This is getting old…

Hello!  Okay, everyone has had their say about Charleston.  Everyone has had their say about Gay Marriage.  As for the First, you all heard what I said about the Scumbag Shooter.  As for the Second, well, I have Two Lesbian Cousins, one who lives in Texas, and one in Ohio who will probably end up getting Married to their Long-Term Partners.  Plus I have a Gay Nephew in Colorado, but I don’t know if he’s in a Relationship or not.  All I know is this:  Wedding Presents takes away Money from buying Ammo and Guns, so there goes the Bullet Budget again.

Funny thing is, GayCynic and I had a LOOOONG Discussion about Gay Marriage and Rights at the NRAAM, and my Opinion was that if one is going to have a Protest Movement, then By God, HAVE A PROTEST MOVEMENT!  Those of us who remember the 60s and 70s Mass Marches and Riots are, if one is Honest with oneself, not Impressed with Today’s Radical Leftists.  With one exception:  the Upcoming Race War.

Yes, I said it.  THE UPCOMING RACE WAR.  Don’t believe me?  Guess you haven’t been following the News, huh?  You see, my friends, ever since Obama was placed in the White House, anything that even remotely seems like a Black Person has been “Oppressed” has been blown out of Proportion by this Administration.  If there’s a “Black-on-Black Crime,” you barely hear Squat.  But add in a White Citizen or Cop, and it’s as if the Klan was handing out Guns and Ammo.  Zimmerman?  Fully Legal.  Ferguson? Fully Legal.  The Cleveland Car Chase?  Fully Legal.  Yet according to the White House, these are Crimes Greater than the Holocaust!

Now, that DOESN’T mean that Cops who shoot Unarmed Black Men running AWAY from them in the Back don’t need to Prosecuted.  Bad Cops are Bad Cops.  But just because a THUG who happens to be Black doesn’t mean the Thug gets a chance to continue committing Crimes like Shooting at Cops.

But the Administration seems to think so.  From statements from the White House and their Allies, one gets the Impression that ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER, FUCK EVERYONE ELSE!  Don’t believe me?  Well, let me use some Local Examples.

When the Judge ruled for the Cleveland Cop who jumped on the Car and shot into it, almost every Black Politician went Nuts around here.  Now the fact that the ONLY Cop charged with Murder happened to be White, even though a lot of other Cops shot into the Vehicle like it was driven by Bonnie and Clyde didn’t mean Squat!  According to THEM, the ENTIRE Criminal Justice System was Racist! At least according to OHIO STATE SENATOR Sandra R. Williams, who on 1 June 2015 sent a letter to the OHIO SUPREME COURT TO ABOLISH THE GRAND JURY PROCESS, and replace it with “an Open to the Public Preliminary Hearing  Process so that the PEOPLE will have Access and Transparency!”

Now, we HAVE Secret Grand Juries so as to Protect the Innocent.  After all, anyone can be arrested for damn near anything, but the Grand Jury System allows “Checks and Balances” so as to PREVENT MOB RULE.  If there’s not enough Proof that Crimes were Committed, the Accused gets to go Free.  You know, Innocent until PROVEN GUILTY?  If there’s not enough Proof, why allow an Innocent Person to “Branded?”  If there is enough Proof, then we have a Trial, another “Check.”

But according to THIS State Senator, that’s not Good Enough, we need a “People’s Tribunal!”


BTW, this Stupid Idiot of a Senator was Appointed to the GOOBERNOR’S Police Reform Commission.  12 people, only 3 Cops, the rest made up of “Community Activists” and “Professors” and Lawyers.

That would be Wannabe REPUBLICAN Presidential Candidate JOHN KASICH, FYI.  Remember that name come Election Time.

And as for the “Cleveland Riots” after the Verdict came out?  Well, Mayor Frank Jackson, who happens to be a Black Liberal Mayor of a Black City, seems to have had some Comman sense, and realized that A)  The NBA Playoffs were happening, and B) The REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION is scheduled for next year, and C)  DOLLAR GREEN is the Color that REALLY MATTERS up here.  Riots would be a Bad Thing.  So he asked the Judge to delay his ruling until Saturday Morning, got EVERY COP and SHERIFF and CORRECTION OFFICER into Riot Squads the Night before, had the GOOOBERNOR send up the State Highway Patrol SWAT TEAMS, and THEN gave the Media about 8 hours notice.  Which gave the Radical Left about 8 hours to get their Mob together.

Which just so happened to get about 70 Radicals into Town, because, let’s face it, Colleges were out, the Local Gangs were told by the Cops to Stay Home, and it was finally a Good Weekend, Weather -Wise up here.  But they showed up anyway.  BTW, those of you who know The Storm?  He got to work it providing Security for CNN.  And most of THOSE Guys are Off-Duty Cops around here.  So there was about 5-1 Law Enforcement vs. Radicals.  Needless to say, it WASN’T Baltimore.

Yet the Assholes DID make an Effort, and a couple of them started to Attack some Citizens who were eating Outside down in the Warehouse District.

The Cops had to pull them off from the Citizens who, shall we say, started to teach them a Lesson.

But after all was said and done, guess who showed up a few days later?  Al Sharpton.  Yep, the Good Reverend had to throw his Two Cents in.  Because, you see, there’s a couple of more cases  involving the Cleveland P.D. due up, and, well, let’s just say that Jackson and the CPD consider the Car Chase Verdict a “Dry Run,” because this Crap isn’t going to end.  Why?

Because a couple of weeks ago, Obama had a Big “Private Party” at the “Rainbow House” right after Michelle and the Girls left for Europe.  And guess who was Invited?  Al Sharpton.  And others of the “ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER!” Movement.  You know, the same Al Sharpton whom the White House had brought to Prominence when they “Photoshopped” the BUSH’S Faces in the “Official White House Photo of Obama at the Selma Memorial March.”

And then Charleston happened.  And I’m sure you heard Obama’s Eulogy.  And his “Call to Action.”  And HIS use of the “N Word” (What? No Hate Crime Charges?).  And all the Confederate War Memorials being Defaced.  And the Confederate Flags being BANNED (Guess the First Amendment doesn’t apply when “Black Lives Matter,” huh?).

Look, this Yahoo in the “Rainbow House” had a Mission:  He was going to “Fundamentally Transform America.”

And he’s still doing his Damnedest to “Transform” The Republic into a Weak, Broke, Disarmed Hateful Society that has ZERO Respect in World Affairs, all for some Warped Dream of a Socialist Utopia.

And the Crap that’s happening in the World NEEDS America to try and keep a lid on it. But how can America be the World’s Policeman when OUR Policemen and Women are being turned into Mad-Dog Killers?  At least, that’s the Impression that is being built by the Administration and its Allies.  Combine this with all the other Crap that has come out since 20 January 2009, and it’s a wonder that the Truly Evil like ISIS isn’t running the UN.

But this Crap is getting Old.  And Trust me, if Hillary gets the “Rainbow House,”  it’ll just get worse. All I know is this:  Today, if one is part of the 15% of the U.S. Population that the Census says is “Black,”  This Administration is doing its best to ensure that THEY get all the “Special Treatment” that Attacking the “Whites” in all aspects of Society, from Trials to Flags to Government Programs can generate.

Unfortunately, 90% of the Black Community is being used as Pawns by Obama for his “Legacy” and his “Mission.”  And what’s Sad is that this Country, despite the LIES that Obama keeps spouting, was working its way PAST the Crap of Racism.  But then, that would mean that those who have gained Money and Political Power by fanning the flames of Racism, like Al Sharpton and Barack Obama would be shuffled off to the Dustbin of History.

And we ALL now have to Pay the Price.

Buy Ammo.  Bubblehead Les Out.


2 thoughts on “This is getting old…

  1. RHT447

    In their mad panic to remove all things CSA, I presume that in the same spirit Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, NASCAR, et al, will no longer accept any U.S. currency bearing a portrait of a former slave owner.

    What’s that you say? They still do?

    Well, as they saying goes—“Darlin’, we just established what kind of whore you are. The only part of the argument left is price”.


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