24 Hours Later…

Hello!  Funny.  I don’t hear Gun Shots in the distance, nor am I stepping in Pools of Blood when I step outside to get my Paper.  But that’s what the Anti-Gunners said would be happening when they tried to stop the NEW OHIO PRO-GUN LAW FROM COMING INTO BEING!  So let me share with you some of the details that You, Dear Reader will be facing if You are an Ohio Citizen or are just passing through Buckeyeland.

First things First:  As of 23 March 2015, ALL repeat ALL Valid Concealed Carry Permits from ANY State/Territory are as Valid as an OHIO CHP!  FULL RECIPROCITY IS IN EFFECT!  Now, you DO have to follow Ohio Law regarding Concealed Carry, but it shouldn’t be Too Bad.  For example, if you step into a Bar in Ohio that does NOT have a Sign Posted, you still can’t Imbibe Alcoholic Beverages.  If your Home State allows that, well, not here.  But that does mean you don’t have to Disarm if you go out to eat at some place that serves Alcohol, like a TGIFridays or Outback or Whatever.  Think of yourself as an Armed Designated Driver, okay?

Next, we have OPEN CARRY WITH OR W/O Permit, if you chose to go that way.  None of that Texas or Florida Sillyness up here.  Granted we’ve had that for awhile, but some “Out-of-Towners” weren’t sure if THEY could Play.  But if you have a Permit, yet are afraid that the Breeze might “Expose You,” don’t Sweat it.  Because…

OHIO STATE GUN LAWS PREEMPT LOCAL ORDINANCES!  Ask the City of Cleveland how much they have Lost in Court Fees and Law Suits trying to impose “Home Rule” like Phillie does!  

Next, it is now LEGAL for Ohioans to purchase Long Guns from ANYWHERE in the U.S.!  So if I head down to Tennessee and I see a nice Shotgun for Sale in a Gun Shop…

Too Bad the Federales still won’t allow Handgun Sales…

Also, if for some reason you have to do some Temporary Work in Ohio for a few weeks, say a Contractor on a Sewer Project, your Out-of-State is Good for up to SIX MONTHS.  After that, Ohio would like you to become a Citizen and get its CHP.

But that DOESN’T Apply to Active Duty Military who get Transferred into Ohio from another State.  Their Home State CHP is Valid, and it does allow you to get an Ohio CHP with little Hassle, even if you leave in a couple of years to your next Posting.

Speaking of Veterans, Ohio now allows your Military Shooting Experience to count towards the “Shooting Portion” of the CHP Process up to SIX years after your Discharge.  It used to be THREE.

Which still Pisses ME off, because even though I can wear Marksman Ribbons for Rifle AND Pistol from the U.S. Navy, it doesn’t count in Ohio, because I earned them in the ’80s.

BUT ARIZONA ACCEPTED THEM!  Tell me I don’t know how to Shoot, DeWine….

Anyway, moving on.

Bad News Time.  We still don’t have a separate “Stand Your Ground” Law in Ohio FOR THE STREETS!  BUT the Ohio Constitution DOES have a “Self-Defense” Article in it.  I just wish the Ohio Legislature wouldn’t APPEASE the MINORITY DEMOCOMMIE PARTY  so much here.

BUT we DO have “Castle Doctrine’ AND “Private Home/Land” Provisions.  What that means is if you come up to Visit me and you DON’T have a Valid CHP (like my Friends who are Stuck Behind Enemy Lines in VolksRepubliks), as long as you are on MY Property and/or Home, you are Allowed to Carry with MY Permission, as long as you don’t leave the Property.

I do have a Few “Loaners” for my House Guests, BTW.

Moving on, there’s some few Odds and Ends.  Now pedium brought up a point at the last Blogshoot we attended, where under the FEDERAL “Lautenburg Travesty”, the FEDS say It’s Illegal to Carry Concealed within 1,000 feet of a School unless one had a RESIDENT CHP.  OHIO Law say one can carry onto School Property as long as on is just Dropping Off and Picking Up the Kiddies, but don’t bring any Firearms into the Building w/o School Permission. But now that ANY CHP is considered an OHIO CHP, that does raise a Conundrum, eh?  Personally, since I don’t do any Business with my Local Schools, I stay away from them anyway, but it would be an interesting Court Case.

Also, under the New Law, most of the Parking Lot Restrictions have Gone Away.  Seems someone in the past tried to say that because there was some sort of Gun Free Zone in a Shopping Center (Bank, Drug Store, Whatever), one couldn’t bring a Firearm onto the Parking Lot or Parking Garage even though the Legal Gun Owner with a Valid CHP was only doing Business with another Place that WASN’T a GFZ, yet shared the Parking Lot.

So that means, as far as I can decipher it, other than the Federal Restrictions likes Banks, Hospitals, etc, one doesn’t have to keep tossing their Piece into the Trunk.

So anyway, that pretty much covers what Out-of Staters can expect when you come to Ohio.  There’s other Changes for us Locals that are Sweet, such as REDUCED HOURS for the CHP Classes, Suppressors for Hunting, etc.

But it sure is a 180 degrees from what New York State did for ITS “Subjects” a couple of years ago, eh?  Hold on a Second.

Nope, still not hearing Gun Shots in the Distance.  Guess the Antis LIED AGAIN, eh? Bubblehead Les Out.


2 thoughts on “24 Hours Later…

  1. B

    glad to hear it! What is the deal with banks and Hospitals? Those aren’t Federal……I’m from Indiana and there are no Federal restrictions on either here…..Unless posted, and even then they can’t do more than ask you to leave. I’m asking to make sure I don’t do something bad in Ohio….


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