Ooops! Clarification Time!

Hello!  Guess I made a MIstake!

Funny how I’ve admitted to more Mistakes than Obama has….

Anyway, B brought up a Point in the Comments about Banks and Hospitals and the Federales.  Time to Clarify some things.

As far as I can tell, the only things the Feds will not let you carry a Concealed Gun into are Federal Buildings, Airports/Airplanes, AMTRAK, SOME Parks, Military Bases, Post Offices and 1,000 Feet of a School Zone UNLESS you are a Legal Resident of that State AND YOU HAVE A CHP ISSUED BY THAT STATE!  The School Zones, that is.  The rest is VERBOTEN!

So Visitors to Ohio who are now Legally Carrying, DON’T DRIVE BY A SCHOOL!

At least under FEDERAL LAW.

Now, under OHIO Law, one CANNOT Carry Concealed in the Following Places:  Police Stations, Ohio BCI Facilities (think Ohio FBI), State Police Barracks, Court Houses, Jails, Prisons, Colleges and Universities (you can drive on Campus to watch a Football Game, let’s say, but then you have to Lock it up in the Parking Lot),Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, etc.  (UNLESS THEY ALLOW IT,) Day Care Centers, Mental Health Facilities and OTHER GOOBERMENT BUILDINGS, even if you are going into a State Park Ranger Station where CCW is LEGAL in State Parks.

State Rest Stops are Exempt for using the Toilet Buildings ONLY, but how is one supposed to use the Fancy Dancy Ohio Turnpike Rest Stops which have the Rest Stops in the Back and you pass through the Food Court….

And now for the Big One:  those Places posted with SIGNS that tell you “No Guns Allowed!”

This is where I got Confused.  You see, up where I live, I’ve NEVER been in a Bank or Credit Union that DIDN’T have a NGA Sign up when we got Shall Issue and the same with the Hospitals.  Or Medical Buildings, Drug Stores, etc.

What’s Weird is that all the Giant Eagle Grocery Stores around me do NOT have a NGA Sign, yet they all have a Bank in them.  But if I go to a Stand-Alone Branch of that same Bank, there’s the NGA Sign.

Now NGA Signs can get you in Trouble, even though it’s only a Fine and Misdemeanor for a PRIVATE Business, yet Hard Time for a Gooberment Building.

Which makes it Interesting when one heads to the Auto Title Bureau, a State Agency, which the two nearest to me are in Public Shopping Centers.

I’m not sure about State Liquor Stores, even though the nearest one to me is INSIDE the Giant Eagle.

But the KIcker is that Best Firearms in Painesville Ohio (my County Seat) is LITERALLY right next door to the County Court House and other County Office Buildings.  And Best has a VERY Tiny Parking Lot.  So if it’s kinda Busy, a lot of People tend to Park in the Court House Parking Lot, which I THINK still has the NGA Provision.  So if you go into Best, buy a Pistol and Ammo, take it OUT to your Car which is Parked in the Court House Parking Lot, and the Pistol is in a Bag…

Yeah, Gun Laws are Stupid, I know.

Another Correction.  Veterans now have TEN Years to Apply for a Permit AFTER their Honorable Discharge, not SIX.

Also, BREAKING NEWS! SUPPOSEDLY Wisconsin, Texas and NEW Hampshire will now Honor Ohio Permits, but Wisconsin says only those that are issued after 23 March 2015. That’s because Ohio is now going to use the NICS System and another Federal data Base for the Background Checks when applying for a CHP, in addition to their own State Data Base.  I haven’t heard what Texas and New Hampshire reasons are.

But I find it Hypocritical that if I want to purchase a Firearm from a FFL Dealer, I have to get a NICS Check to get the Gun in the First Place, and yet I don’t need a Permit to Open Carry that same Gun in Ohio.  Yet if I throw a Jacket over it in October…

Though I have heard that since I would be “Pre-Screened” through NICS, I could use my Ohio CHP to bypass the 4473.  But don’t Quote me on that.

But I also live in a State that has “Not a Dealer” Tables at the Gun Shows, and I’ve picked up some Nice Stuff there over the Years just using my Ohio Driver’s License and Cash.

Which means that we are now allowed to Buy and sell Long Guns and Ammo across all fifty states, those of YOU who are Passing Through might want to check out a few tables.

If YOUR State Allows you to do so, that is.

And speaking of Other States, I want to know why PENNSYLVANIA won’t Honor an OHIO CHP, even though we honor THEIRS, even to the Point where a PA CHP is Valid for someone who WORKS in Ohio, yet lives in PA. Yet LIVE in Ohio and WORK in PA, No No No!

Yeah, I know it mostly affects those who live near Youngstown, but, really?  What’s the Problem, PA?

Well, I think that pretty much covers it, but if I made any more Mistakes, well, go look it up on the Internet like I did.

All I know is, my ARIZONA CHP is Good Enough for Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee,  but I might just break down and get an Ohio CHP, even though I pay enough in Taxes to those Clowns down in Columbus to be GIVEN one for Free. Still won’t help me drive through PA, New York, Maryland and the Land of the Massholes when I go to Blogshoots, if I get in Trouble Off the Highway.  Bubblehead Les Out.


3 thoughts on “Ooops! Clarification Time!

  1. B

    if an FFL, I don’t think the ATF will allow any transfer without the 4473. Dunno about face to face in Ohio. Here in Indiana F2F is ok as long as neither party is a prohibited person.


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