6 August 1945

Hello.  Time to get some FACTS about Nuclear Weapons.  Today is the 70th Anniversary of the first use of a Nuclear Weapon in Combat.  Due to the EXTREMELY high number of Casualties on both sides during the Pacific Campaign, President Truman made a decision as the new Commander-in-Chief to try the Atomic Bomb upon the Empire of Japan in an effort to get them to Surrender.

Sorry Revisionist Liberal Peacenik Historians, those are the FACTS.  Trust me, as a WW1 Artillery Officer, Truman did NOT want to have to do an Invasion of the Japanese Home Islands.  He knew how many U.S. Serviceman would be Killed and Wounded (estimated to be 500,000), and probably TEN Times that amount for the Japanese, mostly Civilians, since most of what was left of the Japanese Military was Overseas in China, Taiwan, Korea, Manchuria, Vietnam, etc.

So he used the Bomb.  And about 140,000 people died.  Three days later, another 70,000 or so died in Nagasaki.


Now, the Bomb used on Hiroshima was Little Boy, and it had an Explosive Yield of about 15 Kilotons.  Nagasaki’s Fat Man had about 21 Kilotons, but due to the surrounding mountains, it’s Blast was somewhat shielded.

Let’s put this in Perspective.  Asshole %$&**&$^$ Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City Bomb was about 1.5 Tons yield, and there wasn’t any Radioactivity involved. So Little Boy was about 1,000 times more powerful, and there was the Radioactivity to consider.

Let’s jump to the Cold War.  During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S. Navy had the first of the Polaris Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines ready to go, and if they had a Full Load Out, they EACH could carry 16 Polaris Missiles with a Warhead of 600 Kilotons.  IF ONE of those Boats could get all their Birds off, there would be about 9.6 MEGATONS heading to their Assigned Targets.

The Russians didn’t have that Underwater Capability at that time, and they realized that if they continued with their attempts to continue to put Nuclear Weapons on Cuba, they could not survive the Counter Attack, and THEY would be consigned to the “Ash Heap of History.”

How do I know this?  Because I served aboard TWO Different FBM Submarines, the John Marshall and the U.S. Grant.  When I was aboard the Marshall, she had the capability of using Polaris A3 Missiles, which divided their Warheads into THREE 200 Kiloton Yield Multiple Re-entry Vehicles, for a total of 9.6 Megatons.  The Grant had the capability to use 16 Poseidon C3 missiles, with 10-14 MIRVS of 50 Kilotons each, for a total of 11.2 Megatons.

A Megaton is about a MILLION times more powerful than Oklahoma City.  Put it into the Perspective:  If 20 Kilotons could take out a Medium Sized City like Hiroshima, a Megaton could take out an Average American COUNTY, Plus the Fallout from the Blast.

BTW, all this has come from Declassified Sources, so I’m not spilling anything that isn’t already out there.  But one thing I do know about is Nuclear Warfare.  BECAUSE THAT WAS MY JOB FOR TEN YEARS!  

Now, let’s talk about Current Events.  Today, the following countries are KNOWN to have Nuclear Weapons:  U.S., Russia, China, England, France, India, Pakistan and North Korea.  Israel PROBABLY has the Bomb also, since South Africa admitted that they helped them with an above ground test on a barge halfway between the end of Africa and Antarctica in the late 70’s which had a yield of about 30 Kilotons.

But TODAY the so-called “World Powers” are trying to get IRAN to stop it’s Bomb Development by “Appeasing” them with removal of Sanctions IF they “Promise” to allow SOME Inspections that the Iranians get to “Delay” before they even allow the Inspectors into the Country.  And the Iranians only have to “Delay” their Program for a few years.

Keep in mind how the Iranians have been acting since the country was taken over by RADICAL ISLAMIC FASCISTS IN THE LATE 70’S.  Go on, think of all the “Peace, Love and Understanding” the Iranians have shown on the World Stage.

Now, there are only THREE Uses for Nuclear Weapons nowadays.  The First is Deterrence.  That’s where you tell any Enemies to your Country that if Push comes to Shove, you’ll make them Pay by Nuking their Dead Asses.  The second is Threatening them to change their Attitude.  The Countries Threatened don’t necessarily have to be Attacking one’s own Country, but they could be used to help out an Ally.  Nixon did that during the 73 Israeli War when Russia was loading up troops to help out the Egyptians.

The Russians backed down.

The Third use is to be a Bully and/or Conquest.

No, contrary to all the Peaceniks in the Obama Admin, Truman did NOT use the Bomb for Conquest.  IF WE DIDN’T HAVE THE BOMB, WE’D STILL WOULD HAVE INVADED JAPAN TO GET THE WAR OVER!

However, as of a few days ago, the “Powers-That-Be” have ALLOWED the Iranians to continue with their Radical Islamic Terror Policies, AND they have ZERO Practical Leverage to keep them from doing whatever they want to do with their Nuclear Program.

AND THE IRANIAN AYATOLLAHS STILL WANT TO DESTROY ISRAEL AND THE UNITED STATES! And in a few years, when they get enough Nuclear Bombs, they’ll try.

And the Israelis may not wait that long.  Look what they did to Saddam’s and Syria’s’ “Peaceful Nuclear Research Reactors”.

And by this time, I’m sure the Israelis trust BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA’S WORD AS MUCH AS THEY TRUST A NAZI!  Yeah, I said Nazi.  Sue Me.


But what should one expect from a President who said just the other day that “The Greatest Threat to Mankind is CLIMATE CHANGE.”

Climate Change.  God help us all.  Bubblehead Les Out.


5 thoughts on “6 August 1945

  1. ProudHillbilly

    You forgot the part where countries like Saudi Arabia are now going to get a bomb because as much as they may be crazy muslims they still aren’t crazy enough to give up their power to even crazier ones.

  2. AGSS5555

    I qualfied in Sam Houston, late ’75. Was a Sonargirl but I was amazed at the professional way the “work” was done. Often thought about the possibilties of us having to do the deed. Nice post.

  3. Wandering Neurons

    So the Iranians have two options: Develop a full-up bomb, or make a nasty sub-critical dirty-bomb. A full-up weapon is a once-and-done. A dirty bomb is cynical. You have a large kaboom, maybe a nice cloud, lots of damage. All of the first-responders respond. Pretty soon, unless someone in the TLAs do their job, there will be a metric shit-ton of dead and dying first responders and victims, and a mess of radioactive material being spread around hell’s half-acre. Think Timothy McVeigh sprinkling magic fairy-dust in his Oklahoma City disaster. Radiation cannot be seen, smelled, tasted, felt, or heard. It must be measured. And how many first responders carry that kind of gear. And how long would it take the TLAs to get their butts in gear and report that the site is dirty, set up decon and safety zones.
    As former military, NBC-trained, and a volunteer first responder, it scares the willies out of me.
    Keep your head down…


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