My Policy Change.

Hello!  So, a few months ago, I wrote a Post about Guns and Colleges and what’s Legal and what’s Not and how someone with a CHP/CCW can Protect themselves in a “Gun-Free Zone”, etc.

Well, in light of the latest “Mass Shooting,”  i.e. DOMESTIC TERRORIST ATTACK (hey, does it matter whether Al-Queda did the Shooting or a Psycho, Dead is Dead!); I need to Change MY Stance regarding “Protection-Free Zones.”

You see, after some Research, I have discovered that only EIGHT States allow a Concealed Carry Permit Holder on Campuses, and even then, only ONE (Utah) has (because the Courts FORCED them to) “Allowed” a CHP Holder the ability to Carry into Classrooms.  TWENTY States outright BAN them, while the rest leave it up to the Schools.

And it looks like 99.9% of all Universities/Colleges BAN Firearms from Campuses, Dorms, Stadiums, etc.

But what should one expect from a Nationwide System of turning Kids into Good Little Comrades, right?

So here’s what I see.  There is a Need to have Gun-Free Zones.  But the List should be cut in HALF.

I can see “No Weapons Allowed” at Jails, Prisons, Court Houses and Psychiatric Hospitals/Wards. I can also see them at Nuclear Power Plants, CERTAIN U.S. MIlitary Sites, like Missile Silos, FBM Submarines, etc.  And maybe even Gooberment Intelligence Agencies.  Hey, I don’t like ISLAMIC RADICAL TERRORIST TO GET TO NUCLEAR BOMBS, OKAY?

And of course, any TRULY Private Properties, like someone’s Home and Land, IF THEY CHOSE THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL PROPERTY RIGHTS TO RESTRICT WEAPONS ON THEIR PROPERTY and Small Mom and Pop Businesses.  But NOT the Malls and the Nationwide Big Chain Stores like Wal-mart.  And PRIVATE Schools and Churches are a Possibility.  And MAYBE places where Money and Drugs are readily available, like Banks and Drug Stores.  But Blanket “Gun Free Zones?”

Which, BTW, brings up a Conundrum.  You see, in my Neck of the Woods, there is a Grocery Store Chain called “Giant Eagle.”  And I am currently “Allowed” to carry Concealed with my Permit into those Stores.  But most of them have a Drug Store, a Bank and some have a State Liquor Store, all of which are considered “Gun-Free Zones.”  Yet they are ALL within the Same Building w/o any “Check Points” and “Security Guards” in place.  So, what’s a Person to do?

And of course, there are Federal, State and Local Laws designating “Gun-Free Zones” that Conflict with each other, like Public Schools.

Yeah, it’s a Mess.

But I’ve also come to believe, although I have no Proof that will hold up in a Court of Law, that the Anti-Gun Politicians LIKE having Mass Shootings in Gun-Free Zones, so as to have Propaganda to PUSH THE DISARMAMENT OF THE FREE CITIZENS OF THE REPUBLIC!

After all, wasn’t it Rahm Emmanuel, Clintonista, former White House Chief of Staff for Obama and now Mayor of Chicago who once said “Politically, one should never let a Crisis go to waste.”?

And we should all know by now that the current Political “Big-Wigs” in the Modern Democommie Party are supporters of the Saul Alinsky School of Political Control.  Recall that HILARY RODHAM CLINTON wrote her Thesis on Saul Alinsky and how to take his work to the next level.

And Obama TAUGHT Alinsky for 20 YEARS as a “Community Organizer.”

And yes, this is ALL TRUE, they left a Document Trail that one can get off the Internet.  Go look it up for yourselves.

After all, it didn’t bother Obama one bit to NOT show up for the Memorial Service for the Military Personnel who were SLAUGHTERED at the Recruiting Station and the Reserve Center a few months ago, because he was “Too Busy” being on “Vacation” at Martha’s Vineyard celebrating Vernon Jordan’s 80th Birthday, along with Holder and the Clintons. Guess they weren’t “Black Enough.”


Fucking Racist Hypocrite.

So anyway, here’s what I see.  As far as what I said about Campus Safety, it still holds True.  Get your CHP when you can, then Carry Your Guns everywhere where it’s Legal to do so.

But that’s for YOU.  I’ll never Advocate someone else Break the Law, unlike the Democommies with ACORN, OCCUPY, SEIU, UNIONS, and their Political Hacks.

But as for me, I’ve made a Decision FOR ME AND ME ALONE, that, unless there is a Checkpoint with Armed Personnel, Metal Detectors, etc, any “PROTECTION FREE ZONE” THAT IS ONLY PROTECTED BY A SIGN WILL NOT STOP ME FROM ENTERING AND DOING BUSINESS WHILE I AM CARRYING CONCEALED.  PERIOD.

Granted, I really don’t have to enter a School or go on a Campus or enter a Hospital very much any more, and I do live in a Free State that has Good Laws supporting the RKBA, IN SPITE OF OHIO POLITICIANS,  but unless a Protection-Free Zone has LEOS or Armed Security Guards inside it, like my Local Community College has, or a TSA Checkpoint at the Airport, I’m Carrying.

Because I do NOT want to end up like Chris Mintz of Oregon, Army Veteran who took on the Psycho$%^^%#%^%#^%%#%#^ MOTHER FUCKER at Umpqua Community College  UNARMED and was Shot Multiple Times for his effort.

Trust me in this any Uber-Liberals out there who might be reading this: Mintz showed more Courage in One Minute than the current Commander-in-Chief has done in his entire life.

And if he had a Firearm for Protection, there’d be a lot less Casualties caused by a Psycho who helps your Political Agenda.


But if I have to do so to Protect Me and my Family and Friends and Innocent Bystanders, then I’m willing to take my Chances with the American Judicial System.

And if I run into any Bad Guys and I need to shoot back, they’ll have to take their chances with me.

Got Guns? Got Ammo? Practicing? You better,  It’s getting Worse out there.  Bubblehead Les out.


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