Beating Hillary’s Confiscation, Pt.2.

Hello!  Okay, I just FINISHED Part Two, hit the Edit Button, and WordPress just  WIPED IT CLEAN!  Give me a few Minutes.

Okay, I’m done Screaming.  You know, as a Card-Carrying Member in “Enemies of the Vast-Left Wing Conspiracy to Rule the World,” there are times that I SERIOUSLY wonder if they are messing with me and my Blog.  Anyway, back to the Subject:  “How to Legally Own Firearms W/O leaving a Paper Trail for the Gun Confiscators.”

First, you HAVE to be a Citizen of a FREE State that “Allows” Private Sales of Firearms amongst its Citizens. Most VolksRepubliks say that, even if you own a Firearm, it has to go to someone on THEIR “Approved” lists.  Ever hear of a FOIA ID Card?  Yeah, be glad if you don’t live in that State.  Trust me, you wouldn’t BELIEVE the Legal Hassle JG, Wally and I went through a few years ago at a Blogshoot just for me to sell a pre-Ban Lower to JG just to get it into Massholevania!

But let’s say you do live in a Place that tries to follow the Constitution.  If you want to purchase a Firearm w/o having to leave a Paper Trail that the Confiscators can use against you in the Future, like Hillary will try to do if she gets Elected, you basically have Three options.

A,)  Buy it from a Friend.  Even if they bought it New, the records will show that they are the LAST Owner.  Even if they get the “Knock on the Door” and say they sold it to you, well, you do what you think is best for you and yours.  Of course, if you happen to keep stored SAFELY off your Premises “Just-in-Case”, well….

B.) Check the “For Sale” Ads.  Every once in a while here in Ohio, a Family is selling off Grandpa’s Guns, and they just place an Ad.  Usually it’s because someone in the Family knows what a Firearm is worth, and the local Scumbag Gun Shop (YES, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) offers them 10cents on the Dollar, then tries to Sell it for 150% above Book Value.  So you show up, get to Haggling, come to a Deal, and you then pay in CASH.  Again, it’s possible that they might pass your name onto the Federales, but, oh well.

C.) Go to the Gun Show.  Now, here in Ohio, our Gun Shows are “Allowed” to have “Not-a-Dealers” set up Tables, provided that we follow a few simple rules. And trust me, there’s usually 3-4 Shows happening every Weekend across the State.  Basically, unlike the Professional Dealers and Stores that HAVE to run Background Checks while at the Show (and Charge Taxes), all the Not-a-Dealer has to do is ask for some sort of ID that says one is a Legal Citizen above the age of 18 (21 for Handguns) and is a Resident of Ohio.  Military stationed here DO have the Right to buy Firearms, even if they’re a Citizen of another State.  Something about Freedom involved there…

Also, the Not-a-Dealer is supposed to ask if the Buyer has any sort of Record that might keep them from legally purchasing a Firearm.  THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RUN A BACKGROUND CHECK ON THE BUYER!

THIS is the “Gun Show Loophole” that all the Uber-Liberal Anti-Gunners want to shut down.


Now, if the Buyer is a Mass Murderer who lies and says that their Record is Clean, I have no obligation to prevent the Sale under the Law, because it is NOT my Job to Enforce the Law.  Trust me, we’ve had Court Cases in the past here where Uber-Liberal Prostituters try to blame the Seller for the Crimes the Buyer committed after they bought the Firearm.  The Judge usually throws them out, or they win on Appeal if the first Judge is some Uber-Liberal hack.

Now, having been on both sides of the Table many times, I have passed over Tables where I have heard that the Sellers tend to deal with, shall we say, stuff that’s a little “Hot.”  And I’ve refused to sell on the grounds that the Buyer was a little too “Shady-looking” and “REALLY ANXIOUS” to buy a Gun.  Again, a GOOD CAPITALIST likes to stay in Business, and doesn’t deal with People and Things that are “Bad for Business.”  And of course, the Weapons are Sold “As Is’, so if you don’t have Gunsmithing Experience, befriend one and take him to the show with you.  Most HONEST “Not-a-Dealers” are, well, not Happy, but they do realize that the Smith Revolver they have for sale needs to be Timed or there’s a Headspace Issue on the Mauser they picked up last week, so a Good Capitalist will pull the Items that are Bad or mark it down as a “Parts Gun ONLY.”  As long as WE help each other out, most of us don’t WANT to “Beholdin’ to the Gooberment,” right?

But that’s like explaining Brain Surgery to a Cow, as far as the Anti-Gunners are concerned.

So there are other methods of Obtaining Firearms Legally, but since my Relatives are holding on to their Weapons, and the purpose is to illustrate that one can be Perfectly Legal and still keep the Gooberment out of the Loop, that’s pretty much it, at least in Ohio.  Hopefully, if you want to have the RKBA w/o the Gooberment keeping Track of what you own, feel free to use these Methods.

As for me, when I can get the CASH, I’ll probably just hit the Shows for my AR. I probably won’t get an 80% lower, just because I don’t have the Tools and the Time to do a Build.  I’ve got an FN-Fal Parts Kit that needs a Build, and I KNOW that one would HAVE to go on the “Books”  because the Receiver isn’t something that shows up at the Shows.  Plus I have a few other “Project Guns” that I just don’t have the Time to get Fixed.  Besides, I want to be able to get a LOT of Practice with my AR, because, well… I’m only getting one for “Just-in-Case” Events, and I got a Funny Feeling that Time is getting Short.

So I hope this helps with those who just don’t Trust someone like Hillary getting her hands on the Top Job.  And if she does, let’s hope there’s enough People out there who won’t put up with her Power Grabs to become “Empress for Life.”  But if it comes down to Armed Opposition, one needs Firearms for that Scenario.  And when all the rest of the Guns are being Confiscated, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have something that SHE doesn’t know about.

Just in Case.  Bubblehead Les Out.


2 thoughts on “Beating Hillary’s Confiscation, Pt.2.

  1. Old 1811

    If you think that buying privately will keep you off the radar, you’re wrong. If you are visualizing an Alamo-type shootout with the authorities, you’re wrong.
    Many years ago an officer on a big-city police department told me how his department’s “elite” gun unit got their numbers.
    (First of all, in his department, as in most big departments, “elite” means “clouted up.” Most of these gun unit members were relatively junior patrolmen who just by coincidence happened to be related to various captains, deputy chiefs, politicians, etc. They were ticket-punching their way to the top. Chasing bad guys can get you hurt [I know], and getting hurt can interfere with your meteoric career rise.)
    Here’s how they did it:
    On the weekend, they went to shooting ranges and took down license numbers. Then they ran the plates to find city residents. During the week, when the husband was at work, they knocked on the door of his house. When his wife answered, they went into their spiel. Wifey, horrified that her husband could go to jail over something as silly as a gun, always handed it over. “Thank you, ma’am. Does he happen to have any more? We’d hate to have to come back.” “Why, yes, he does. Here they are.”
    When they’d gotten enough, they threw them on the table and called a press conference to show all the dangerous weapons they’d gotten off the street. The reporters, being ignorant, gullible whores, never asked a question or looked at a seizure report.
    The officer who told me this was the real deal, and he was disgusted with the way this was done. He told me he had had a short conversation with one of these gun unit guys. It went like this:
    Real Deal Officer: Hey, you want some guns? We’re hitting a dope house tomorrow night. Wanna come along?
    Gun Unit Jagoff: Fuck you.
    Just because they’re evil and wrong, that doesn’t mean they’re stupid.


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