“You never get rid of the Dane.”

Hello!  Something a little different this time around.  “Big Picture Time.”

Want Islamic Syrian Refugees moving into your neighborhood?  If you do, don’t thank Obama, thank Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Who’s he?” you may ask.  Why, he’s the guy who’s SHIPPING them to Europe.  How’s he doing that? Why, you get to do things like that when you’re President-for-Life of TURKEY.

Look, this guy came to Power about 15 years ago, and Trust Me, he’s NO Friend of the West nor of Israel.  Just hit the Wiki page on him, and you’ll see what I mean.  He basically has decided to create his OWN Turkish “Caliphate” in spite of the Safeguards Kemal Ataturk put in place when he built Modern Turkey out of the rubble of the Ottoman Empire.  You see, Ataturk wanted to make sure that Turkey would be a SECULAR Nation, where the Muslim Nutjobs couldn’t get Control and drive them back into the Middle Ages.  Well, after having the Secret Police arrest about 300 Officers and Trashing the Courts and the Press and all kinds of other nasty things, over the years, he’s decided that the best way of handling the “Refugee Problem” from the Syrian “Civil War” is to ship them to Europe.

About a MILLION so far this year.

You see, Erdogan is SUNNI, and Assad of Syria is SHIITE, and there’s about a 100,000 “Turkomen” living just across the Border.  And when Obama and Hillary pushed their “Arab Spring” Bullshit a few years ago, he was one of the first to jump on the Bandwagon. Against Assad.

Now, unlike Obama who’s been bending over Backwards to “Appease” Iran and the rest of the Shiite World, Erdogon has FIRMLY sided with Sunni Groups like the Islamic Brotherhood, Al-Queda (sorry, “Nusfra Front”), Hamas, etc.

And guess who’s buying OIL from ISIS on the Black Market?  Why, the Turkish Energy Minister, his Son-in-Law.

But he screwed up last week, and decided to show the Russians “Just who’s Boss!”  You see, that Russian Jet that was Shot Down?  It was heading over to Bomb some Turkomen. And he had the Air Force put a Stop to that shit!

Needless to say, PUTIN IS NOT HAPPY!

Trust me, Vladimir is REALLY NOT HAPPY.  And Guess What?  If Russia decides to attack Turkey, and Erdogan invokes Section Five of the NATO Agreement, guess who gets to Fight the Russians?


You see, we’re using the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey for our “Air War” (HA!) against ISIS.  Of course, that’s because OBAMA doesn’t have enough money to keep a Carrier in the Region.  Guess it’s more important to fund Solar Panels than keep the Fleet up.

But Not To Worry!  You see, the EU just had a Big Summit with Turkey to solve the Refugee Problem.  Guess what?  The Freedom-Loving “How DARE YOU keep Poor Refugees from Syria trying to enjoy the Benefits of European Socialism” Germans and French and the rest of the EU Gang is going to GIVE Turkey over $3 Billion to “Help them KEEP the Refugees in Turkey until Peace has been Achieved.”  AND they are going to Ignore the Turks “Lack of Freedom Press, and Human Rights and all that Stuff”, AND they’ll let the Turks Travel Visa-Free AND they’ll probably let them into the EU!


You know, the Mob used to send Tony and Vinnie into a Shop and tell the Owner “Hey, Nice Place you got here.  Be a Shame if anything happened to it.”  And some places in England tried to Buy off the Vikings with “Dane-Geld” when they were Raiding.  History showed us how well THAT worked.

And it looks like The Europeans are going to pay Dane-Geld AGAIN.  Kipling in his Poem “Dane-Geld” taught us how well THAT worked out.

And how is Obama handling on these Crises on the World Stage?  Not to Worry!  He’s in Paris with almost every other World Leader to handle the GREATEST PROBLEM IN WORLD HISTORY:

Global Warming.

Yeah, I know.

So as usual: Got Guns?  Got Ammo?  Been Practicing? Trust me, if you think it’s Bad now, just look at the World, and remember that OBAMA is still in Charge until Jan 2017.  Bubblehead Les Out.





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