Update to Ohio CHPs 2014.

Hello!  Bob S of 3BoxesofBS in the comments section to my last post got me thinking about Trends towards more CHP Holders here in BuckeyeLand.  So there are a lot of numbers to deal with, but I think the details will support my Arguments I made in the last post.   So let’s do some Math.

First thing, the Population of the State of Ohio hasn’t changed that much from the “May Issue” year of 2000 to the “Shall Issue Year” of 2010.  We went from about 11.3 Million to about 11.5 Million over 10 years, according to the U.S. Census. So the number of people who could Legally acquire their Ohio CHP hasn’t changed all that much.  So I’m sticking with the Base Number I gave last time.

Second thing, Ohio only went to “Shall Issue” in 2003, and the First Year of Eligibility was in 2004.  So we are dealing with 10 years of Freedom from the Haphazard, Politically-Oriented “Non-System” of Carrying Concealed here.

Third thing, I’m only going over the New and Renewal Numbers, because, frankly, the Revoked/Denied/ Categories mostly lie in the hundreds per year, and they really don’t change things in the Big Scheme of Things.

So let’s run the numbers!

2004: New 45,497.

2005: New 22,487.

2006: New 18,781.

2007: New 22, 103.

2008: New 33,864, Renewal 31, 319.  (Note: 2008 was the FIRST year that a CHP issued in 2004 could be Renewed, since they are only good for 5 years).

2009: New 56,691, Renewal 16,643.

2010: New 47,337, Renewal 13,544.

2011: New 49,828, Renewal 4,193.

2012: New 64,650, Renewal 12,160.

2013: New 96,972, Renewal 48,370.  (The Obama Factor that I mentioned last time).

2014: New 58,066, Renewal 52,146.

Now, I don’t know how many Renewals are First time vs. Second Time, but as you can see, the number of people who chose to Renew has Jumped over the past few years, and a lot of people also chose to do so during the early years also.

But one thing that does stand out to me is number of New Permits Issued every year since Obama was Elected.  It hasn’t dropped BELOW 47,000 a year since Obama “Occupied” the Oval Office, and in fact DOUBLED after his Re-Election.  Coincidence?  Maybe…

So, you might notice a Discrepancy in the last post about the Total Numbers.  My Bad. Mea Culpa.  I used the TOTAL number of CHPs Issued since 2004, not the Current Number of “Active CHP Holders.”  Remember, the CHP is only good for Five years, so the Current Number of New and Renewals since 2010 is 447,266, which means about 5% of those who COULD get their CHPs in Ohio over the last few years did so.

But remember the Total Population in Ohio hasn’t grown all that much since 2000 either.  Which means the Percentage of CHPs in Ohio has grown from about .5% of the Population to 5% of the Population.  In Raw Terms, that means almost 400,000 MORE Lawfully Concealed Handguns are out on the Streets of Ohio than there were 10 years ago. Maybe.  Maybe not.

That number would be Valid if every CHP Holder left their Home Armed.  I’ve heard that about half of those who live in States where it’s relatively easy to get a CHP really don’t leave their Front door Armed against Danger.

Look, I don’t know about you, but ever since I got my CHP, I don’t leave the House w/o being Armed.  I guess I don’t have the Super Power that allows me to say “Oh, I have my CHP, but I only carry a Gun if I think I might need it.”

If I could Predict the Future like that, well the Ohio Lottery would be getting Sick and Tired of me showing up with Winning Tickets, you betcha!

So let’s be Cynical, and say that only 50% of CHP Holders here in Ohio hit the streets Armed.  But this is what has the Antis Pissing their Diapers:  in 2004, that would mean about 22,000 CHP Holders would be out there.

In 2014, that number jumped TEN times to 220,000.

And yet no matter how hard I try, I still can’t find those News Stories that tell us that 220,000 LAWFUL CHP HOLDING CITIZENS ARE MURDERING PEOPLE LEFT AND RIGHT HERE IN OHIO!

So Shannon Watts, Japete, and all the rest of you who want to Disarm the Free People of America:  there are over 400,000 Citizens in Ohio alone who took the Time and Spent their Money for one single purpose.

To Increase their Chances of Staying Alive.

So why do you want to DECREASE their Odds against Murderers, Rapists, Robbers, Terrorists, Gangbangers, Thugs and Psychos?

Sounds like “Aiding and Abetting” to me, doesn’t it?  Of course, if no Lawful Citizen were allowed to Carry Concealed, the “Only Ones” who WOULD be allowed to be Armed would be the Military, the Police, certain “Private Security Operators,” and those of the “Political Elite” who would have the Power to Grant themselves that “Privilege.”

Just like every other Dictatorship in History.

Which is what the “Puppet Masters” behind the Anti-Gun Movement wants:  Make sure the Peasants are Disarmed.

So, for me it’s simple:  If I am Legally Armed, I stand a better chance of making it through the day than someone who places their ENTIRE Safety in the “Benevolent Hands of the State.”

Because I don’t need to wait for Help.

Col. Colt already gave me all the Help I NEED.  Bubblehead Les Out.



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