Hey, I’m Here! Where are YOU?

Hello!  Well, I’m in the Music City Center in Nashville, Tenn. for the annual NRA Meetings’ press Credentials around my neck, and my,my, guess who got Lost with me looking for the Press Room?  Chris Cerino of Top Shot Fame!

Okay, enough of the E! Network Crap.  Time for a Reality Check.  I drove in from the North on I-65 and Road Construction within 5 miles of Downtown is Freaking HORRIBLE!  Also, the Street are One Way through most of the Downtown, and some of them are Blocked Off.

But the Pisser is that it cost me $21 for TWO HOURS to Park across the Street from the Music Center!

Trust me, I was looking for the Empire State Building when I saw those Prices.

So, for any Late Arivals, I suggest you bring extra Cash.  Seriously.  And those of you who were at Pittsburgh, well “Deja Vu”.  Bubblehead Les Out.


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