Let the Games Begin!

Hello!  First off, let me say that things are Stable regarding my Father.  Well, as Stable as they are going to be.  He’s at home, Equipment has been moved in, and my Mother says “Everything’s Fine.”  So be it.

But it’s time to talk about how the Whigs are about to Implode.  Those of you who know American History will recall that the Whigs were the Parent Party of what became the Republicans in the 1850s.  But due to the fact they got Egotistical and Bloated, when the Issue of Slavery arose, the proved Ineffective, refused to listen to their Base, made too many Compromises, and were “SHOCKED” to discover that they were being Booted out of Office faster than a Telegraph Message!  It literally took a Collapse of the Party, firing all the Leadership, and being rebuilt under Abraham Lincoln to regain Power.  As THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.  

And it looks like the same thing is about to happen again.  Why?  Because John Boehner QUIT rather than listen to his Base.

Here’s my thoughts on the situation.  First off, I see the Modern Republican Party divided into Three Factions, which I call the RINOs, the Good Ol’ Boys, and the TEA Party, which itself is divided into the Libertarians and the Bible Thumpers.  Let’s break it down some more.

RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) tend to be based in the Big Liberal Cities and States, and the only reason that they aren’t Democrats is that they are more concerned about Money and Taxes than the Democommies.  But on the so-called “Social Issues” such as Abortion, the RKBA, etc., they’re really just Democommies in Disguise.  Example of this would be Scott Brown of Mass, Chris Christie of New Jersey, Stephan King of New York and Paul Kirk of Illinois.

Next are the “Good Ol’ Boys,” which make up most of the Professional Politicians in the Party.  Their PRIMARY Concern is Big Business getting as much Tax Breaks as they can, followed by the Ordinary Guy getting a break, sometimes.  They really aren’t concerned with the “Social Issues,” but they also tend to not OPPOSE things like reducing the Unconstitutional Assaults on the 2A, Illegal Aliens, etc, but they never really support them either.  They do want to Increase Military Spending, but it tends to be more towards spending Cash on Big Ticket Projects (which supports their Big Business Donors like Lockheed, Gen. Dynamics, Boeing, et al).  And they have this Tendency to “Reach Across the Aisle in the Spirit of Bi-Partizenship and COMPROMISE with their Fellow Democratic Members.”

Just like the Missouri Compromise of the 19th Century.

The “Good Ol’ Boys” are people like Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and about half of the Republicans in the House and 2/3rds in the Senate.  These are the People who play Golf with Obama and gave us the ABOMINATION of Sequestration, which Gutted the U.S. Military.  Unfortunately, due to the way the Democommies keep electing their Party Members for Life-Long Terms, they really don’t have the Votes to Override the Presidential Vetoes.

Next we get to the TEA Party.  Remember TEA stands for “Taxed Enough Already!”  And when they came on to the scene a few years ago, that was their main focus.  However, they have “Morphed” into a Group where half of the them think the Bible should be the Rule of Law, while the other half think that if it isn’t written down in the Constitution, it isn’t Legal and needs to be Abolished.  These are the people who would GLADLY Shut Down the Government because the ORIGINAL Constitution says the Feds can only collect Tariffs to finance the Gooberment.  Recall it was the Bible Thumper Faction that got Prohibition passed in 1919, and we know how Organized Crime LOVED that.  So if it’s a Social Issue, both sides are all over it, but try to get them together to…let’s say Legalize Marijuana, and they’re at each others throats.  BUT they both do support  a STRONG RKBA, unlike the “Good Ol’ Boys” and the RINOs.

The “Libertarian” Wing of the TEA Party belongs to Rand Paul, while the Bible Thumper tends to go with Ted Cruz.

So that’s how I see it.  Granted, not EVERY Republicans falls into a neatly defined Pigeon-Hole, but that’s how I see them GENERALLY ALIGNED, okay?

And then there are the “Wild Cards” like Donald Trump.  And I have NO Idea how he’d fit into the Washington Power Scheme.

But I do LOVE what he claims is his Policy about the RKBA, and I do admire that HE PUT IT INTO WRITING FOR ALL OF HISTORY.  Whether he gets my Vote in the Ohio Primary, we shall see.

But back to the current Circus.  The reason Boehner quit was that he realized that he didn’t have the Votes within the current House Membership to pass Spending Bills that funded Planned Parenthood.  The “House Freedom Caucus”, which is made up of the TEA Party types told him that they would Vote Against any Spending Bill that Funded Planned Parenthood.  Their numbers ensured that if he tried to pass anything BASED ON REPUBLICAN VOTES ALONE, HE WOULD LOSE AND ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO REMOVE HIM WOULD HAPPEN.

So he decided to Screw Them.  By quitting at the end of October, EVEN IF THE TEA PARTY VOTED AGAINST THE FUNDING, he could get the Bills passed “by reaching across the Aisle in a Spirit of Bi-Partizenship so as to keep the Gooberment Open.”  And since he’s still in Charge until the end of October, he gets to stay in Power, because what’s the use of trying to remove him?  The TEA Party doesn’t have the Votes to put in their Candidate anyway.

Now, Boehner DID screw his Congressional District, because under the Constitution,  House Members MUST be Elected to the Office.  There’s No Appointment like they can do the Senate.  And that means for the people who kept him power for TWELVE TERMS, they can take a leap, because they have NO say until an Election is Held, which won’t happen for a few months, and THEN they have to do it all over again in November 2016.

But I’m SURE John “Crybaby” Boehner won’t be Spilling any Tears over them while he settles into a Cushy Lobbying Job in DC.  And for the Next Guy?

Well, I hope Nancy Pelosi likes him, because any Legislation out of the House from this point on until January 2017 will need HER help to get passed, and Trust Me, THAT BITCH will have so many Strings Attached that you’d think it was a Circus High Wire Net!

Which means that, in spite of the Sound Bites, Government on Capitol Hill is now in the hands of the Democommies.  Who are already talking about how “IMPORTANT IT IS THAT THIS FRINGE ELEMENT IN THE CONGRESS MUST BE PURGED SO AS TO END THE CHAOS!”

BTW, “CHAOS” is sure being used over the last day or so to refer to the TEA Party Types.  I seen used at least a half a dozen times by the Democommies in the last 24 hours in their News Quotes.  And by some RINOs like Pascell of New Jersey.

Of course, the President weighed in with his Strong Statement “John Boehner is a Good Man.”

But what should we expect from a Leader who basically Wined and Dined the ChiComs Leader Xi and told him, “Do what you want, Dude, as long as we can get Smart Phones.”

Don’t believe me?  Look at the Official Statements and look who was at the Main Table.  InterWeb people like Zuckerberg and Bezos and Cook.  All of them spent time with Chairman Xi over the last few days.

But I’m sure Glad Obama was able to break away from all those Minor Distractions such as the Migrant Hordes flooding Europe and the Failure to Stop ISIS and the Ukraine and other things to focus on what REALLY MATTERS in his Weekly Video Address:

Prescription Drug Abuse.

So that’s what I think is the State of the Beltway TODAY.  Next time, what are the Politics in the REAL United States.  You may not like it.

But don’t worry.  As long as you live in a Free State and have some Firearms and Obey the Law, your Odds are better than some of your fellow citizens.  That is, if you Got Guns and Ammo TODAY.  Bubblehead Les Out.


One thought on “Let the Games Begin!

  1. Old NFO

    Good precis Les, and pretty much agree with all. While the Dems march lockstep, the Pubs are scrambling to put a coalition together that is large enough to get anything done… Dammit…


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