Uh, It wasn’t the Gun Laws, Barack. It was RACISM!

Hello.  So I’m sure you all have heard by now about the TV News Crew Murders down in Virginia.  May God watch over the Families and Friends of the Victims.  So I’ve been checking the News Feeds about the Shooting and finding out some Interesting Facts about the NAMELESS POS #%^^%#%^%^%^ MURDERER.  Seems this Waste of Oxygen was Fired from that TV Station a couple of years ago, then claimed it was because of RACISM!  You see, this POS was BLACK. 

Which is the same thing he claimed when he was Fired from a Florida TV Station about 15 years ago.

In BOTH cases, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission said he was “Blowing Smoke out his Ass.”

Okay, so they didn’t say that, but that was the result of his Claims.

So the Nameless POS decides that he’s going to “Go Down in History!”, just like his “Heroes” at Columbine, Va.Tech, and other Mass Shooting Sites.  And he Posts this Crap Online.

Now, a couple of months ago, we had the Charleston,SC Church Shooting by that other Nameless POS (who just happened to be WHITE), and this latest Asshole decides that he’s going to “Go Kill Some WHITE people as Payback for Charleston!”

Hmmm, sounds like he was planning a Hate Crime to me, don’t you think?

So two days after the Charleston Shooting, he goes out and gets a Handgun and some Hollow Points and keeps on Bragging.  Then today he tracks down the News Crew, waits until they’re on a Live Feed, then Video Tapes himself COMMITTING THE MURDER! Then he Uploads it,and heads on down the Road. And ABC News is saying that they received his 23 Page “Manifesto” trying to Justify his Hate Crime.

The Good News is that the Police were able to track him by his Rental Car and a License Plate Reader, picked him up on the Road, were Tailing Him when he decided to take the Coward’s Way out and shoot himself, causing the car to wreck.  Thank God he didn’t cause some other Innocent Driver to get Hurt while he’s pulling this Crap, nor did he try and kill any Cops hurt in a Shootout.  And by now his Dead Ass should be in Hell along with all the rest of his “Heroes.”

HOWEVER, when the White House was asked about the Shooting, Reuters reported the following: “This is another example of GUN VIOLENCE that is becoming all too common.”  White House Spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that “Congress can pass legislation that would have a tangible impact of reducing GUN VIOLENCE in this country.”

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!  First things First:  As far as I have been able to determine, this particular Nameless POS didn’t have any Major Criminal Record that would have Prevented him from LEGALLY Purchasing a Firearm under both Virginia and Federal Laws.  The most that could be done is IF THE FEDERALES HAD BEEN KEEPING TABS ON THIS POS AND ARRESTED HIM FOR HATE SPEECH, THEN, IF CONVICTED, THE NICS SYSTEM WOULD HAVE BLOCKED THE SALE! PERIOD!  BUT UNTIL HE DECIDED TO BE A MURDERER TODAY, HE WAS PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION!  GOT IT, WHITE HOUSE?

Never thought I’d be Defending a %$^&&*&%* MURDERER, but GUN LAWS DIDN’T CAUSE THE KILLINGS, RACIAL HATRED DID!

Now, let’s just say one Factor Changed:  What if the Shooter was WHITE, and the News Crew was BLACK?  How fast do you think the White House would be sending down Task Forces, and how fast do you think their Evil Minions, the “ONLY Black Lives Matter Gang” would be hitting the Streets?  And Obama would be in front of a Microphone so fast you’s think we’d have found a way to go Faster-than-Light!

BUT NOOOOOO!  THIS Administration won’t admit to the fact that there are BLACK RACISTS who need to be Prosecuted for “HATE SPEECH” just like WHITE HATERS!  GOD FORBID THAT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA COME OUT AND ADMIT THAT RACISM COMES IN ALL SKIN COLORS! 

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and again and again:  it doesn’t matter what Color, Sex, Religion, Economic Class or anything else that might be a “Politically Correct Difference” in regards to a Trigger Finger, it’s what THAT INDIVIDUAL FINGER IS DOING WHEN IT PULLS THE TRIGGER!


So may God have Mercy on the Souls of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, and may Vicki Gardner pull through.  Bubblehead Les Out.


2 thoughts on “Uh, It wasn’t the Gun Laws, Barack. It was RACISM!

  1. wanderingneurons

    And now the waste-oid that assassinated the sheriff who was pumping gas into his car. Just snuck up behind him and offed him. Haven’t heard how he obtained his weapon… Yeah, gun laws work. Just like the War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Alcohol (Prohibition), etc.


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