Are we in World War Three?

Hello! Yes, I’m being Serious, are we in World War Three?  Here’s my reasoning.

First, for Generations, it has been ASSUMED that World War Three would consist of the United States and it’s Allies would somehow get into a Shooting Match with Russia and its Allies, resulting in both sides launching a Hellstorm of Nuclear Missiles at each other, turn the Planet into a Radioactive Hell-Hole.

Heck, that’s what the U.S. Navy Trained and Paid Me to do for my entire career.

And, somehow (Knock Wood!) that hasn’t happened.


But we do have to look at History to get some Perspective.  After all, Kaiser Wilhelm just didn’t get up one morning and said, “You know, I think I’ll declare War on Serbia today before I go for a Morning Ride.”

Adolf Hitler didn’t just say, “I’m Bored. Let’s Invade Poland.”

There were small “Conflicts”, “Regional Disputes”, etc occurring before hand. The Balkan Wars of 1910-1911 come to mind, Italy’s Invasion of Ethiopia, the Japanese Rape of Nanking, you get the picture.

So let’s look at Today, shall we?  In 2015, basically Half of Africa and most of the Middle East is fighting in a War between the Sunni Countries, the Shiite Countries, and Terrorist Groups.  And the Terrorist Groups are fighting amongst themselves and/or countries whom they, the Terrs think aren’t “Religious Enough” for what THEY think is the ONE TRUE FAITH!

Funny, Obama told us just last month that there’s “No Such Thing as Radical Islam, since Islam is a Religion of PEACE!”

Look, there are Tanks Shooting, Planes Bombing, IEDs Exploding, people being Beheaded (they found some at the College in Kenya that was hit 2 days ago), heck there’s even Naval Shelling in Yemen!

ALL in the Name of Allah.

And here’s a list of all the Countries that I can think of off the Top of my Head that are in a “Holy War”, either Actively engaged and/or providing Material Support:  Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, the Gulf States, Yemen, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, BOTH Sudans, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey.  And I’m sure there’s some more.

Look at a Map of the World.  That’s an awful lot of Territory that can be considered a War Zone.

Next, let’s swing over Asia.  China seems to think that the Empire is back, and they have a “Historical Right” to claim all of the Seas that surround them, and all the Border Nations SHOULD be paying Homage to them.  You know, places like Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, etc.

Needless to say, those Countries are NOT Happy, and they are Rearming to meet the Threat and/or looking to form “Alliances” to Protect themselves.  Heck, even Japan is starting to “Drink the Coffee to WAKE UP!”

Let’s swing over to Central/South America.  Seems that all the Socialist Billionaires who have been Fleecing their Countries Dry (Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela to name a few) are now being faced with Angry Mobs wondering “Where’s the Food/Gas/TOLIET PAPER!?”

And yet such WONDERFUL Bastions of Socialism have said “IT’S ALL AMERICA’S FAULT!”  LIke America is backing Argentina to Reclaim the Falklands.  Funny how the Russians seem to willing to sell Argentina Heavy Military Weapons, even though Argentina can’t pay off their Debts.  And of course the “Revolution of Hugo Chavez” has turned Venezuela into a New Switzerland, hasn’t it?

And how’s about all those Drug Cartels that have turned places like Honduras and Mexico into “Murder Central?”  Yeah, Nice and Safe down there, isn’t it?

Speaking of being Safe, feel like going to Europe and doing some Shopping?  Maybe stop off at that cute little Cafe for a Snack?  Do you want 7.62 x 39 Ammo with your Latte, or will you take 9mm instead?  After all, Europe seems to be running a Terrorist Special with every package Tour nowadays.  But Not To Worry!  You’re Perfectly Safe, because the UNARMED POLICE FORCES OF WESTERN EUROPE WILL ENSURE YOUR SAFETY!

So go ahead and Book that Cruise, and tell me how that Museum Tour turned out for you, okay?

And of course, on the OTHER side of Europe, the Tzar of all the Russias Vladimir Putin has ENSURED that the Glorious Days of Imperial Russia will be returning, and all those “Historical Lands” that used to belong to the Empire will be Restored.

Whether the Natives like it or not.

And after all, since the Greens have virtually Shut Down all the Local means of Energy Generation, like the Coal Mines in Eastern Europe, why, Russian Natural Gas is the BEST way to Heat one’s Home, correct?

Especially since it’s the ONLY way.

So we have seemed to Circle the Planet, and even going back to the Height of the Iraq War under Bush, it looks like there’s been a Three-fold INCREASE of War since Obama launched his “Arab Spring Offensive.”  Don’t believe me?  Here’s some FACTS:

Libya was under Control.  Egypt was under Control.  Syria was under Control.  Yemen was a LOT more Peaceful.  Ukraine was at Peace.  Central and South America’s main worry was the Drug Cartels.  Europe was a Safe place to Visit.  China wasn’t “Saber-Rattling.”

And yes, I know most of those Countries were under the Control of Dictators who didn’t give a Rat’s Behind about whether Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch gave them an “A+” Rating or not.  Most of those Citizens would just get up, go about their Daily Routine, come home and relax.

They weren’t living in Refugee Camps like most of Syria is today, nor were they Starving in Basements while Nutjobs with AKs and RPGs were Fighting in the Street outside their Front Door, like Libya, Yemen, Iraq,…..

And the MAIN Terrorist Threat was Al-Queda, NOT ISIS, whom is now FIGHTING Al-Queda, even though BOTH are Sunni.  So much for “The Religion of Peace,” eh?

Yes, there were Random Acts of Terrorist Violence, and Innocents Died and were Wounded, but nowhere as near as much as today.

And Israel wasn’t looking down the Barrel of a Gun LOADED with Nuclear Shells by the “World Powers” and placed in the Hands of Iran, just like Czechoslovakia was facing with the Infamous “Munich Peace Accords” of 1938.  You know, where Neville Chamberlain got off the Plane with his Black Umbrella and declared “Peace in our Time.”

Just like Obama declared at the White House the other day regarding Iran.

So, are we in World War Three?  I don’t know, but I will say that we are in a WORLD AT WAR, and the only so-called “Superpower” who could shut down this Madness has had its Military Mothballed by the IDIOTS in the Republican Party who voted for “Sequestration” instead of getting an Honest Budget, all because they were Afraid of “Looking Bad” in the coming Elections.  Which, IMHO, played right into the Hands of Obama and his Tree-Hugging, “Civil Rights”, Climate Change Cronies and their STUPID Beauty Pageant “World Peace!” School of Diplomacy.

And as for the Missiles being Launched?  Well, if the Israelis don’t like how the so-Called “Iranian Peace Accords” end up, don’t put it past them to Remove the Threat.


Bubblehead Les Out.


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