About the REAL State of the World…

Hello!  Let me bring you up to date.  First things first:  Whoever decided to put Oversized Pins in my Yugo SKS needs to be Shot!  Detail Stripping does NOT mean putting your Gun Parts on a Vertical Mill and Drilling out Pins just to take a Firearm apart! Bastards!

Okay, next up:  when I talk about things that Interest ME, I try to use source material that is readily available and published by (usually) the MSM and International News Source, like the BBC.  I’m NOT rehashing stuff from the Conspiracy Websites, nor from the Propaganda Mills of ANY side of the Political Spectrum.  Neither do I wish to help feed the “Idiocracy Movement”, so you’re not going to hear about “Deflategate” or which Kardashian is doing what to someone else, okay?  Also, I’m not going to go over the latest offerings from the SHOT Show, NRA CON, Blogshoots, etc since there are a LOT of Good Gun Blogs out there that some of my friends still have up and running and they are already covering them. Go read them.  Tell ’em I sent you.

What I WISH I could talk about would be stuff like my Navy Days, or a Good Movie, or whatever.  But I have a Problem.

You see, my Job in the U.S. Navy was Nuclear Warfare.  As a member of the Fleet Ballistic Missile Program, what was happening out in the World vis-a-vis “Current Events” was VERY Important to me, because, let’s face it, what others would consider a “Dust Up” halfway around the planet made those of us who “Rode the Button” OR helped to Support the System VERY Nervous.  So, I was always checking the News, reading Articles, listening to the Talking Heads on Sunday Morning, yadayadayada.  And I’ve kept that Mindset since leaving the Navy.  Plus, to keep things in context, getting my Bachelor’s in History helped a lot.

After all, History may not Repeat itself, but sometimes it Rhymes.

And right now, I’m Nervous. Here’s why.

First, when I was born, there were about 3 Billion Humans on the Planet.  56 years later, there are over 7.2 Billion.  But as far as I know, we haven’t Doubled the amount of Farmland/Ranch land/Ocean Fishing, nor have Doubled the amount of Fresh Water.  Just more mouths.

Trust me, I’m not going Eco-Freak on you, but a Fact is a Fact.

Another fact that we have to deal with is that if we have to FEED 7.2 Billion Humans, we have to use Technology and Transportation to keep the System running.

Sorry Google, but one can’t EAT an App.  It takes Tractors and Plows and Fishing Nets and Feed and Trucks and Refrigeration, etc to keep up the Food Supply. And there isn’t much in Reserve out there, trust me.

Just try and buy a loaf of Bread in Manhattan today.  And that’s considering “Snowmaggedon” was only Half Right.

It takes Systems that are Orderly and Steady and Reliable.  And for most of the Planet, it takes a Government that WORKS.

Doesn’t have to be a Democracy, it just has to WORK to support the Nation-State.  Just look at the Roman Empire as an example.

But as of 2015, I’m not seeing much in the way of Order and Efficiency and Reliability happening on the World Stage.  What I am seeing is Radical Islam GAINING ground; “Thugocracies” like Putin’s Russia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea and others literally getting away with Murder; and established Democracies that U.S. Blood PAID for in WW2 starting to Collapse.  Heard about Greece?  Terrorists shooting up France and Belgium?  Illegal Immigrants drowning in the Med?

See why I’m getting Nervous?

And don’t get me started on Africa, South America, Central America, and Asia.  In fact, about the only real STABLE countries out there seem to be (IMHO) Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Japan and Canada.  And all of their Gun Laws SUCK.

Notice I didn’t say the United States.  Why?  Well, when the White House Press Spokesman THREE HOURS AGO says that “The Taliban is NOT a Terrorist Group. They’re an ARMED INSURGENCY”, Friends, we got a LOT of Rotten Apples to deal with right here in the Republic.  So, over the next few posts, I’ll be discussing some things about the “State of the World” that could effect you and me right here in the U.S. of A.

So stay tuned, and start buying more Ammo.  You might need it.  Bubblehead Les Out.


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