So now it’s Official:

Hello!  Did you hear the latest?  Holder’s Injustice Department just released a Press Statement saying, that after THREE YEARS OF INVESTIGATION, THAT THERE IS NO PROOF THAT GEORGE ZIMMERMAN COMMITTED A FEDERAL HATE CRIME WHEN HE SHOT TRAYVON MARTIN IN SELF-DEFENSE!

What does that mean?  Well Friends, after a Jury Trial and a Federal Investigation, it means that Trayvon did attack George, that George defended himself by using his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS UNDER THE SECOND AMENDMENT, AND RACISM PLAYED NO PART IN THE INCIDENT WHATSOEVER! 

Unless, of course, you want to count the Racist Remarks Trayvon made on his Cell Phone prior to HIS ATTACKING ZIMMERMAN.  But Holder didn’t want that to be in Play, no sirree Bob!   After all, in the OBAMA UNIVERSE, ANY attack on a Politically Correct Minority by a member of the “Caucasian Race”  MUST BE RACIST!

Just look at Ferguson, Mo.

Of course, we only found out that NO HATE CRIME WAS COMMITTED by a Press Release, NOT A BIG NEWS CONFERENCE.  God Forbid that Holder or Obama be caught on Video for all Eternity admitting that they Screwed Up!

But isn’t it nice to know OFFICIALLY that if “Obama had a Son, he would be just like Trayvon, A TEENAGE THUG WHO ATTACKED A GROWNUP!”

Just like MIchael Brown did in Ferguson, Mo. 

Hey, Barack said it, not me.  Add THAT to His Legacy.  Bubblehead Les Out.



4 thoughts on “So now it’s Official:

  1. Glenn B

    Had they prosecuted him maybe all the illegals would have had second thoughts on staying here. On a more serious or delirious note, maybe they were afraid that white folks would riot if he was prosecuted.


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