You’re Older than You think You are.

Hello!  Just a little something to share.

So I was born on 22 October 1958, which means I am Officially 57 years old.  But I’m Older than that, and so are you.  And I’m not counting the time from Conception, either.  So how can you be older than you think you are?


Forgot about living through all those February 29ths, eh?  Me too, until Someone who shall remain Nameless said that if we count one Rotation of the Earth as a “Day,” why don’t we count February 29th?  After all, isn’t it a Rotation also?

Bastard was right.

So I’ve added up all the Leap Years that have occurred since my Birth, and somehow, I’ve gained TWO WEEKS!

AND 2016 is a Leap Year also.  Which also allows another day for Political Hacks to Campaign and/or stay in Office.

Sucks, I know.

But THE Wife has pointed out to me that this only occurs to MALES, since it is a well-know Universal Law that NO Woman EVER gets past the age of 29, no matter how many times she has to celebrate it.

Got it?

Anyway, now that I’ve made your day, try and enjoy the rest of it, you Old Fart.  ; )

Got Guns?  Got Ammo?  Been Practicing?  Bubblehead Les Out.


3 thoughts on “You’re Older than You think You are.

  1. Old NFO

    I dunno, this morning I felt about 130… Damn knee… sigh. Time is going to ‘flow’ around us, regardless of what we do. We can either accept our aging or fight it tooth and nail (why? We’re going to lose anyway). I consider waking up a blessing…


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