shoppe, whip out the Plastic, fill out the 4473, and buy one.  But should I?  Or should I use another Legal Method?

You see, if one lives in a Free State where you can just go into a Gune Shoppe and purchase an AR, even if that State allows you to bypass the 4473 Forms (by using your CHP), even though the 4473 and/or Permit record is “Supposed” to be Destroyed (which I have my Doubts), there are Federal Laws which allows the Treasury Dept to go into that same Gune Shoppe and access all items that are SOLD.  And since most items run through Computers, it would be easy for them to find out that John Doe spent $653.87 on a Bushmaster MFourgery on 12 October 2015 using Visa Card #XXXXXXXXXX.  After all, the Federales do have the right to see if TAXES were paid on the Purchase of Said Bushmaster.

And guess who’s name is on the Plastic?

Of course, one can use CASH, but 95% of Americans don’t walk around with all that Green on them.  I fact, if one goes to a Bank or Credit Union and gets several thousand dollors out, Red Flags go up,EVEN THOUGH IT’S PERFECTLY LEGAL.  In fact, the Federales are going after People who withdraw large sums of Money UNDER the Reporting Limit and are charging them with “Circumventing the Law by LEGAL MEANS!”

How do think they went after Dennis Hastert for his “Hush Money Scandal?”  All the money he yanked out was under the “Reporting Limits,” yet they still went after him.

Yeah, time to go to the Supreme Court again, I know.

“But Les, what does this have to do with Hillary Rotten Clinton?”  Glad you asked!

You see, a couple of days ago, Hillary came out after a “Question” was asked by a “Concerned Citizen” (SHILL!) about whether she would CONFISCATE “Evil Assault Rifles” and “High Capacity Magazines” like they did in the UK and Australia.


Now, let’s look into our Crystal Balls, shall we?  First off, she has to get Elected (GOD HELP US!).  But looking at the Republican Opposition, I’m not that Hopeful, especially if a RINO like Christie gets the Nomination.

Second, she has to be part of a “Wave” that puts the Democommies in charge of the House and the Senate.   Trust me, it’s not necessary for her to have the Congress backing her up, since she’s DROOLING for the Chance to use “Executive Orders” to enforce her Edicts, but it sure would make thing easier to Rule us “Little People.”

Just look at the Damage Barack, Nancy and Harry did for Two years.

But back to Confiscation. For it to work, the Federales need a list of who owns what Firearms.  In the VolksRepubliks, where “Registration of Firearms”  is Mandatory, that would be easy.  The Serfs would get a Notice that they would have until X date to turn in Y Rifles and Z Pistols with the  “High Capacity Magazines” that goes with them, OR ELSE.


Hey, go look up the “Reasons” the BATFEIEIO said they went into Waco in the first place.  It sure wasn’t “Child Endangerment!”

“But Les!  What about those of us in Free States that don’t HAVE to Register our Firearms!”

Well, did you buy it on Plastic from the Yea Old Gone Shoppe?  Then the Federales can access those records and track YOU down, even though the 4473 was “Destroyed”.

Keep in Mind, if the Feds can access your Personal Data to run the Background check in the First Place, then that means they already HAVE a FILE ON YOU.

Or else how would they “Allow” you to purchase a Firearm in the First Place?

Think about it.  Does NSA Phone and Computer Taps ring a Bell?  Fill out a Tax Form?  Got a Driver’s License?  Ever VOTE?

Trust me, don’t worry anymore about whether the Gooberment has Records on you in the Computers.


So what to do?  That’s the next thing I’ll be talking about. Subtle Hint:  it involves the Arch Enemy of the Uber-Liberal DemoCommie Socialists: CAPITALISM.

Got Guns? Got Ammo?  You’d better.  Bubblehead Les Out.