Radical Islam Deniers in the White House.

Hello!  So, after weeks of trying to make sense of the Current Threat to Civilization, I’ve come to the conclusion BASED ON THEIR OWN WORDS AND POLICIES AS REPORTED IN THE MEDIA,  that the Obama Administration can OFFICIALLY be called “Radical Islam Deniers.”

Just like THEY keep harping on those who say “Climate Change is based on Junk Science,”  I can say that when the Secretary of State stands on the Podium in Europe next to the President of France and the British Prime Minister and says “There is NO SUCH THING AS RADICAL ISLAM BECAUSE ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE!”, the Obama Admin is either in Denial or Appeasement.

Or something else.  Maybe.

Don’t believe me?  Well, let’s check out some Facts as reported in the Mainstream Media.

Fact:  When the Memorial Protest against the Paris Massacre against the JEWISH Grocery Store and Charlie Hebdo occurred, it was more Important for the President of the United States to be Flying around trying to sell Free Community College Education than to march down the Street with other World Leaders, INCLUDING THE HEAD OF THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY AND THE PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL.

Fact.  When the President found out that the King of Saudi Arabia died, he cut short his Trip in India to “Pay his Respects to the House of Saud.”  Yet after given SIX WEEKS NOTICE,  he still refuses to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister when he comes to Washington “because it is White House Policy to not meet with Foreign Leaders who are running for Office, so as not to give the impression he would be endorsing any Candidate.”

Oh really?  So that big Speech in Berlin when SENATOR BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA was running for Office in 2008 wasn’t Political?  So he never should have met with any of those Foreign Leaders while he was over there? Smells Hypocritical to me, don’t you think?

Fact: The White House Press Secretary came out and said that “The Taliban is NOT a Terrorist Group, but an ARMED INSURGENCY.”  When the Press said that they are on a Terrorist Watch List, the Press Secretary DENIED it, until a reporter was about to shove a Hard Copy of the Treasury Depts. List in his Face.  Then he said, “Well, TECHNICALLY you are correct,” then changed the Subject.

You know what else was an “Armed Insurgency?”  The Mau-Mau Uprising in Kenya, where Obama’s Grandpa was involved.  Not that it means anything….

Fact:  When that Asshole killed Three People last week, it was nice of Obama to come out and protest the “Senseless Violence against those whose only Crime was to be in that Barbershop when….”

Ooops. My Bad.  Getting the Three Murders of Minorities at a local  Black Barbershop up here in Warrensville Heights by a 20 year old Black Thug Punk who just got out of Prison EARLY with the Three Muslims killed by one of the Stupid Bastards who thinks the Second Amendment gave him the right to kill his neighbors over a Parking Spot.  Well, the Good Thing is that Obama JUMPED when the Turkish Sultan Erdogen started whining about “Islamaphobia” and “How come shooting Muslims isn’t a Terrorist Act?”

Of course, I’m sure that Holder’s Hate Crime Investigation will PROVE that it was a “Religiously Motivated Act of Terror committed by those EVIL White Atheist Gay Rights -Supporting Pro Abortion….”  Uhh, well, uhh….

So once again, Obama opened his Mouth without getting the facts straight first.  Just like in Ferguson.  And Trayvon.  And…..

However, I will say that those Muslims who were Murdered by the Uber-Liberal are just as much Victims as three Black People shot in a Barbershop by a Black Punk.  Condolences and Prayers to BOTH sets of Family and Friends.  Now if the Obama Admin would only realize that Dead Victims are Dead Victims FIRST instead being assigned to some “Politically Correct Category….”

Fact:  So, every year, there’s a Federal Law that says the President MUST give out his National Security Strategy every year.

But since this first year where the Republicans actually are in a Position to FORCE the Issue, the President finally gave one (after about 5 years since the last one).  Guess what some of the BIGGEST THREATS TO THE REPUBLIC ARE?  CLIMATE CHANGE AND EPIDEMICS!  

I’m not Joking.  It’s out there on the Web.  Read it for yourself.

In fact, Obama said to VOX (that new Propaganda Fake News Service set up by the Uber-Liberals) that “More People Suffer from the Effects of Climate Change and Epidemics than face the threat of Terrorism.”

Fact:  When Radical Islamic Terrorists attacked and Murdered Americans in Benghazi, Libya a couple of years ago, the FIRST Group that was Blamed was some “Anti-Muslim Youtube Video,”  NOT the Terrs.

Fact:  Last December, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Martin Dempsey testified before Congress that we, the United States would be fighting ISIS for “AT LEAST 30 years!”  He also said that “He’ll be long dead before we defeat them.”

Fact: Two months later, Obama tells Congress that he wants a new “Authorization for the Use of Military Force” to fight ISIS so that the United States will be able to have a “NON-ENDURING COMBAT ROLE FOR A MAXIMUM OF THREE YEARS.”  And No Boots on the Ground, either.

So we can use Snipers who float on Magic Carpets now?  Good to know.

Gee, whom does one Trust?  A Trained Military Professional in Charge of the U.S. Military?  Or an Admin who’s Combined Military Experience is….?

Fact:  “Climate Change” doesn’t cut off one’s Head because one is a Different Religion, Mr. Obama.  “Pandemics” don’t set Pilots on Fire while locked in a Cage, Barack.  And just because Christians did the Crusades, and some Racist Southern Preachers kept spouting the “Joy of Segregation” to a bunch of Stupid Crackers 50 years ago doesn’t mean that “Radical Islam” is a Myth being spread by Haters.  Shall we Review the State of the World, Barry?

The following countries are in SERIOUS Trouble or about to collapse or have collapsed and have many areas being overrun by RADICAL ISLAMISTS:  Iraq (which YOU declared was a Safe Country once again, Mr. President), Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt.  Some are Internal, like Egypt, others, who knows who’s in charge.

So how’s the “Arab Spring” working out for you?

In the last two months, France, Belgium and now Denmark have had Citizens killed by “Radical Islamists.” In fact, one of these “Islamic Radical Groups” which YOU say we shouldn’t be so Hatin’ Against just announced today that they plan on crossing the Med from Libya and “Conquering Rome.”


Look it up, it’s out there in the News.

Bottom Line:  For some reason which makes No Sense at all to me, BHO seems to bending over backwards to give “Radical Islam” a PASS.  And what little REALISTIC Military Action we are doing is so…. “Ineffectual” that you might as well say that we are now in an Era of “Sound-Bite Diplomacy.” I should know.  My Nephew is Over There, and the Rules of Engagement are so Tight, that one, well, let’s not get him in Trouble, okay?

And one last thing:  When one’s Enemies says and does Atrocities in the “Name of Islam,”  it’s RELIGIOUS.

Methodists aren’t Chopping off heads of Buddhists.  Mormons aren’t Crucifying their Enemies.  Baptists aren’t Burning Pilots Alive.


And for the Vast Majority of Muslims around the Globe who are just as scared and shocked by the Actions of these few Radicals, I hope you have enough sense to get out of the way when the Shit Hits The Fan.

Payback is a Bitch.  Just Sayin’….

Because, it’s looking like that if Obama won’t do something SERIOUS, other countries will.

And THEN what are you going to do, Mr. President?  Attack France?  Bomb Jordan?  Nuke Israel?

Or just give another speech about how great you are.

Bubblehead Les Out.


2 thoughts on “Radical Islam Deniers in the White House.

  1. ProudHillbilly

    He is a muslim who is appeasing. He’s just hoping he can play golf and milk out vacations and get out of office before anybody puts real pressure on him.

    Interesting isn’t it that after somebody commits a murder they try to go poking around in his head in order to decide if he did it because he hated his victims (here’s a hint – usually a murderer doesn’t love his victims), but when murderers stand up and shout their reasons the admin still wanders around saying “We don’t know why they are doing this.”

  2. Old NFO

    +1 on PH, also the latest administration ‘ploy’ is this would all go away if they just had JOBS… So we should help ISIL find work??? sigh… Really???


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