Waco and M855.

Hello!  Hold it!  Breaking News!  Khloe Kardashian has decided to go BLONDE! Film at Eleven!

Now to the IMPORTANT News:  The Never-ending Assault on Freedom by the Federales of THIS Administration.

Got to get this in before the FCC tries to shut down the First Amendment Rights on the Internet with “Net Neutrality,” after all.  BTW, that whole Issue was decided by THREE UNELECTED PEOPLE.  Count them, THREE.

And you didn’t vote for McCain or Romney because….?

Anyway, 22 years ago, on the 28th of February, 1993, the BATF decided to go after the Branch Davidian Compound for “Weapons Violations.”

Just like the British Army did in 1775.

Anyway, at the end of the day, there were 10 dead; 4 BATF, 6 Branch Davidians.

And we all know what happened 50 days later.

So, from start to finish, the entire Waco Event occurred within the FIRST 90 DAYS OF THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION!  Remember that when Hillary becomes “Official.” 

And that was only the FIRST attempt to Disarm Law-Abiding Citizens of the Republic.  Look at all the Crap that came down the Pike over the next few years. Assault Rifle Bans, “High Capacity Magazine Bans”, 1,000 Foot School Zone Bans, etc.  But it ALL started 22 years ago at Waco.  Keep that in mind.

Flash Forward to a few weeks ago, when the BATFE decided to BAN M855/SS109 “Green-Tip” 5.56 NATO Ammo.  What was their Excuse?  “It has recently come to the BATFE’s attention that Pistols are now on the Market that can fire such Ammunition, which is able to pierce the Body Armor of Law Enforcement.”

NOW on the Market?  Uh, HORSE SHIT!  Remember my post about how Olympic Arms made up the Prototypes of their AR Pistols to use 7.62×39 Ammo back in 1993?  They were CONVERSIONS of their EXISTING AR PISTOLS!  The AR PISTOLS FROM OLYMPIC ARMS AND OTHERS HAVE BEEN AVAILABLE FOR OVER 22 YEARS!  AND Lord knows how long we’ve been able to Fire Green Tip and Black Tip “Armor Piercing” Ammo.

Look, I know Oly’s gone, but there’s only so much one can do to make an AR Pistol that different from each other, so it really doesn’t matter who makes one, they’ve been around for decades.  Which tells me that the BATFE “Excuse” is just that, an EXCUSE.

The Question is, Why Now?  Well, let’s look at the BATFE.  In spite of the Restructuring that gave us the “Department of Homeland Insecurity,”  BATFE isn’t under them.  And despite the fact part of their Mission is to go after “Bootleggers and Tobacco Smugglers,” they don’t report to the Treasury Dept. to go after those “Tax Evaders,” even though they should.

Nope, BATFE reports DIRECTLY to the Department of Injustice’s Eric Holder, and Holder reports to Obama.  That’s the “Chain of Command.”

And since the BATFE tends to get in the Crapper every time they do something on their own, well, the list kind of gets REALLY narrow.

And we all know how well this Administration tends to follow the Constitution when it gets in their way of “Fundamentally Transforming America,” now don’t we?

“Oh, Les, there you go again being Paranoid!”

One problem there:  I’M not the one trying to Ban Ammo.  It’s either BATFE doing so with the Permission of Holder and Obama, or it’s Holder doing so with Obama’s permission, or it’s coming from the Oval Orifice.

If I was Paranoid, I’d be wondering who is ordering OBAMA to Ban the Ammo, but then I’d have to put on my Foil Hat, and since I just washed my hair…

Personally, I think it’s Holder trying to get some Payback against all the “Racist White Domestic Violent Extremists who join the Cops and Kill Poor Black Thugs and put those Sig Tac Arm Braces on their Assault Pistols,”  but I don’t have any Proof.  But he’s got to be spitting Nails over the fact that he couldn’t take down Zimmerman under THE FEDERAL HATE CRIME LAWS HE HELPED WRITE DURING THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION, so I’m guessing it’s his Idea.

After all, he stepped DOWN from being a Federal Judge at the Personal Request of Bill and Hillary to take the job of U.S. District Attorney of Washington, DC.  Most of the time, Federal Judges go UP from the DA’s Ranks.  But then again, I wasn’t there when the deal happened.

22 YEARS AGO.  Bubblehead Les Out.


One thought on “Waco and M855.

  1. Old NFO

    Yep, there IS a timeline there… And I’m still trying to find a copy of that new rules package from the FCC… But crickets… I’d love to see what direction they got from the White House on that…


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