“Here we go again, Ban ’em if you can…”

Hello!  Hey, don’t you just love it when History repeats itself?  I want to talk about the Upcoming Ammo Ban of M855 and 30-06 Black Tip “Armor Piercing” Bullets.

Now those of you Youngin’s won’t remember this, but we’ve been down this road before.  Let’s climb into the Wayback Machine and head to the Primitive Dark Ages of 1994.  You see, there used to be a Firearms company called Olympic Arms.  They were one of the first to make Civilian Legal copies of the M-16 of what you Youngsters now call “Modern Sporting Rifles.”  Or ARs.

Now Oly looked at the rules, and discovered that it was Perfectly Legal to “Chop and Channel” the AR into a Pistol Version, and they made a lot of their Model OA-93s in 5.56 Nato/.223.  And the Federales didn’t care.  Then they got the idea of making one in 7.62×39 Russian, so they advertised their intentions in the Shotgun News, and brought a few to the next Shot Show.  Good Sales and Marketing, let the Shooting Public get a chance to “Touch and Feel,” let’s see if it’s worth it.

Boy did the Shit hit the Fan!

Keep in mind, this was 1994, and who was the President?  Uber-Liberal Bill Clinton.  Now, after the WACO Massacre from the Previous Year AND the Upcoming Mid-Terms, Bill was in a Quandary.  They TRIED to send a Message to those who support the 2A that if we didn’t play by THEIR Rules, why, we’d just send in the BATF to SEIZE YOUR GUNS.  And Waco was a Test Run.

Well, we know how well THAT turned out, don’t we?

So what to do, what to do?  Then someone in the Clinton Admin actually was paying attention, and discovered something.  That was the SKS.

You see, Boys and Girls, due to the efforts of Reagan, Thatcher, Pope Jon Paul the Deuce, and others, the Soviet Union collapsed, Communism was scurrying into it’s Sewer Holes, and we had a chance for “WORLD PEACE!”

One of those Benefits is that the ChiComs decided to hang up their Mao Suits and put on Armani and go about making CASH off the West.  And one of the ways they did so was to dump their Stockpiles of SKS’s, just like the Russians were doing.  The only Problem was the Ammo to feed them.  What Norinco did was to grab Military Stock Piles of Ammo, repackage them, and ship them out.  Others in China just put on a Shipping Label and sent it off.  One little problem:  SOME of the Ammo was “Armor Piercing,” i.e., they had a Steel Shaft inside the Bullet.  But the ChiComs didn’t care.

And AMERICAN Ammo Manufacturers weren’t making 7.62 x 39 to FEED those SKS’s.  In fact, money spent on SKS’s wasn’t being spent on Colt, Remington, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, et.al., so they didn’t care.

Pack of Snobs.

But as soon as Olympic announced they were making a Pistol that could FIRE that ChiCom AP, BATF came down like a Ton of Bricks!  Keep in mind, NOT ONE OLY 7.62×39 was ever sold to the General Public!  But the very idea that an American Citizen who might be a part of “The Vast-Right Wing Conspiracy” who OPPOSED the “Enlightened Socialism of the Modern DemoCommie Party” COULD THEORETICALLY put on his Matrix Black Overcoat and get close to one the Fearless Leaders of the Time and Mow down their Gooberment Police Bodyguards whose BulletProof Vests would be ABSOLUTELY USELESS AGAINST SUCH ARMOR PIERCING BULLETS, WHY THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED!

So the BATF issued an Unconstitutional Edict against the Importation of such LETHAL AMMO, and actually went out to Gun Stores and SEIZED the Ammo off the Shelves!  Happened to a Buddy of mine, and I don’t think he got paid for his loses either.  This also drove the prices of Non-AP 7.62×39 up through the Roof, and suddenly, SKS prices started to tumble.

For years thereafter, one could buy an SKS for around $90-100 at any Gun Show, but Ammo was always high, until the Russians got their act together and started sending it over in the late  90s.

However, since the Clintonistas got away with this Crap, they then quickly moved on to Assault-Rifle Bans, “High Capacity Magazine Bans,” the JOE BIDEN WRITTEN GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES LAW (which meant that if one’s HOUSE was within a 1,000 yards of a School, then one could NOT have ANY FIREARMS AT ALL!) and other Bullshit.

“But Les, what does this have to do with 5.56 and 30-06 AP?”  Well, I’ll explain as soon as we climb back into the Wayback Machine and come to the Present Day.

Everyone back?  Okay, so we’re here in 2015, 21 years AFTER the SKS AP/Olympic Arms Event.  Keep in mind all the other Anti-Freedom Laws that were passed in that Era, okay?  What happened a few months ago?  The DemoCommies LOST the Senate, and Obama became a Lame Duck.  And what was one of the First things Obama said after the Election?- “It doesn’t matter, I have a Phone and EXECUTIVE ORDERS!”

And what’s been happening over the last few years?  Modern Sporting Rifles have become the Number One Firearm sold in the Republic.  And what do most ARs eat?  5.56 Nato/.223 Remington.

And what did American Capitalists in the Firearm Industry do?  Repackage M855 Ammo and sell it off to General Public.  Six months ago I think one could get a 1,000 rounds for about $350 plus Shipping all day long.

But a trend developed not that long ago, where a lot of Shooters started getting AR PISTOLS made up, and then Sigtac came up with a LEGAL Shooting Brace for the ARs and the AKs.

And someone in the Obama Admin had a Flashback to ’94, and realized that the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” could put on their Black Matrix Overcoats and KILL their Fearless Leaders with all those Sigtac PISTOLS using ARMOR PIERCING GOOBERMENT KILLER BULLETS!

“But Les, what about the 30-06 AP?  No one makes a Garand Pistol!”  Yep, you’re right about that, but they DO make the….. 300 AAC BLACKOUT!  

And how hard would it be to yank out 30-06 AP Bullets and RELOAD them into 300 AAC Blackout/ 300 Whisper?


Get the Picture?  Now let me be clear: I DO NOT BLAME ANYONE WHO WANTS AN AR PISTOL IN ANY CALIBER WITH ANY LEGAL SHOOTING AID WHATSOEVER! This is SUPPOSED TO BE A FREE NATION, and if want one of those Pistols, Go For It!  Blaming Sigtac for the Bullet Ban is just like blaming Glock for making Plastic Pistols.  It’s Stupid.

So Brothers and Sisters, let’s deal with some Facts.  Yes, there is a “Comment Period” going on now about the Upcoming Imperial Edict BANNING AP, which probably won’t mean Squat, because the BATFEIEIO already got the Phone Call.  Remember Operation Fast and Furious?  So I fully expect the Obama Admin to BAN Green Tip and Black Tip.  And the Vast Majority of Fudd Shooters won’t care, because “They tain’t no good fur Huntin Noways.”

And don’t expect much help from Congress, because we all know how much Obama listens to THEM, especially since the Repubs took over.  And I really don’t put much Faith in the Republitards, because, let’s face it, Billionaires with Deep Campaign Funding Pockets tend to have some Strings Attached to their Pet Congress Critters.  Besides, a lot of the Republitards are Anti-Gun RINOS (CHRIS CHRISTIE OF NEW JERSEY!) who  wish all those “Constitutionalists would just go away!”

And they have been some Supreme Court Cases that might help, but we know how long it takes to work through the Courts, especially since Obama has been packing Uber-Liberal Judges through as fast as he can Nominate them.

And since when has Obama listened to a Court Ruling that went against him anyway?  Remember, he’s on a MIssion from Marx to Fundamentally Transform America!

So, if you want Green Tip and Black Tip, I’d get it now.  BUT PAY CASH, BECAUSE YOUR CREDIT CARD CAN BE TRACED BY THE FEDERALES, AND IT’S PERFECTLY LEGAL TO SO.  Of course, if you LIKE BATFEIEIO SWAT Teams busting down your door to Seize your Stock Pile of AP, well, it’s up to you.

“Oh Les, now you’re being silly!  BATFE wouldn’t do that!”

Tell it to Waco.

But what’s Next for Obama? Well, there’s this thing happening in the World  called “Violent Extremism” (you and I and others who live in the Real World call it Terrorism) that the Obama Admin is having a Big International Conference in DC even as we speak, and I’m SURE that keeping Firearms out of the Hands of “Violent Extremists” will be on the Agenda.  And since Obama only believes that all the World should be living in his “Uber-Libereral Socialist NEW WORLD ORDER,” well, whatever his International Cronies and his Crew come up with will be “Applied” ASAP.  And pay No Attention to that “Constitution Thing”, it’s Obsoltete anyway.  And the Republicans are just a Pack of Obstructionists who will swept into the Dust Bin of History once everyone embraces his Enlightened Socialism.

On the Nuts and Bolts side of things, I can see Ammo Imports Bans (“EXTREMISTS ARE USING AKS!  LET’S TAKE AWAY THEIR AMMO!”), and maybe shutting down SBRs and Suppressors “Permits”.  And since he can say “It’s a National Security Issue!  I’m banning High Capacity Magazines!”, look for that to try and get through.

And he will DEFINITELY VETO ANY PRO 2A Laws that hit his Desk.  And if they DO get Over Rode, expect some Liberal Judge to declare the Unconstitutional as so as the Ink dries.

But no matter what happens, as Usual, I recommend buying Ammo and Guns and Accessories, Just in Case. And SHOOT some of it, Damnit!  Practise, Practise, Practise!  Remember, Barbarians are Roaming the World, and not all of them belong to ISIS.  THUGS ARE THUGS, and one can be coming after you even as we speak.

Oh, and go ahead and make a Comment to the BATFEIEIO  and call your CongressCritter to Protest, if you want.  I just think that this is a Done Deal, and it won’t do much good.  Then go to the Range and get some Trigger Time in.  Take Care, Bubblehead Les Out.


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