Why the new Glock is a Bad Thing.

Hello.  Sorry I’ve been away.  My Father is in the Hospital with Heart Problems, and at age 78, well, let’s just say there are “Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By.”  But Not To Worry!  After all, he’s getting the Best Medical Care that Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and ObamaCare can Provide!

Yeah, right.

Anyway, unless some Bad Happens, I still plan on being in Nashville for the NRA Annual Meetings. Which brings me to my Topic.

So I received a Press Release from the NRA about the new Glock G43 Pistol, which will be available for Fondling at Nashville.  It’s basically a Single-Stack 9mm based on their Small Frame Pistols, which gives it a Magazine Capacity of 6 +1.  I’m guessing that Glock has already reserved G44 for a 5+1 .40S+W version down the road, with a Single-Stack G45 in (what else?) .45ACP.  We shall see.

But it now seems that Glock has decided to join the pack of Single-Stack 9mm Pistols that has been out for a while.  You know, the Berettas, Kahrs, Kimbers, Rugers, Smiths and Taurus’ that all have one thing in common.

They all can be Sold in New York State and other VolksRepubliks that have Ammunition Capacity Restrictions on the RKBA.

And that’s a Bad Thing.

No, I’m not saying that Glock shouldn’t be entering an already Crowded Field, not at all!  If Glock feels that they can make a Buck by selling Legal (for this minute!) products in a VolksRepublik, God Bless ‘Em.

What I’m saying is that all the Major Gun Makers have Products designed to MEET the Unconstitutional Restrictions of the RKBA that the Politicians and the Judiciary have yet to Tear Down.


And what are they going to do when those same VolksRepubliks get it in their Head to impose even MORE Restrictions?

Think of it this way:  The Republicans now have control of the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate, right?  Hear about any Major PRO-Gun Legislation that would force the VolksRepubliks to have their Draconian Decrees declared Null and Void and Unconstitutional?  Other than a National Reciprocity Bill for CHPs that I think is stuck in Committee, I haven’t heard anything.  If you have let me know.

Now, I know that any Pro-RKBA Legislation will be Vetoed as soon as it hits Obama’s Desk, that’s a given.  And I know that there will ZERO Chance of getting enough Votes to Override a Veto anyway.  But if the Republicans could some Good Bills up, they can always renew them in the next Legislature, IF THERE’S A PRO-RKBA PRESIDENT IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

Notice I did NOT say Republican.  Why?  Because a Republican Governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey had a Private Meeting with Gabby Giffords when she was in New Jersey the other day.  And Republican Senator Kirk of Illinois did NOT sign the Petition against the BATFEIEIO proposed Ban of M885 Ammo.  And former Republican Senator Scott Brown took Campaign Funds from BLOOMBERG because of Brown’s Anti-RKBA stance. 

Which is why the NRA’s Voting Guide is Your Best Friend come Election Day, IMHO.  It’s the 2A Voting Record that counts, NOT the Party.

So let’s go back to when the Assault-Rifle Ban and the so-called “High Capacity” were passed in the 90’s.  Remember, it took TEN YEARS for those Travesties to be erased.  And if you wanted a New-So-Called “Assault Rifle” back in the late ’90s?  Remember those Awful Thumbhole Stocks?

BTW, the “Pre-Ban High Cap” Magazines that were owned by New Yorker’s?  Guess what’s ILLEGAL today?

So much for the Anti-Gun Promise that “Oh, we won’t take THOSE from you!  They’re Grandfathered!”

So, Gun Manufacturers looked for Loopholes and Work-Arounds, and as far as Functionality goes, those Bans really meant Jack as far as Launching Bullets went.

And of course, those Edicts didn’t Stop ANY Criminal from being a Criminal, did they?

HOWEVER, when a Legal Citizen is only “Allowed” to have a Pistol with a 6+1 Capacity, and the THUGS are carrying Full-Size Glocks, gee, who is the one “Under-Gunned?”  The Good Guys or the Bad Guys?

The fact is, that although many of these Pistols are Fine for those who want to Carry Concealed with a Minimum of Weight and Bulk, what happens when Convenience turns to Acceptance and the “New Standard”?

In other words, what happens if the Laws Don’t get Repealed down the Road?  What if some Future Anti-Gunner take a Tragedy like Sandy Hook and says “Six Rounds in a Pistol is Too Much!  No one should have that much Ammo hidden on them!  I say IF you need to carry a Pistol, a Derringer is Just Fine!  After all, that’s the reason the Police Exist: so WE don’t Need to Worry about Criminals!”

Look, I don’t blame the Firearms Companies.  They’re just doing what they did in the ’90s to get us SOMETHING for our Self-Defense usage.  And let’s be glad that Most of the Republic hasn’t followed those Idiots down the Road towards the Destruction of the 2A.  In fact, there’s a lot of Good News coming out for the lifting the Restrictions on the RKBA.  I’ll try to hit them soon.

But let’s put up an all too common Scenario lately:  Let’s say you are coming out of a Mall and a Pack of Feral Teenagers want to Rob you.  And let’s say there’s about 4-6 of them, and a couple are already waving Guns around, and it’s going to be Shooting Time.  Which would you rather have on your Hip: a Glock G43 with its New York MANDATED 6+1 Cartridges available, or a Glock 19 with 15+1 Cartridges available.

In Ohio, it’s the Glock 19 (or your Pistol of CHOICE).  Today in New York State (IF YOU CAN GET A CHP!) It’s the G43 or its equivalent ONLY.  But it should be a Glock 19 EVERYWHERE, IF THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT TO CARRY!

And the fact that Glock has decided to create a Concealed Carry Pistol that’s also N.Y. UNSAFE ACT Legal worries me about the Future of the RKBA in the Republic.  Bubblehead Les Out.


6 thoughts on “Why the new Glock is a Bad Thing.

  1. Old 1811

    First of all, I hope your dad recovers. I lost my dad when he was 66, far too early. I don’t wish that on anyone.
    I disagree about the Glock 43, and here’s why:
    First of all, the residents of those states voted for the people who are restricting their rights, and have not thrown them out (except for Colorado). If they want to throw their rights away, it’s their problem. (I know that’s cold, but it’s the truth.)
    Secondly, look at it another way. If a legal-capacity pistol is not available, the law-abiding citizens of those localities are effectively disarmed. Since only the criminal will be armed, with nobody to stop them, crime will rise, as it always does when criminals have free rein. Then the same politicians will panic again and ban something else (maybe revolvers that hold more than 5 rounds?), and the decent people will get screwed even harder.

  2. .45ACP+P

    I have had a thought recently about those “A” ratings by the NRA. In my view, not voting for further restriction of firearms rights should only equal a “C” rating. Voting for restrictions should and does equal an “F”. An “A” or “A+” rating should be reserved for politicians who are active in the battle to reclaim or protect our rights. Too many “Do no harm” types get the “A”. I will say that those who signed the letter to the BATF&E have at least moved up to a “B” and may be on their way to the “A” or “A+”. The NRA has been a little too free with the good rating (re: Harry Reid et. al.)

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Yeah, it also Bugs me that when a DemoCommie keeps getting an A or A+ Rating, but then keeps Voting for OTHER Anti-Freedom Laws such as ObamaCare or “Immigration Amnesty” or whatever. But since the NRA has made it clear that their Focus is on the RKBA ONLY, at least the Ratings are a Good Place to START.

  3. Armed Security Orlando

    Our security agency issues Glock 17 pistols. Our teams carry these pistols every day and night on duty in some of the most dangerous locations in Florida. They have worked well in harsh conditions, and perform well even when maintenance is not performed according to the factory recommended specifications.

    Glock manufactures a great product but they should NOT cave in to the left wing gun restrictions.


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