Why Voting doesn’t matter.

Hello!  First of all, thanks to all who wished my Father well.  Good News!  He’s out of the Hospital and at home being his Crabby Old Self.  But since he grew up in Eastern Europe DURING World War Two, I guess he can have any Attitude he wishes.

So, some more about my last Post.  First of all, I’m not “Hating” on Glock.  If they feel they can make Money selling a small Single Stack 9mm in Free States AND VolksRepubliks, More Power to them!

What I’m “Hating” on the Stupid $$$$^^$*(*^##%^^ Gun Laws in Various States that RESTRICT Law-Abiding Citizens of those States from being Armed to the Level that the LAWFUL Gun Owner wishes.  What I can’t stand is the New York Law that says that one is ONLY Allowed to carry a Weapon with a MAXIMUM of 7 rounds for Self-Defense.


Now Old 1811 brings up in his Comment that the State’s Voters are Responsible for the Law because of the Politicians they Elected.

Sorry, but in certain States, no matter how much the Lawful Gun-Owner Votes AGAINST an Anti-Gunner Politician, it just doesn’t matter, because the Anti-Gunners have More Voters.

While doing some research about the N.Y. York “Unsafe Act”, I noticed a Chart on the Wiki Article that surprised me.  Did you know that Voters over 90% of the Counties Polled were AGAINST the “Unsafe Act?”  That it was only Popular in NYC and Long Island and Albany?  That the REST of the State was AGAINST IT?

Yet it got passed by the Legislature anyway.  Why did so many Politicians decide to Piss Off So Many Voters?

Because of all the Voters in NYC. The New York Legislature is PACKED with Representatives from the City and Long Island, who can EASILY Out Vote any Opposition to what THEY WANT.

And the People of NYC have been Brainwashed about the RKBA for over a Hundred Years!  Ever heard of the Sullivan Act?  Try and get THAT Abomination Repealed!

So with the Passage of the “Unsafe Act”, New Yorkers had Three Choices:  Fight it out in the Courts, which the Obama Admin was PACKING full of Liberal FEDERAL Judges, BTW.  Which takes a Long Time.  Or they could Obey the Law and turn in most of their Firearms and Magazines, etc.  Or they could MOVE OUT, like Zercool did.

Or they could turn into Criminals and not Obey it.

BUT THEY CAN’T VOTE IT OUT!  They just don’t have the Votes!

But New York isn’t the ONLY State like that.  There is a Trend that the Liberal DemoCommie Party has been using for years, but it seems to be gaining an UnHealthy Momentum.  The Tactic is to Gain Political Control of one or two Major Cities and their Suburbs that have enough Votes to Stop any Attack against their Rule.

Here’s a List where it’s so Entrenched IMHO that in another Twenty Years, the only way Freedom can Work is if the Federal Government Overrides them:

Boston controls Massachusetts.

Chicago controls Illinois.

San Francisco/Los Angeles/San Diego controls California.

Denver controls Colorado (if the Population keeps moving into the City).

Philadelphia controls Pennsylvania.

Portland controls Maine.

Portland controls Oregon.

Seattle controls Washington State.

St.Louis and Kansas City control Missouri (like in Colorado).

Alexandria/Northern Virginian Suburbs/Richmond controls Virginia.

AND since those Populations will control the number of members of the U.S. House of Representatives AND the U.S. Senate, gee, guess what happens to the RKBA?

Oh, they won’t set a Precedent about trying to REPEAL the 2A, because that might be used against THEM and whatever part of the Constitution they like, if they ever lose Power.

But get another Congress like the one Obama had with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in Charge (or their Heirs) with a Liberal Democrat like HIllary or an Anti-Gun RINO like Christie in Charge and suddenly we’ll be back to “Assault Rifle Bans” and Magazine Bans’ and Ammo Bans”, etc.

And I can turn up to Vote all I want, THEY WON’T CARE!

Which is why as long as my Rep and (one for now) Senator still have NRA “A” Ratings and are willing to sign the Petition WARNING the BATFEIEIO that under the threat of “Congressional Review” BATFEIEIO better NOT try an Ammo Ban, I’ll keep Voting for them.

Until my Vote doesn’t matter anymore in this Country.

Then the Laws of Physics takes over. Specifically the one that says “Force=Mass x Acceleration.”

A Mass of about 5.56mm Diameter weighing 62gr traveling about 3,000 FPS.

Followed by another one, and another one, until Freedom comes back to the Republic.

Because if the Politicians Vote away the RKBA, I’ll let Physics bring it back.  Bubblehead Les Out.


One thought on “Why Voting doesn’t matter.

  1. Old 1811

    I get your point. A large minority can always be overwhelmed by a small majority. But that was really a side issue to my main point, which was that letting politicians get away with capacity bans (by not selling legal-capacity guns there, that’s what you’re doing) will only cause them to try more bans when their first bans don’t work. Besides, I think all big manufacturers make and sell 10-round mags for their pistols, for the citizens of those localities.
    In answer to your valid point about certain cities controlling states, I would say that the state rifle associations in those states need to make efforts to educate the people in some of those cities. NYC is hopeless, but some others are retrievable. The people in those states (and I live in one of them that you mentioned) should stop looking down their noses at the city dwellers and try to reach out to them.
    Of course, some of the politicians running those cities have their own built-in constituencies, but it’s worth a try.


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