Done Thinking. Still Pissed.

Hello my Friends.  Thanks for waiting.  First some House Cleaning.  Those of you who went to the NRA Annual Meetings this year might have met my Good Buddy AJ.  Now AJ has been Commenting a lot over the years, attending Blogshoots, etc. While at Nashville, we did roamed around together, and he saw what one can do with Media Credentials.  So, Saturday Night at an “After Party,” he was GENTLY “No Ballsed!” a bit, and has started his own Blog, “Wandering Neurons.”  Go check it out!

Which reminds me that I’ve been doing this Blog for a year now.  Wow!

Maybe someday I’ll get it right.

 As some of you know, before I started this Blog, I was Commenting a lot, and I was feeding News Stories I found on the InterWebs to others who were Blog Buddies.  It got so bad that JayG had Robb Allen come up with the BLNN Logo, which Weerd Beard still uses.  Since Jay escaped from the VolksRepublik of Massholedamia, unfortunately he’s been unable to use much due to Contractual Obligations to NRA Pubs.  But that’s okay.

What I’ve been doing for the last few years is, basically reading the “Morning Paper”, seeing Stories that I think others might like, and sending them on.  But my Morning Paper isn’t made of Dead Trees.  Mine is the Free News Apps from AP, BBC and Reuters.  Those tend to be used by the Dead Tree Crowd, just a day later.  And to be Honest, the News hasn’t been good lately.

Now, as some of you know, I struggled for years to get my Bachelor’s Degree in History. I won’t go into the boring details for that Journey, just let it suffice to say that I read those Stories not as “Current Events”, but as “Primary Source Documentation.” Those of you in the History Field know that PSD is THE Main Source for trying to get the Facts (if one isn’t a Phony trying to Push an Agenda!) of what was Happening at a certain Time and Place.  So my “Viewpoint” is one who has it in their Head that what I’m reading TODAY is what Future Historians would be looking BACK at to try and understand how they got to the Point of their own Time.

Take for example World War One.  Looking back at it from a Hundred years ago, it was pretty much obvious to most Main Line Historians that SOMETHING was going to Happen that would bring about the Collapse of the Old Political and Social Order that was in place at the time.  But for most of the People who were about to LIVE through World War One, most of them didn’t realize that “Life as they knew it” was about to be Completely Turned Upside Down.  Case in Point:  sending MILLIONS of Men to their Deaths by going “Over the Top” into emplaced Machine Gun Nests in Mass Charges.  The Generals just kept doing the Same Damn Thing Over and Over, expecting different results.  They couldn’t get it through their Heads that everything they knew about Military Warfare was now Obsolete due to Modern Technology.  But they kept doing it anyway.

So what does that mean in the year 2015?  Well, my friends, I think we are in State of Major Change, similar to that which preceded WW1, and I don’t think that We, the People are going to come through it in Good Shape.


Okay, so let me explain.  First, we have to deal with FACTS.  When I was born in 1958, there were about 3.5 Billion people on our Planet, and we were in the middle of the “Pax Americana.”  For all intents and purposes, what the United States said, half the World agreed and followed along.  The rest were under the Control of the Soviet and Chinese Communist Empires, and the Ordinary People who were Trapped in those Systems just had to do what the Man with the AK-47 said.

Today, there are over 7 Billion people on the Planet.  And it looks like 3/4 of them are stuck doing what the Man with the AK-47 says.  Don’t believe me?  Well, the UN said in a News story a couple of weeks ago that there are over 38 Million “Internally Displaced” people out there.  That means that Living Conditions are So Bad that people are moving from one side of their Country to another and living like Refugees.  Think of all those people who fled New Orleans after Katrina and moved to Houston.  They’re still in the U.S., but they weren’t living back home in the Big Easy.

Now, add in the “Externally Displaced” of 50 Million who are OUTSIDE their Home Country living as Refugees, and we’re talking about nearly 90 million people who aren’t living at home.

The last time those numbers were so big, it was right after WORLD WAR TWO.

And Europe is going Nuts wondering what they are going to do with all those Boat People drowning in the Mediterranean.  By the way, there’s been a 200% INCREASE in Boat People over the last Year, mostly due to the fighting caused by the Aftermath of the “Arab Spring.”

How’s that working out for you, Obama?

Now, one of the problems with 7 Billion people is the fact that they need FOOD.  But as far as I can tell, Planet Earth hasn’t Doubled its Land Mass to add more Crop Land for Food Production.  So, to feed the “Huddled Masses,”  Food Production has had to become Agri-Business.  So the Old Days of the Family Farm are disappearing Fast, and Mega-Corps like Monsanto have gained Control of Seed Crops, Animal Feed, etc.  Add in the Government-Run Businesses that China and other Nations have bought into, and Food is now a Political Tool of Control.

“But Les, I don’t get it.  There’s PLENTY of food at my local Supermarket.  And if I want Hot Chow, why, I can just go on my Smart Phone and order a Pizza! I don’t see a Problem!”

That is correct, there isn’t a Problem for us in the United States, Western Europe, and for the Upper Classes in the rest of the World.  That’s because we are now living in the City Age.

Did you know that HALF of the World’s Population live in Cities and Suburbs?  Case in point:  according to the Documentary “Generation Earth” that is available on Netflix, in the city of Hong Kong, half of the Population of the City lives ABOVE the 14th Floor?  That’s over 3 Million people who can live and function w/o having to touch the GROUND most of the time?

Chicago has only 2.8 Million people, BTW.

But here’s the Problem Politically.  The U.S. ALSO has half of its Population living in Cities and Attached Suburbs.  Which means that all of the Basics of Survival that one NEEDS are in the Control of the Gooberment.  Food, Water, Security, Health Care, Transportation, Education, Sewage/Trash Removal, etc are in the hands of Politicians.


Yeah, I know that Cities have had that Power and Authority since the days of the Roman Empire, AND most people don’t want to live like Daniel Boone in a Log Cabin hauling water from the Creek and Hunting Deer to keep on eating.  Trust me, I LIKE Electricity and Fire Depts. and Ambulances, etc.  And I’m not saying that we all need to go back to the Wilderness.

But are we getting GOOD Government to support our Cities?  Hell No!  Case in Point:  remember when Sandy hit?  Do you recall the news story that showed Generators and Bottled Water and Shelters stacked up in New York City that Mayor Bloomberg said were NOT to be used for Relief Work, because they were “Reserved” for the New York City Marathon!

Thank God that the MSM (for once!) spread the Word over and over and Mickey Bloomberg had to release them.

How about Riots in Baltimore?  Little Funny how the Powers that Be kissed the Rioters Asses so fast that they weren’t aware how their Butts got exposed so quickly, now isn’t it?

And yet the Rioters were DEMANDING that the six “RACIST COPS!” were to be turned over to “People’s Tribunals” for Sentencing!  Especially since TWO of the Cops were African-American.  And what did the Gooberment do?  Well, the BLACK Mayor let the Riots get out of Hand, and the BLACK D.A. CHARGED them with MURDER as soon as the “Results” of the so-called Investigation hit her desk (guess she forgot Nancy Pelosi’s Suggestion that “one can READ it AFTER it comes out!”), and the BLACK City Council did NOTHING to rein in the Mayor, and the Republican Governor had to OVERRIDE the Mayor and send in the Guard, because the BLACK Mayor was afraid that she’s look “Bad” if a “MILITARY FORCE” was used against the so-called “Peaceful Demonstrators.”  You know, the THUGS that were wearing GAS MASKS and Chopping up Fire Hoses?

Funny, huh?

The problem is that if one has a Bad Police Department in one’s Village/Town/City/State, it’s because a BAD Government ALLOWED it to exist.  Trust me, local Politicians in Ferguson and Baltimore and Cleveland and other places know that their Cops work for them, and if they do Bad Things, it’s because the Cops are ALLOWED to get away with it.


Now to my Law Enforcement Friends out there:  Look, I know most of you are Good Cops, who just want to help People and keep the Scumbags from doing Harm to your Communities.  But when your Leadership is in “CaHoots” with Politicians who are Corrupt and Ideological Nutjobs, you are going to do what you are told to do, or you can work somewhere else, right?  And I KNOW it’s Frustrating that you Arrest someone who will be “Released” because they are members of some “Politically Protected Class” that the Politicians are afraid of Pissing Off.  Case in point:  How many Street Punks in the City of Chicago have been Prosecuted by the Federal D.A. for Violations of Federal Gun Laws?  ZERO! And what’s the Murder Rate in Chicago?  Get the Point?

What’s SCARY is that OBAMA just issued an “Imperial Edict” cutting half of the Surplus Military Gear that used to go to Police Depts  for use in Riots and other Mass Crises.  So now your local P.D. is, in effect, no longer on “Par” with the Federales LEOS.

Which means that the FEDERALES have a Tactical Advantage over Local Law Enforcement in case some Local Government decides to NOT go along with some Unconstitutional Edict that comes out of the White House.  AND the Political Protected Classed no longer have to fear that Local Cops have the Tools necessary to prevent them from Rioting, Looting, etc.

And the other Scary thing is that during Bad Riots, if the local Police couldn’t handle it, the Guard was brought in, THEY would retake the Streets and Shut things down, and the Cops would follow behind, making the arrests, hauling them off to Jail, etc.  Not any more.

In Ferguson and Baltimore, the Guard was ORDERED to guard “Vital Buildings” like City Hall and Police HQs, while the Cops were sent out to face the Rioters Toe-toToe.  THEN when the Cops had the “Situation under Control,”  only THEN was the Guard allowed to move up and take Positions.

After all, under the “Philosophy of Community Oriented Policing,”  it’s not RIGHT that EVIL MILITARIZED FORCES BE USED AGAINST THE BARBARIANS!

That’s right, I’m probably going to be Charged with something, but as far as I am concerned, after a Hell of a Lot of Thought and Study, I’ve come to the Conclusion that the Political Elite of the Democratic Party and it’s Allies such as SEIU are helping to ensure that BARBARIANS are NOT to be Shut Down, but rather “Embraced” so as to further Weaken the Republic.  Think of the “Black Shirts” and “Brown Shirts” of Hitler and Mussolini.


So, if I’m not Arrested for “Hate Speech” or “Terroristic Threats,” I’ll continue this discussion in my next post, laying out the reasons for my Conclusions.

But if for some reason, I don’t make it back, let me urge you, my friends to do the Following:

IF you are Legally Allowed to do so, all of you who are 18 and older, buy an AR in 5.56/.223 Remington, a 1,000 rounds of Ammo, a dozen Magazines, and Pouches/Vests/Web Gear, etc and have it ready to go at a Moment’s Notice.

IF you live in a VolksRepublik and can’t Legally get an AR, then get a 12 Gauge Pump, a couple of hundred rounds of Buckshot and Web Gear, etc and be ready at a Moment’s Notice.

IF you are over 21, get Quality 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol that holds more than 10 rounds, 500 rounds of Ammo, Holster and pouches that fit on your Web Gear/Vests, etc and be ready at a Moment’s Notice.

IF you live in a VolksRepublik and can’t get a “High Capacity Magazine Fed Pistol,”  then get a 9mm Semi-Auto that holds as many rounds as Possible, Spare Mags, etc.  If you can’t LEGALLY get those Pistols, then a 1911 in .45ACP or a Revolver in .357 Magnum is good.  And Spare Mags, Speedloaders, etc.

Why those?  Simple.  The Military and the Federales seem to have settled on 9mm, 5.56 and 12 Gauge for most of their Personnel.  And those may be your Ammo Resupply Sources in the near future (NOW to 20 years from now).

Because I NEVER thought I would ever have to say this during my Lifetime, but History keeps Screaming in my ear “Si vis pacem, para bellum.”

Or in English, “If you would have Peace, Prepare for WAR.”

No, I’m not “Hearing Voices,”  nor am I being Paranoid.  And hopefully I’m wrong, but I think we have gone past the Tipping Point, and it’s time to get ready.  Feel free to Comment, but I probably will give my Answers in the next Post, okay?  So until Next Time (Hopefully!),  Bubblehead Les Out.



6 thoughts on “Done Thinking. Still Pissed.

  1. RHT447

    Hear, hear. I have been saying for some years now (especially to my LEO acquaintances/customers) that the day is fast approaching when they will be forced to make a terrible choice, between their badge and their sworn oath.

  2. Wandering Neurons

    Les, thanks for the intro and visits. Though I disagree, it wasn’t a GENTLE suggestion. Not from the likes of Lagniappe’s Lair’s blogger! He scares me!
    Well, some. He’s got dangerous toys and dogs. And he can take his leg off and beat you senseless with it. Is that a concealed weapon of its own?
    Seeing where you used to work, along with others in our community, we tend to look behind the scenes, at the other sources of information, and the history that leads up to where we’re at right now. Studying the past to understand how we got here. And making analogies and analysis’ to, not predict the future, but at least better prepare for the eventualities that may come about.
    You have every right to be PISSED, along with a whole lot of other people. Kowtowing to bullies only works for so long, no matter who the bully is: unions, governments, NGOs, SJWs, terrorists, etc. Then “the fit hits the shan”.
    And that’s why I’ve made it a habit to read science fiction, to explore those possibilities in advance. Prep work.
    Just don’t go off the rails, we need you for your insight! If you haven’t posted in a week, we’re coming looking for you in the Post Office posters…

  3. ProudHillbilly

    Since I have fond memories of a great-uncle who served in the Great War, I’ve been trying to understand how everything got to August 1914. And it makes my head want to explode with the crazy. Yeah, kinda like the crazy we are watching right now.

  4. EMS Artifact

    I think we’re seeing the opening stages of this. President Feckless has made it worse and I don’t think that was by accident. I also think that this will spread further out into the suburbs than most people think. Wealthy liberals living their smug lives in the their upscale suburbs are likely to be in for a rude awakening. Two, actually. One, when the mobs appear, a second when the police don’t because they’re too busy protecting their own houses.


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