Enough already!

Hello.  Well, I’d never thought that I’d have to say this, but in light of recent events, I believe it’s time.

It’s time to Break the Law.

Look, in spite of all the Political Pundits out there, come November, we have a choice of either putting into the Oval Office Hillary or Donald.  Yeah, yeah, there’s always a Libertarian or a Communist or a Whatever Party Candidate on the Ticket, but I don’t see a Perot or a Nader out there to screw things up, so there’s your choices.

Of course, you could leave the space blank and vote for the Senate and the Dog Catcher and the Tax Increases, but if you do, Hillary would probably benefit the most.

Trust me, it ALL comes down to the Electoral College.  And a few thousand Votes one way or another, and the Election goes to person who captures the STATE, not necessarily your Home Town.  Why do you think the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Florida HAD to Recount ALL the States Vote’s (INCLUDING the Absentee from the Military), not just the Three Counties the Democrats wanted.

Which is why Algore capitulated before they started the count.

And then started the DemoCommie LIE that Bush STOLE the Election!

When the TRUTH is that Algore couldn’t win if all the Votes were recounted, and he knew it.

Of course, if Nader hadn’t screwed Algore with his 2 million Green Party Votes, Algore would have taken most of them.  C’mon, do you really think 2 million Treehuggers would have Voted for Bush?

Which does explain why Algore went Nuts and jumped on the EcoFreak Bandwagon…

Of course, you could stay home and not Vote at all, and pray that the Senate and the House would oppose a Hillary Admin.

Yeah, the same pack of Asshats that’s doing it’s best to stop Obama.

How’s that working out for you Mitch?


But before we get to the Election, we have to go through some Dog and Pony Shows called “Conventions.”

Which is where the Law Breaking comes into effect.

You see, Hillary’s Anointment is happening in Philadelphia, and its Security Plans seem to very good and running smoothly.

However, the Republitard Circus is a FUCKING JOKE as far as Security Preparedness is concerned.  I won’t bore you with the Details, but the DemoCommie Powers-that-be who run the City have created such a Cluster that other cities that were going to send extra cops have pulled out, and they are manned at about 2,000 BELOW what the Secret Service wants for a MINIMUM.

Oh, and the Mayor says he sees NO NEED for Pepper Spray, Riot Shields, or even metal detectors for the so-called “Free Speech Zones”; i.e. Rioters Starting Point.  After all, HE’s not going to “Antagonise Peaceful Free Speech Advocates by Militarizing the Police.”

Oh, and did you know that Cleveland will NOT pay for the extra workman’s Comp Insurance for all the Out-of-Town Cops?

Or even Overtime?

So no wonder the Greensboro, NC Dept (along with many others) told them to Stuff it.

And even though they were given $50 Million for Security by the Feds, they’ve hardly bought any gear?  And what they have ordered is being bought on Credit, with payment AFTER the Circus?

So who scammed the Cash?  after all, half of the Local Pols up here seem to have gone jail over the last 20 years.

Those that got caught, anyway…

Then we have every Left-Wing “Hate Group” such as ONLY Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, SEIU, The New Black Panther’s, PETA, etc.  are coming into town.  In fact, MoveOn has 2,000 “Volunteers” who will be knocking on every door in the “Minority Neighborhoods” to “Inform them about the THREAT Donald Trump poses!”

That starts the Friday BEFORE the Convention, BTW.

Takes a weekend to get the Pot Stirred up, you know.

So why am I going to break the Law?  Simple.  I live about 25 miles from the Convention Site.

I WORK less than 10 miles from Convention, in the HOOD.

So, in light of the Published Protests that are going to happen, Trumpsters plan on bring about 5,000 of THEIR People in to “make sure the Establishment” doesn’t try to Steal the Nomination from The Donald.

And of course, every “Lone Wolf” Terrorist and Anarchist and just plain NutJob is probably coming in to join the Picnic.

And I don’t plan on Playing the Victim Role for THOSE Cocksuckers.

So, even with my CCW Permit, I’m breaking the Law by Ignoring every “No Guns Allowed!” Sign that is posted.  Unless there is an Armed Guard doing Pat-Downs and Metal Detectors, I’m staying armed for the Duration.

And I will be having extra “Gear” in my Car, all properly Stowed under Ohio and Federal Law, but still ready to go.

You see, I HAVE to go to work during the Con, because the Owner is a Cheap Bastard who won’t shut the place down during Ice Storms and Blizzards, even if the State Highway Patrol shuts the roads down.

But what does he care?  He’s an “Absentee Boss” who lives in Florida and only shows up once a month or so.  And he just looked at me when I asked about the Convention and Security and told me, “Call 911 if anything happens.”

Yeah, right.  Tell it to Ferguson and Baltimore.

So that’s pretty much it.  I’m willing to Break the Law to Stay Alive during this Insanity that’s brewing up in Cleveland.

The question you have to ask yourself is this:  “Am I willing to break the Law to Stay Alive and Protect my Family and Friends?”

That’s up to you. But something tells me that there will be a lot of craziness happening this year leading up to the Election, and I recommend you all get prepared for your neck of the woods.  Something tells me that this is going to be another Summer of ’68, and some of you who lived through those times will remember how it sucked.

And if you’re too young to remember it, trust me it sucked.

I remember my Dad getting a Colt LW Commander and keeping it in the Glove Box that year.

And he also knew he was Breaking the Law.

But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Oh, and unless he does something so far out and Stupid, I’m voting for Trump.



And I don’t think The Donald will.  I’m trusting the NRA on this.

Because I don’t want to fight the Next Revolution in February 2017 if Hillary gets the Nod.

So, as usual, Got Guns?  Got Ammo?  Bubblehead Les Out.



1 thought on “Enough already!

  1. Stretch

    Live in the DC metro area and am surrounded by SJWs.
    The rifles are zeroed.
    All magazines have been function fired.
    Lamp posts and mail boxes make good ranging stakes and have been logged on my range card.
    Have confirmed the hand pump can move fuel from either vehicle to the other.
    Essentials stockpiled and E&E routes plotted.
    Still have to get backup comms and spare batteries. Budget tight but we’re coping.


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