Back-to-School Special!

Hello!  Sorry, Dad’s been in and out of the Hospital again, and “Family First!” takes precedence over Blogging.  Anyway, I’d thought about doing another Rant about how El Presidente Obama was TOO BUSY Vacationing and playing Golf with Bill Clinton and Eric Holder and going to Verdon Jordan’s 80th Birthday Party to attend the Memorial Service for the Navy/Marines who were MURDERED by a POS %#^&^$*^ Terrorist last month, but Screw Him.  Guess they weren’t “Black”enough, unlike Charleston a couple of months ago.  Or Ferguson last year.

HOWEVER, I will thank Vice-President Biden for calling that POS #%%^^% a “Perverted Jihadist.” Too bad Joe was immediately attacked by the PC Police within the Admin for calling a Spade a Spade.

Still doesn’t give him a Pass for his efforts to Destroy the RKBA, but it was nice to hear someone in this Admin tell the Truth for a change.

But moving on.  Don’t know about your Neck of the Woods, but School started today up here, and that reminded me that College Students will be heading off also.  So let’s Discuss the RKBA for Schools, shall we?

I’ve spoke on this before, but since it’s a new School Year, never hurts to Review, right?  First thing, due to Federal Law, it is almost Impossible to Carry on School Property, even with a CHP.  That’s almost every School you can think of from Day Care through High School.  Even just dropping off your Kids on the way to work can get you in Trouble, even with a CHP, so Review the Laws and Plan Accordingly.

Colleges and Universities, however, are a little Different.  Most of them won’t “Allow” Firearms on Campus, even if one is 50 years old and going back to school.  Trust me.  Been There, Done That. However, a FEW places do allow you to have your Firearm up to the Point where you park your car.  But then you have to keep it Locked Up while going to Classes.  And a VERY, VERY, VERY few States do “Allow” Carry on Campus with a Valid CHP.  But that is VERY Rare.  And the Dorms, the Football Stadiums, etc do count as “Campus.” So keep that in mind.

However, Off Campus is another Story.  IF you have a Family Member living Off Campus in a Private Home or Apartment, then it depends on what the Rental Agreement says.

Hey, Landlords do have the Right to make their Property “Gun Free Zones” if they wish.  It’s called Property Rights.

So let’s say you send Little Johnny or Sue Off to College, they DON’T have to Live in a Dorm, they are between the Ages of 18 to 21, and they find a Place where there are No Firearms Restrictions.  What Gun for College then?

First off, YOU did Train them Properly on Gun Safety and Responsible Firearms use, correct?  YOU did teach them that it’s not a Good Idea to be Flashing around their Firearm(s) to their Roommates, correct? YOU did teach them that Booze and Drugs and Guns don’t mix, correct?  YOU did go over all the Applicable Federal State and Local Gun Laws in regard to their Locale, correct? Let’s hope so.

So, since they are between the Ages of 18 and 21, and the Political Elite has DEEMED that a 19 year old with a Snubbie is MUCH MORE DEADLY than that same 19 year old with an AR, chances are that they will have to use a Long Gun.  Which, in 2015 America, means either a Shotgun or a Rifle/Carbine.

Let’s look at the Rifle/Carbine first.  I don’t know about you, but a Good Quality AR is running about $700 and up nowadays up around here.  Add in Magazines, Ammo, Pouches, Vest, etc, you can easily be spending a $1,000 for a Basic Set Up.  That’s a couple of Textbooks.  But if you have that kind of Cash, then by all means, go for it.

What Brand, Caliber, Company, etc is up to you, but it can be pricey.  So let’s say you want your Kids to have a better chance of Survival in case the SHTF, but Money’s Tight.  That’s where the Shotgun comes into play.  A BASIC Pump Shotgun can be had for under $200 today, and even with Ammo, Slings Pouches, etc, one can increase the Survival Odds of your Kids for under $300.

For Example,ooops,wait a minute, got to put in the Disclaimer:  Whatever I report as place to buy something does NOT mean I’m getting Paid or Compensated by that Company in any way, shape or form, so the Federales can take a Hike.  Anyway, this week Dick’s Sporting Goods are having a Sale, and as part of that Sale, I can purchase a Stevens 320 Security Pump for $199.98 PLUS I can get a 50 round box of 12 Gauge Buck thrown in!

Unfortunately, since this particular Model has an “EVIL BLACK RIFLE-LIKE PISTOL GRIP,” it may not be “Allowed” in those VolksRepubliks who have a Phobia about Ergonomic Enhancements of Firearms.  But not to worry!  Dicks is also selling Maverick 88s for $189.98, and those are “Legal” even in most VolksRepubliks.  No Free Ammo, though.

Now, granted, they probably wouldn’t stand up to a Season of Three Gun Competition, but they should be good enough for a Home Invasion or an Urban Riot, etc.  And they are Cheap Enough to fall under “Heath’s Law” (Never carry anything you can’t afford to leave in a Police Evidence Locker).

Matter of fact, these are “Good Enough” for the Poor amongst us to have SOMETHING for Home Defense, Urban Riots, etc.  Never can tell when the next “ONLY Black LIves Matter-Approved Thug” decides to attack YOU, right?

Anyway, that’s my Suggestions toward helping keep your Kids a little Safer this upcoming School year.  Hope it helps. Just remember, unlike the Goblins, we have to Obey the Law.  But if the Law “Allows” Firearms for Self-Defense regarding College and University, follow the Law and get your Kids Armed.  The World is too damned Dangerous anymore to depend on anyone else to help.


Bubblehead Les Out.


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