Where have you been?

Hello!  Long time no see.  Been Awhile.  Well, I know I’ve been Lax in keeping this up, but I have a Good Excuse.  You see, someone Hired a Vet.

Yep, I got a Job.  Nice place.  Good People, good conditions, good pay.  Even back in Electronics.  Basically, I’m helping to build Sensors that control things like Conveyor Belts, Robots, CNC Machines, etc.  Industrial Gear, mostly.  Commute is kinda long, about 45 minutes each way, and I expect it to get worse when Winter shows up around here.  Guess who gets to Plow the Driveway every morning?  So call it 10-11 hours dedicated to my Daily Job.  Then of course THE Wife and I have to figure out Dinner, take care of the Dogs, Clean, etc.  So, if we’re Lucky, we get about Two Hours together before we hit the hay and start all over.

Weekends? Well, have some Home Repair and Improvements to do, so that’s pretty much taken up the Weekends.  And of course, Murphy’s Law still Rules, so things like the Car needing Tires and taking the Dogs to the Vet gotta fit in somewhere, so, well, that’s why I haven’t been able to ride the Interwebs as much as I like, nor do some Blogging.  And once things develop their own Rhythm, I’ve got to get some Exercise Time in and hit the Range some more.  Trust me, I am NOT looking forward to the coming New Year.  ESPECIALLY when the Republican Convention hits Cleveland next July.  And the way the World is running OUTSIDE the U.S.?  Whoo Boy, I sure am Grateful that I’m Here rather than THERE.

But what is Good is that now, since I’m back to Work, I now have some Cash to do some “Upgrades”, shall we say.  In fact, there’s a Sale this Weekend concerning a 12 Gauge Pump that I am VERY Tempted to go to Saturday.

And I already told the Bosses at Work BEFORE I was Hired that I won’t be available during the time of the NRA Annual Meeting, so I hope to see you in Louisville next year.  Current Plan for me is come in Thursday and leave Sunday Morning, so “Where’s the Party?”

Oh, BTW, I talked to my Dad yesterday, he’s doing much better, so THAT Crisis seems to have calmed down a Lot.

As for the Blog?  Well, it’s still too early for The Presidential B.S. for me, but as for me, I’m voting for ABH.

ABH?  Yep, ABH.  ANYONE BUT HILARY!  Trust Me, I’d rather have PUTIN in the White House than Her.

But I’ll do my best to talk with you all more Often, okay?  And in the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I hope you are all Grateful for the fact that MOST Americans can Buy Guns, Buy Ammo and Practice with them.  I am.  Bubblehead Les Out.


3 thoughts on “Where have you been?

  1. Suz

    First of all: Congrats on the job!!! That’s huge!!
    Secondly: The beauty of the interwebs is that you write when you get a chance, we read it when we get a chance…no pressure.
    We wait very patiently for you to get around to us. 🙂 Wife, dogs and family all come first…at least that’s my 2 cents. Home projects…they only go away when you move to another home…lol
    Hope your turkey day was filled with good food, lots of family and good friends.


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