Beating Hillary’s Confiscation Plan, pt.1.

Hello!  Time to check in.  Dad’s condition is Stable, but it’s just a matter of time.  Things keep breaking around me, but we have the cash to get it fixed.  One of my Nephew’s got Married last weekend.  His Brother, the “Not-a-Seal” NAVY EOD Tech came in to be his Best Man, and his Father and I and Him had a nice long Discussion about Gun Rights, CCWs, and what would Hillary do if the Bitch got elected.  Trust me, we’re all on the Same Page regarding the RKBA.

BTW, My Nephew, the “Not-a-Seal,” has escaped from the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, and is now an Instructor at an EOD School at Eglin.  Since he’s going to be there for Four years, he’s decided to become a Citizen of Florida, and bought a home.  And he asked me about the Paperwork needed to get his CCW Permit.  Of course I helped him out.  Good News.

Bad News.  Since he now lives in a Free State, he decided to collect all his “Evil Banned-in-Kalifornia” Firearms that were held in “Safe-Keeping”, and take them back to Florida.  And one of them is his AR, which I was keeping for him.  He no longer is relying on a Rossi 357 Lever Gun, Smith N-Frame 357 and 12 gauge pump for Home/Self Defense.  But he’s not selling them to me, because who know’s where he might be Stationed next?  Sigh.

So what that means is I no longer have an AR in Inventory, and I need to Purchase one.  Don’t worry, I have JG’s old SKS (which I have “Tactikooled”), THE WIFE has her M1 Carbine, and there are enough Pistols, Bolt Rifles, etc for me to be well-protected.


After all, in some Scenarios, Resupply would be coming from Government “Resources,”  and it would be Useful to NOT have to get an AR and a 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol through “Coercive Means.”

I remember what my Father told me about what he and his Friends did to get Firearms for the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.  Just be glad YOU live in the United States.  So what to do?

Well, since I live in a Free State, I can just use my Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms, head over to my Neighborhood Ye Olde Gune Shoppe, whip out the Plastic, fill out the 4473, and buy one.  But should I?  Or should I use another Legal Method?

You see, if one lives in a Free State where you can just go into a Gune Shoppe and purchase an AR, even if that State allows you to bypass the 4473 Forms (by using your CHP), even though the 4473 and/or Permit record is “Supposed” to be Destroyed (which I have my Doubts), there are Federal Laws which allows the Treasury Dept to go into that same Gune Shoppe and access all items that are SOLD.  And since most items run through Computers, it would be easy for them to find out that John Doe spent $653.87 on a Bushmaster MFourgery on 12 October 2015 using Visa Card #XXXXXXXXXX.  After all, the Federales do have the right to see if TAXES were paid on the Purchase of Said Bushmaster.

And guess who’s name is on the Plastic?

Of course, one can use CASH, but 95% of Americans don’t walk around with all that Green on them.  I fact, if one goes to a Bank or Credit Union and gets several thousand dollors out, Red Flags go up,EVEN THOUGH IT’S PERFECTLY LEGAL.  In fact, the Federales are going after People who withdraw large sums of Money UNDER the Reporting Limit and are charging them with “Circumventing the Law by LEGAL MEANS!”

How do think they went after Dennis Hastert for his “Hush Money Scandal?”  All the money he yanked out was under the “Reporting Limits,” yet they still went after him.

Yeah, time to go to the Supreme Court again, I know.

“But Les, what does this have to do with Hillary Rotten Clinton?”  Glad you asked!

You see, a couple of days ago, Hillary came out after a “Question” was asked by a “Concerned Citizen” (SHILL!) about whether she would CONFISCATE “Evil Assault Rifles” and “High Capacity Magazines” like they did in the UK and Australia.


Now, let’s look into our Crystal Balls, shall we?  First off, she has to get Elected (GOD HELP US!).  But looking at the Republican Opposition, I’m not that Hopeful, especially if a RINO like Christie gets the Nomination.

Second, she has to be part of a “Wave” that puts the Democommies in charge of the House and the Senate.   Trust me, it’s not necessary for her to have the Congress backing her up, since she’s DROOLING for the Chance to use “Executive Orders” to enforce her Edicts, but it sure would make thing easier to Rule us “Little People.”

Just look at the Damage Barack, Nancy and Harry did for Two years.

But back to Confiscation. For it to work, the Federales need a list of who owns what Firearms.  In the VolksRepubliks, where “Registration of Firearms”  is Mandatory, that would be easy.  The Serfs would get a Notice that they would have until X date to turn in Y Rifles and Z Pistols with the  “High Capacity Magazines” that goes with them, OR ELSE.


Hey, go look up the “Reasons” the BATFEIEIO said they went into Waco in the first place.  It sure wasn’t “Child Endangerment!”

“But Les!  What about those of us in Free States that don’t HAVE to Register our Firearms!”

Well, did you buy it on Plastic from the Yea Old Gone Shoppe?  Then the Federales can access those records and track YOU down, even though the 4473 was “Destroyed”.

Keep in Mind, if the Feds can access your Personal Data to run the Background check in the First Place, then that means they already HAVE a FILE ON YOU.

Or else how would they “Allow” you to purchase a Firearm in the First Place?

Think about it.  Does NSA Phone and Computer Taps ring a Bell?  Fill out a Tax Form?  Got a Driver’s License?  Ever VOTE?

Trust me, don’t worry anymore about whether the Gooberment has Records on you in the Computers.


So what to do?  That’s the next thing I’ll be talking about. Subtle Hint:  it involves the Arch Enemy of the Uber-Liberal DemoCommie Socialists: CAPITALISM.

Got Guns? Got Ammo?  You’d better.  Bubblehead Les Out.


3 thoughts on “Beating Hillary’s Confiscation Plan, pt.1.

  1. RHT447

    Couple of suggestions—
    –If you live in a free state, pay cash for something used from a private party. Just make sure it’s not hot.

    –Build something on an 80% lower. It may not be ideal for some, but google it anyway, there is tons of info out there.
    It is still legal under federal law for an individual to manufacture one or more firearms for the personal use ONLY. The
    legal ceiling doesn’t fall in unless or until there is a change of ownership.

    From the land of moon beams, fruits, and nuts—

  2. ProudHillbilly

    Don’t know about Australia, but gun confiscation worked so well in the UK that last I saw it’s now the most violent place in Europe (before the sudden influx of “refugees” hit various countries).

    But Virginia next door has made everybody so much safer by banning open carry in gummit buildings.

    I’m beginning to believe that the environmental toxins the greenies warned us really are a problem. It’s obvious that many people are so brain damaged they can’t put an actual logical thought together.


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