Election Results.

Hello!  Heard the West Virginia Blogshoot went off well, and everyone who showed had a Great Time.  Sigh!  Maybe next year, guys.

Anyway, All’s Quiet on the Homefront.  Dad’s Stable, no major problems on my side.  Just could use a Gazzillion Dollars, but who couldn’t?  But something interesting has occurred regarding the RKBA lately.

It seems that, out of the Blue during a Debate, a “Concerned Voter” asked Hillary about Gun Control a few weeks ago.  And she’d said she would have No Problem Confiscating ALL “None-Approved” Firearms if she was Elected President.  And of course all the Democommies who were there Jumped on her Bandwagon, saying “Me Too!”  Except Jim Webb, who has a CHP.  But he’s out of the Race, and Lincoln Chaffee is gone, so that leaves Hillary, Sanders and O’Malley.

Funning thing is, Bernie Sanders, the Uber-Liberal Socialist is probably the most “Conservative” on the 2A.  But since he plans on STAYING as the Senator from Vermont if he doesn’t get the Prez Job, he has to keep his Home State Voters Happy.

But Hillary and O’malley are HUGE Anti-Gunners with the record to prove it, so, whatever they say about Gun Control, BELIEVE IT.  

But something “Interesting” has occurred since Hillary opened her mouth.  Suddenly, as if it was Magic, Obama opened HIS mouth, and this past weekend, the Lamestream Media Outlet AP kept pushing this “Study” that says “More Guns Equals More Crimes.”  Now, this so-called “Study” has been Debunked as a Piece of Inaccurate Crap months ago.  It has ZERO co-relation with the FBI Crime Stats, yet Obama quoted from it, so have others, and it is being treated as Gospel by the Modern Democommie Party.

Remember, Propaganda is telling the Same Lie over and Over as if it were True.  And eventually, People will believe it.

But this “Study” basically says that “Water is Dry.”  The Sad part is, way too many People believe it.

And they Vote.

Now, the same AP released its “Survey” on Gun Control today, and Low and Behold! the Registered Democommie Voters Surveyed AGREED by nearly 80% that “America NEEDS More Gun Control NOW!”

And how many of them will Vote for Hillary?  Probably most of them.

Now, I dug out the Survey, and Trust me, it’s 13 pages long, and I’m NOT going to Parse it.  But a couple of things did stand out.

Only 60% of Registered Republicans said the Gun Laws are Okay OR need to be Relaxed.  SUPPOSEDLY, 31% of “Conservative” Republicans said we need “More Stringent” Gun Control.

Yeah, right, SURE they’re “Conservative Republicans.”

What’s interesting is that about 20% of the DemoCommies believe Gun Control Laws need to be Relaxed.  Yeah, take that one with a Grain of Salt too.

But one Stat does jump out.  According to the AP, 1 in 3 Surveyed said that they LIVE in a Household with a Firearm.  Just a LITTLE Math, okay?

Let’s say (for ease of Math) that there are 200 Million Adults over the Age of 18 who live in the U.S.  According to the Survey, that means about 67 Million live in Homes with Guns.  Now, it doesn’t matter whether they’re Married, Single, in a “Partnership”, Roommates, etc.  Just that about 67 Million people have Guns in the Home.

Are they ALL Republicans?  Well, according to the Survey, only 50% are Repubs, the rest are “Undecided, Democommie, Libertarian, Whatever.”  Which makes them about 1/6th of 200 Million, or about 33 Million.

One little Problem, though.  You see, the NRA says that there are about 100 Million Lawful Firearms Owners in the U. S.  And they get their Numbers from Firearms Sales, Background Checks, etc.  Which means that the “Democommies, Libertarians, Undecided, etc” would have to make up 50 Million of those Households that the AP Surveyed.  And I don’t think there are that many in the U.S.

So why the Discrepancies?  Easy. PEOPLE LIE.  I doubt that 31% of “Conservative Republicans” would support Stricter Gun Control Laws.  And I doubt that only 1 in 3 Americans have Guns in the Home.  But I bet you that the Hillary Campaign and the DemoCommie Party will use those “Stats” to say that Gun Owners are a “Minority” of Americans who really have No Place in a Peaceful, Liberal Society,” and “it’s THEIR FAULT that Gun Violence happens at all.”

That’s how Propaganda works, after all.

So, here’s the Take Away.  For some reason, the DemoCommies have decided the Gun Control MUST be a “Campaign Issue” for the 2016 Elections.  And ANYONE who’s running for ANY Political Office in 2016 that’s a DemoCommie better get on the Gun Control Bandwagon.

Because the Democommies want to return to the “Golden Age” where they had the Presidency, the House and the Senate.  Remember how much Damage has been caused to the Republic when Barack, Nancy and Harry ran things from 2009-2011?

Imagine Hillary, Nancy and Chuckie Schumer in Charge in 2017.

Do you want those Elections Results to happen?

Think about it.

Got Guns? Got Ammo?  Been Practising? Bubblehead Les Out.


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