Doing the Same Thing over and over…

Hello! Well, it looks like the Enemies of Freedom have struck again.  No, I’m not talking about the Mother Fucking Terrorist Pieces of Shit in San Bernardino.  I’m talking about the Liberal Democommie Regime and their Cronies in the MSM and in Local, State and Federal Gooberments all across the Fruited Plain.

You probably heard how the New York Times put on the front page it’s first Editorial in 95 YEARS to DEMAND that New Gun Control Laws to BAN “Assault Rifles”be Decreed Immediately!

Which proves that the Old Adage “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”  And the Liberals just can’t seem to get the point that new Gun Control Laws have a Snowball’s Chance of being enacted under the Obama Regime.  So why are they pushing it so hard?

Because Bad People with Guns don’t give a Rat’s Ass about Gun Free Zones, and lately, THEY seem to be the Targets.  Think I’m wrong?

Well, the Bad Guys shot up a College in Oregon a few months ago, and of course all those Poor Liberal Middle Class Parisians who got killed enjoying a Night Out at the Bars, Cafes and a Music Hall, well, isn’t Paris a Gun-Free Zone?  Why, the entire EU is a Gun-Free Zone, full of new ” Migrants” from the Islamic World whom they Joyfully allowed to settle in the Land of Socialized Lattes.

And then a “Background Check” Vetted Female from the Middle East decides to Shoot up a “Holiday Party”  in one of the Biggest Gun-Free Zones in the United States, i.e. Kalifornia in a Gooberment Office Complex designed to help the Needy in the VolksRepublik!  Why, didn’t Obama just “Mock” the Republicans for being AFRAID of “Women and Children from the Middle East?”

And what is really making the Liberals Piss their Knickers  is the FACT that all their Laws didn’t mean a Mouse’s Fart in a Hurricane in stopping the Bad Guys.


So they feel Threatened by the very People they paid Danegeld to NOT Attack them.  Which History has shown again and again doesn’t work.

But these oh-so “Enlightened Political Elites”  can’t get it through their Numbskulls that the American People have Voted with their Pocket Books to Arm themselves, whenever Legally Allowed to so.  After all, there was the biggest single day of NICS Checks on Black Friday.  And it looks like this year’s Total Firearms Sales is on track to be another Record Breaker.

And John Lott tells us that over 12 MILLION Americans have their Concealed Carry Permits.

That’s about TEN TIMES the number of Law Enforcement Personnel in the U.S.  And about the same for Active Military.

Which  ALSO has to have the Political Elites who think that they are Gods sweating like Turkeys in November.  After all, who will keep the Peasants from Revolting against their Benevolent Rule?

Yet these Fools Threaten You and Me with Jail if we Refuse to Give up our Firearms?  After all, Hillary has already declared she’s willing to do Gun Confiscation if she seizes Power.  And we are to be willing to go along with this Insanity in the Face of Terrorists who WANT to Kill Us?  All on the say-so of Idiots whose Policies helped the Terrorists?

And that’s the Stinking Rotting Thing at the Heart of this Wave of Terror:  the Government and their Cronies Policies helped the Terrorists.  Instead of messing around trying to pick Air Targets in Iraq that has ZERO chance of Civilian Casualties in spite of the fact ISIS uses Civilians  as Shields, in spite of the fact that all the Background Checks won’t stop 15 year old Gang Bangers from shooting up Chicago every night, in spite of the Fact that “Yes, Mr. President, Islamic Women and Children have Grown Up or Embraced Radical Jihadism to be Terrorists in France and Kalifornia and Boston and Ft.Hood and other places where Armed Citizens are TREATED LIKE THE CRIMINALS YOU ARE PROTECTING!”

In spite of all these Facts, these Jerks want US to be LESS Protected than THEM?  AND we’re supposed to keep them in Power?  All because they SAID SO?

Screw them.  Buy Guns.   Buy Ammo.  Get Practice.  Get your CHP.  And Shoot Back if Attacked.  And The New York Times can Bite Me.  Bubblehead Les Out.



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