“Will no one rid me of this Meddlesome Priest!?”

Hello!  One nice thing about having a History Degree is that sometimes, one gets to use it during Current events.  Case in point: the Ferguson Ambush.

So here’s the Historical Precedent.  In 1170, King Henry II of England was having a big Political Battle with his former friend, Thomas Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury.  Henry got pissed off one day, and said out loud “Will no one rid me of this Meddlesome Priest!?”

Yeah, I know some Historians say he said something different, but the Idea was said out loud by Henry, so we’ll roll with this phrase.

Anyway, four of Henry’s Knights were there when he said it, so, they thought they’d do their Boss a favor, and took it upon themselves to “Handle it.”  So they rode off to where Beckett was, and hacked him to Death with their Swords.

Needless to say, there was a LOT of Fallout over the Murder, and Henry had to pay a Big Price over the Murder.

Oh, and Beckett is now a Saint in both the Catholic AND Anglican Churches.

You can look up the details in any good history book, or go watch the ’60s Movie “Beckett” with Peter O’toole and Richard Burton.  Good Movie.

So let’s Fast Forward to 2015.  A few days ago, Obama and a whole bunch of other people decided to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Selma March.

WHICH MARCH NEEDED TO BE DONE, BTW!  Trying to tell American Citizens they weren’t allowed to Vote just because they picked the Wrong Ancestors, Stupid Alabama Racists!

So, while Obama is Speechifying, he Bemoans the Fact that there’s still Racism in the U.S., that the Ferguson, Mo. Government is BAD, and that there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done.  And so far, I agree. But then Obama says the Magic Words,  “And we need COLLECTIVE ACTION AND MOBILIZATION TO BRING ABOUT THIS CHANGE!”

ALL STOP!  Friends, when I hear 1960’s Radical Hippie Speech being spouted by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, RED FLAGS GO UP!

“Collective Action and Mobilization” is one of the Catch-Phrases used by the VIOLENT Groups of the 60’s, groups like the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers.  I’m not talking Stoned Draft Dodgers at Woodstock, but the people (like Obama’s Buddy Bill Ayers) who were Blowing Things Up and Shooting at Cops.

Got that?  Let me repeat it: SHOOTING AT COPS.

Now, of course, the White House Decried the Shooting, and Holder called the Shooters “Damned Punks,”  and there’s all kind of Law Enforcement trying to catch the Shooters.  And Thank God the Police Officers, who weren’t even Ferguson Cops will pull through.

But on the Video that is floating around out there, there’s a voice saying right after the Ambush “Acknowledgement nine months ago would have kept that from happening.”

NOT “OMG, they’ve been Shot!”  NOT “Someone call an Ambulance!”

Just a Calm Voice sounding as if it were sending a Message to the Media, and out to the World.

Just as if they were Knights reporting back to the King that they “Solved the Problem.”

Now, before someone claims that I think Obama is setting up “Death Squads” to Kill Cops and start some Race War, forget it.  Obama has a lot of Faults, but I don’t think he’d try something that Stupid.

But I can see some Radical Fringe Racist “No Justice, No Peace!” people doing so.  Not many, maybe 10-20 of the Uber-Dangerous Fanatics who think that by Shooting Cops, that they can somehow bring about some “New Black Utopia.”

Or, I can see some Radical Fringe Racist “Kill all the N*(@$rs!” group BLAMING the Ambush on the African-Americans even though they fired the shots so that they can bring about some “New White Utopia.”

One thing about being a Fanatic:  It’s an Equal Opportunity Profession.  Just look at the Black Boku Haruum and White ISIS Terrorists.

But I sure do believe that SOMEBODY thought that when Barack said “Collective Action and Mobilization,” that it was a Green Light to Pull the Trigger.

Which is why, Barack Hussein Obama, you need to be CAREFUL before you say stuff.  Because when you let the Genie out of the Bottle, it’s a Bitch getting him back in.

Just ask Henry the Second.  Bubblehead Les Out.


3 thoughts on ““Will no one rid me of this Meddlesome Priest!?”

  1. Old NFO

    Yeah, but the ‘peeps’ on the street say it’s the KKK and the cops doing this on purpose… And since you’re a history guy, since when did Selma become ‘Bloody’ Selma? I’ve talked to folks who were there that never referred to it that way, and I don’t ever remember seeing it referred to as that until just the last couple of years.

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Weel, it’s a LONG Story, but basically, when the Marchers hit the Bridge on 7 March 1965, they were met by a large crowd of Cops and Deputized Citizens. When the dust settled, 17 Marchers were sent to the Hospital, and another 50 were “Walking Wounded.” One of the Wounded was (now) Congressman John Lewis, and he had a Skull Fracture from a Billy Club. What made Selma Important is that the Violence was captchured by TV for the First Time, and by Monday Night, anyone who watched the News saw what was REALLY happening to the Civil Rights Marchers. Which forced Johnson to get the Voting Rights Act of 1965 through Congress at Light-Speed, in spite of the best efforts of Al Gore’s DAD and other Southern Democrats to block it.


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