Ohio CHP Stats 2014.

Hello!  While the Snow is falling around here for the Umpteenth Time this Winter (Thanks Algore!), I came across a news report that hits close to home.  Literally.

You see, here in Ohio, the State Attorney General is REQUIRED by Law to issue an Annual Report on Concealed Carry Permits.  And he just did so.  Now the Report consists of the number of New Permits Issued, Renewals, Disapprovals, etc.  And since the 88 County Sheriffs are the ones who have the Final Say on who gets a Permit (Thank God for SHALL Issue!), this report gives a nice “State of the State’s Freedom” every year.

What’s different is how the Anti-Gunners have decided to Propagandize the Fact that there was a MAJOR Drop in New Handgun Permit Applications in 2014 compared to 2013.  The Usual Suspects around here are Crowing about how their “Every Paid Mom Handgun Control Disarmament Campaign” is having a “POSITIVE Effect in getting all those EVIL Handguns off the Streets!”   But let’s examine the Facts, shall we?

First off, thanks to the U.S. Census, we know that there are about 11.5 Million Humans living in Ohio.  Out of that number, about 8.3 Million are over the age of 21, so they are the current Legal “Pool” of people who could apply for a Permit.  But if you take out the Convicted Felons, Illegal Aliens, the “Mentally Challenged,” etc, we’re probably down to about 7.5 Million people who are “Clean”.

Of course, those who want a CHP in Ohio have to take Classes, get Fingerprinted , spend Money, yadayadayada.  So, last year, there were about 58,000 NEW Permits Issued, and about 52,000 RENEWALS (the CHP is only good for Five Years here in BuckeyeLand).

Now, in 2013, there were 97,000 NEW Permits Issued, and 48,000 RENEWALS.  And that’s what the Antis are Crowing about.  But there’s a Problem with their Math (As Usual!).

You see, that 98,000 came about AFTER the results of the 2012 Election.  Just like the Spike in the Sale of ARs, Ammo, Pistols, Magazines, etc.

Gee, it looks like I’m not the only Buckeye who was worried about what a Lame-Duck Obama Administration would do to our 2A Rights.

So, this year, that 58,000 actually seems to be part of the POSITIVE GROWING Trend Line since Ohio went to “Shall Issue” a few years ago.  So, the Bottom Line is this:  In spite of the “Antis” best efforts, at least here in Ohio, there are about 680,000 Licensed CHP Holders out of an Eligible Pool of 7.5 Million, or about 9% of everyone one would pass on the Street.  And yet, we’ve still haven’t seen all the “Massed Pool of BLOOD” that the Antis cry about.

But what is a little Disheartening is that it’s not a number that is evenly distributed.  Case in point:  Cuyahoga County, which has 1.2 Million Residents, only issued 1,313 NEW Permits, and 1,340 RENEWALS.  Lake County, which is right next door to Cuyahoga County and where I live has a population of 230,000 and they issued 3,748 NEW permits and RENEWED 1,853.  Almost 3-1 on a Population Base that is about one-sixth.

And some locals wonder why I avoid going into Cleveland.

Why the difference?  Because Cuyahoga County is a DemoCommie Stronghold where the Citizens have decided to “Drink the Kool-Aid” of their Uber-Liberal Political Masters.  And since 80% of Buckeyes live in seven “Metropolitan Statistical Areas” (i.e., Cities and the local ‘Burbs), it’s a Miracle that we still have such a Strong RKBA Arms here.

Which does worry me, since the Antis are part of the Uber-Liberal Socialist Movement espoused by the Modern DemoCommie Party, and we saw what has happened to States where they have gained control of the Population Centers.

Remember Colorado?  Remember how Upstate New York went Nuts over the New York “UnSafe Act”?  Pennsylvania is looking Shaky, and I can see Ohio heading down that road within a Decade if the Republitards down in Columbus don’t watch it.

And Trust Me, Ohio isn’t called a “Battleground State” for Nothing.

I dread 2016 and Hillary bouncing around here that Summer.

But anyway, as a General Rule, one is Probably Safer in Ohio than in New York, Kalifornia, Connecticut, and all the other VolksRepubliks that are Festering in the Republic.  Here, at least, Free People can exercise their RKBA, and the Thugocracy tends to avoid those places where Citizens fight back.

At least for now.  Bubblehead Les Out.


3 thoughts on “Ohio CHP Stats 2014.

  1. 3boxesofbs

    So there was a decrease in the growth of new permit holders?

    and the antis are crowing about that….let them. I think the more they try to demonize the average permit holder, the more people start questioning the antis. After all, most people know Aunt Betty who has a permit, or Uncle Bud who’s been carrying since the start. Every time the antis go on about blood in the streets; someone looks at their brother or dad or mom and wonders if the antis are talking about them.

    And the people in the cities look around at the violence, the slow police response times — and start to think about a permit. Because they see the stark difference between those who prey on them and the people who have permits.

    Bob S.


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