Stroke, pt 2.

Hello.  I’d like to thank everyone who’s been sending me and my Family their Condolences and Prayers.  It does help.  Thanks again. I just found out that he’s been sent Home from the Rehab Center.  I guess my Mom is being Stubborn and thinks she can take care of him at home.  Something tells me that isn’t going to last too long. Anyway, I want to share something that my Father was telling me a day before the Stroke about the RKBA.

You see, I am an American of Hungarian Decent.  Mom’s side came over in the late 1800’s and became Coal Miners and later Farmers in Southeast Ohio.  Yeah, Mom was a Coal Miner’s Daughter, and Loretta got it right.  Dad came over as a “Refugee” after the Hungarian Revolution of October 1956.  My Maternal Grandfather became his Sponsor, he met my Mom on the Farm, one thing led to another, and here I am.  Sometime in the Future I’ll be sharing Dad’s “War Stories”, but not today.  Today I want to tell you what he got “from the Horse’s Mouth” about the “Migrant Crisis” in Hungary in 2015.

Those of you who’ve been following the News about what’s going on in Europe about all those “Poor Middle Eastern War Refugees” streaming across Europe might want to pay attention.

So I still have an Uncle and a lot of Cousins over in Hungary, and when Dad got out of the Hospital after the Pneumonia bout he called them up to touch base.  Well, the word he got from my Relatives may not have been making the News.  You see, until Hungary built the Fence and tried to control the Border, it was a Mess. Worse than what the Cameras were portraying.   Turns out that the fastest way to Germany was through Hungary, then to Austria.  What my Cousin told Dad was that there were literally Packs of “Refugees” roaming through Southern Hungary, clogging the roads, trying to stops cars, Trucks and Buses DEMANDING that the Drivers take them to Germany.  They were also robbing Homes out in the Countryside, tearing up their Gardens, killing their Chickens and Hogs and Goats, camping out in peoples Yards, etc.  Then a few of these “War Refugees” wanted Money, and tried to rob people.

Now Hungary is about the size of Indiana, with almost the same Population.  So think of all those Small Towns and Farms and Single Homes in the Southern Part of Indiana.  Imagine thousands of people leaving Cincinnati or Louisville every day and they were all walking to Indianapolis.  Get the Picture?

So I asked him about what the Police were doing to stop it, and he said Very Little, because there weren’t that many Cops outside the Big Cities.  So I asked him to ask my Cousin what THEY were hearing about how the Locals were Protecting themselves.  He said he do so, and called me back the next day.

Let’s do a little History Lesson first.  When the Iron Curtain fell apart back in 89-90, all the Cameras were focusing on the Berlin Wall.  But there were a LOT of Countries in the Warsaw Pact, and… let’s just say that a lot of Soldiers and Cops and Border Guards just went home or were Disbanded, and a LOT of their Weapons just “Disappeared”.  A couple of years later, that mess in Yugoslavia started, and we saw what was going on in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, etc.

And a LOT of Firearms made their way into the Region.  And the Serbian Northern Border is the Hungarian Southern Border. The same Border all those “War Refugees” were coming across.  Now Hungary didn’t get drawn into that mess, even though the Serbians were doing some Sabre-Rattling about coming North.  That is, until a Squadron of Hungarian Mig-29s did a Fly-Over of the Serbian Capitol Belgrade.  Serbia decided after that they had enough on their plate.  But after that Crap wrapped up in the late 90s, let’s just say that there were even more Fireams in the hands of the locals.

So, move forward to 2005, and Hungary joins the EU, NATO, etc.  And the EU Government said that there is “No Need for Private Citizens to have Firearms w/o Permits, Licenses, etc.”

Let’s just say that all those AKs and Makarovs and Tokarovs somehow never got turned back in, in spite of the EU Decrees.  Funny how Free People seem to want to keep their Freedom.

So my Dad calls my Cousin, asks him the question, and he tells my Dad that because of the “Refugee Crisis,” the Hungarian Police and Army and Government are telling all the little Towns and Villages and Farms to “do what you need to do to keep yourself Safe.”  And now throughout Southern Hungary, there are, shall we say, “Community Safety Committees” Patrolling the Area and keeping the “War Refugees” out  of the Area and forming them onto the Main Roads, where the Government was trying to keep them under control and heading North whilst they were building the Fence.

Of course, all the Bleeding Heart Uber-Liberals in the EU are accusing the Hungarians of “Hate Crimes and Xenophobia and being Fascists,” yadayadayada.

Of course, all those Socialist Trough Feeders aren’t the ones watching their Crops being Trampled, Livestock being Stolen, etc.  No, THOSE ASSHOLES get to go Home after they get their Face Time on the TeeWee and the Paper.  They aren’t the ones having to LIVE with the Effects of the “Arab Spring,” that those Socialist Uber- Liberals Promoted and Demanded so that ‘Peace and Democracy can Flourish in the Middle East and North Africa.”

So my Cousin told my Dad that his Family was Okay, since they had some “Firearms” to protect themselves, and he asked my Dad if I had “Guns” in case something like that happened.

Dad said he chuckled and said that I could Outfit the Neighborhood.  My cousin said “Good, because he better get ready in case South America decided to pull the same Crap that the Middle East did”.

And what is the Big Debate in the Republican Presidential Circus right now?  What to do about Illegal Aliens and Donald Trump.

Now, in spite of my Cousin’s Warning to “Be Prepared,”  I don’t think we need to worry about 10 Million Latinos pouring across the Mexican Border.  And they’d have a LONG way to go before they get to Ohio, if it ever happened.

But I wouldn’t put it past Obama to Declare via “Executive Order” that all “Undocumented Immigrants” in the U.S. get a “Blanket Amnesty” around Election Time next year.

We’ve had Worse from this Guy in the Past recall.

So anyway, as my Father and Cousin have told me, things over in Hungary could be a LOT worse if it wasn’t for the Government turning a, shall we say, “Blind Eye” to all those “Illegal Firearms” in the hands of their Citizens.

And it’s going to be Funny to watch all those Uber-Liberals have a Heart Attack when they get told “Hey, we got 2 MILLION SYRIANS to Feed Clothe and House, so how many can we put in YOUR Apartment?”

But that happens when you don’t use the RKBA to protect yourself, huh?  As usual, Got a Gun?  Got Ammo?  Bubblehead Les Out.


One thought on “Stroke, pt 2.

  1. Old NFO

    You’re right, NONE of that is hitting the MSM, and I’m sure there are a few ‘less’ refugees because they crossed the ‘wrong’ people… They may not have a lot of backhoes, but they do raise hogs over there.


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