Hello! Sorry I’ve been away, but Life rears its Head again.  Heading to Wheeling, West-By-God this weekend for a Family Reunion (yeah, I was born a Hillbilly to a Coal Miner’s Daughter, so I don’t need a Passport), and then next week I have a few Appointments for a New Roof for the House (Yeah, there goes my “Buy A Gun Money,” Damnit!), and THEN, well, you get the Picture.

But that still doesn’t mean I’m not keeping Track of our Declining Western Civilization, just that I’m not Ranting about it.

For now.

But I will leave you with a few things to thinks about:

Greece.  You DO know that when the International Monetary Fund lends out money, about 25-30% comes from YOUR Tax Dollars, right?  So when a Bunch of Left-Wing “Socialists” decide to DEFAULT on their Loans TWICE just to Prop up their “Bread and Circuses,” then DEMANDS that they get to “Write it Off,”  AND they threaten to leave the Euro if they don’t get their way, why would anybody with the sense that God gave a Goose WANT to keep the Deadbeats Around, FRANCE!?

Oh, that’s right, they’re run by Socialists too.

Remember what Margaret Thatcher said about “…eventually you run out of OTHER PEOPLES MONEY.”

China.  Hear that their Stock Market is about to go Belly Up?  Seems that the World is Saturated with Cheap Sneakers and Smartphones, and nobody is Buying much.  I mean, really, just how many Tablets can one person use?  But did the ChiComs LIsten and Plan for the Future?  Why, they acting just like a bunch of Greedy Capitalists did in October 1929.

And we all know how THAT ended up, don’t we?

Military.  Think of all the Crap that’s going on in the World.  Remember that Putin announced just a few weeks ago that the Russian Empire plans on INCREASING their Defense Budget a HUGE AMOUNT. (And just ask Ukraine what they can do with their OLD Stuff).  So what did the Obama Admin announce?  Why, the U.S is going to cut 40,000 Troops out of the Army, plus God Knows how many out of the rest of the Services.

But Not to Worry!  John “Windsurfer” Kerry is going to get a GOOD DEAL when he gets the IRANIANS to sign that “Non-Nuke Agreement.”

Just think about it!  “PEACE IN OUR TIME!” 

Hmmm, where did I hear THAT one before?

And of course, there’s stuff like EBOLA coming back, and Libya is such a Mess that TUNISIA is planning to Fortify their Border just to try to keep the Terrs out.

And Hey Barack!  That Air Campaign to “Destroy ISIS?”  How’s that working out for you?

And their just so much more out there.

But I have a “Cunning Plan,” you see.  Because when I head down to Wheeling, West-By-God this weekend, I’ll be staying about a Hundred Yards from the nearest Cabela’s to my house.  And let’s just say that with Cheaper Taxes on THAT side of the Ohio River, I plan on doing some “Stocking Up.”  And the way the Powers-That-Be seem to be taking us ALL down the “Circular River of Flush,”, well, maybe one should spend what little Cash one might have on “Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids.”  Just a Suggestion to help you all out with the ongoing “Fundamental Transformation of America.”

So, we’ll talk soon.  Buy Ammo.  Bubblehead Les Out.

P.S.:  Why, yes my Concealed Carry Permit is Good in West Virginia.  Thanks for asking.  Actually, Thank Arizona.  I got mine. You get yours?


2 thoughts on “Busy,busy,busy….

  1. ProudHillbilly

    Well gee whiz – Like my family, you come from real West Virginia. (The eastern panhandle’s proximity to DC makes it Occupied Territory). Our +90th reunion is in Preston County next month.

    Yeah, I need to get back to reloading and get some Lock Tight for the drifting sight on the M1. Also need to see if a Sam’s Club membership would be worth it for buying goods by the case.


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