Patriot’s Day 2015

Hello!  Yes, I survived my Spring Break Vacation to Nashville for the NRA Annual Meeting.  I’ll be doing some AARs over the next few posts.  Had some minor Issues at home to take care of when I got back, but I’m now thinking my Schedule has settled down enough to go back to continuing our Discussions.  Crossed Fingers!

But something has Torqued Me over this Weekend, so I want to get this down while it’s still Relevant.  You see, Today is “Patriot’s Day.”  Mostly observed in New England (as another in a LONG LIst of Gooberment Employees getting a Paid Holiday up there), it is meant to Commemorate probably (IMHO) the most Important Day in the history of the Republic:  The Battle of Lexington and Concord.

You see, 240 years ago, the British Authorities didn’t like the fact that their Colonialist Peons were getting “Uppity,” and were engaged in Arming themselves and setting up Militias, which is what the Crown had actually designed for the Protection of their Colonies against Native Americans, the French, the Spanish, etc.  But because the Colonials felt over the last few years that they were being Treated as Second-Class Citizens instead of “True Englishmen,” combined with incident such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party and others, well, the Political Situation was TENSE to say the least.

But since the Crown wasn’t going to tolerate any such ideas as “Equal Rights for Colonialists,” they  decided to teach these “Upstarts” a Lesson, so they went out on a Raid to seize Arms and Munitions from the Colonialists.

For details on what happened 240 years ago, read a Good History Book.

And Thank a Colonialist.

Fast Forward to 1993.  On Patriot’s Day, the FBI decided to “Wrap Up” the Waco Event at the Branch Davidian Compound.  And we saw the Tanks busting into the Walls., and the Flames shooting out.

Now, Waco got started by the CLINTON Administration because, less than FIVE WEEKS after taking over the Presidency, the BATF decided to go after the Branch Davidians for “Illegal Arms” that they might have had.

Whether or not there was any Legal Justification for the Raid in the First Place, the Federal Gooberment under the Clinton Administration “Pish-Toshed” any possible Response from a Group of People who believed that what they were doing was RIGHT.  I mean REALLY BELIEVED.

But the Modern DemoCommie Party isn’t none for their Ability to have “Open Minds” and to think about how the People who Oppose them might react, now do they?  Just look at Nancy Pelosi and ObamaCare.

So we went through Waco.

Fast Forward to Patriot’s Day, 1995, where a Certain couple of Nameless %#$%&^&$&%$%##^%##%&$%$&*^^**%$$^  SCUMBAGS took it upon themselves to “Avenge” Waco in Oklahoma City.

Fast Forward to 2015.  So Obama gave his Weekly Radio and Video Address this Saturday to announce his Upcoming Trip to talk about “THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE PLANET TODAY!”

Is he talking about North Korea?  Iranian Nuclear Bombs?  ISIS?  The Russians?  The Chinese? Yemen? Nope.


So the President of the United States, which was Conceived 240 years ago at Lexington and Concord, has decided to Pollute the Atmosphere by getting into Air Force One and Flying down to the Everglades to push some Stupid….whatever passes for Logic in his Brain regarding Climate Change.

Plus what it costs the Taxpayer to pay for these “Dog and Pony Shows” because of Secret Service Overtime, Hotels for Staff, YadaYadaYada.

And what did he say about Patriot’s Day?  Why, he said this: “________________.”

Jesus, even Bill Clinton is Speaking at Oklahoma City this Weekend!

Well, what can we learn from the “Legacy” that Obama is building?

BY HIS OWN ACTIONS AND DESIRES, Obama cares more about the Ice Caps Melting decades down the road rather than the Global Threats in play today, nor does he give a Rat’s Ass about what Ordinary “Colonialists” who chose to “Throw off the Yoke of Imperialism” did 240 years ago to allow him to even have the Job that he has today!


Bubblehead Les Out.


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