The REAL State of the Union

Hello!  Sorry I’ve been away, but there were some Family Issues to deal with.  Seems that my 78 year old Father came down with the Flu, and ended up in the Hospital.  Things were a little Scary for a few days, but he’s home now, rapidly coming back to his normal “Grumpy Old Man” self.

And yes, he DID get the Flu Shot.  You know, the one that only seems to help about 1 in 4 who got it?  Of course, the CDC said “Well, you know, it’s like this…”

Kinda/sorta like their “Response” to the Ebola Outbreak.

But they are just another Gov’t Agency in a LOOOOONG Line that the Obama Admin has turned to Crap, so one shouldn’t be surprised.

And that brings me to my Topic.  Tonight, The Anointed One is going to Obey the Constitution ( Surprise, I Know!), and give his “State of the Union.”

Let me save you some time.  Here it is in a Nutshell. “Rich Corporations are BAD!  Tax Them into Oblivion! That’ll pay for More Free Stuff for those who have received Generations of Free Stuff!  In fact, we need MORE GOVERNMENT!  IT CAN’T WAIT!  Close Gitmo, and we won’t ever have to worry about…..what’s the Politically Correct Term for Radical Islam?  What, there isn’t one?  Well, then it’s Bush’s Fault!  And the Republicans better do what I say!”

Think that covers it.  So check your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, ESPN, etc. for something else to watch.  You’ll be glad you did.

So, what’s the REAL State of the Union?  Not Good, IMHO.  Except for Gasoline/Diesel/Natural Gas/Coal prices plunging into the Grand Canyon, prices aren’t going down much. In fact, I hate going to the Grocery Store anymore.  Funny thing is, it looks like the 1% who owns half of everything is pocketing their Fuel Savings instead of passing it along to the Consumer.  Damn Capitalists!  And I’ve heard Christmas Sales were “Meh.”  Although Fed Taxes may not rise this year, look for State and Local Gooberments to increase theirs.

Gotta pay those Union Thugs, you know.  And all those State and Local “Community Social Programs”.


Going into Year Three, and I’ve heard every excuse in the Book.  Still doesn’t make sense, especially since one can get Generic Ball/FMJ Pistol and some Rifle calibers at 25-35 cents a pop.

It’s pretty bad that 9mm Ball is cheaper per box of 50 than .22lr.

Which does mean that it’s time to put down the Buckmark and grab the Glock for your Range Time Practice.  Hint, Hint.

But what about the “Social Compact,” Les?  Well, that is Interesting.

Seems that the Great Hippie Protest Movement that the DemoCommies LOVE hasn’t Materialized, in spite of their best efforts.  Why?  Well, think of it this way:  “American Sniper” vs “Selma.”

Little complicated, but follow along.

So someone who’s a HUGE Friend of Barry’s got together and decided to do a “Biopic” about Martin Luther King’s Selma March, which lead to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Heard that they played Fast and Loose with the Facts on that one.  It’s been out for a little while, and as of this morning, has made about $23 Million.  So, as far as Box Office Revenue goes, it’s a Bomb.

This is in spite of the Fact that Obama took time out from fighting the War on Terror to host a “Special Screening” with the Cast and his HUGE Friend, Oprah.

Who then went on to Selma and “Re-enacted” the March.

Funny thing is, the Oscar people gave it only 2 Nominations, even though the current President of the Academy whined to the Media about the “Lack of Diversity” in the Movie Industry.

LIBERAL African-American Females tend to do that, you know.

Meanwhile, Clint Eastwood’s (PBUH!) Biopic about the Late Chris Kyle, “American Sniper,” SMASHED the Money Record for January, and (so far) has earned over $105 MILLION.  Plus, Clint was able to get it into enough Theaters to qualify for the Oscars.

It has SIX Nominations. And the Far Left Jerks are PISSED!  

Oh, you should hear what they’re saying!  It’s like it was Vietnam all over again!  “Baby Killers, Back Shooters,Murderers,” etc.

And keep in mind, a Lot of these Lefties are “Friends of Barry.”

So what does this mean?  Think of it this way:  When you have Mass marches taking place since the Ferguson Shooting by groups such as “Only Black Thugs Lives Matter,” and “No Justice! No Peace! Kill the Cops!”, do you REALLY think people are going to spend their Hard-Earned Money on seeing a Movie about Black Protesters Marching, especially if they’ve been caught during Rush Hour by similar groups blocking Traffic?

Also, when a bunch of RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS  decide to Slaughter an office of French Cartoonists who DARED to make fun of Mohammed, and a movie comes out that says “Hey! This is what we USED to do to those Murdering Scum, before The Anointed One HAMSTRUNG  the U.S. Military,” gee, which Movie do you think resonates more with the Average American?

Especially when The Anointed One refused to participate in the Unity March in Paris, because he was”Too Busy” bouncing around the Nation doing “Dog and Pony Shows” trying sell “Free Community College?”

Good Lord, even the Two Biggest Enemies in the Middle East, Israel and Palestine showed up to Protest RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM!  

What’s even More Disgusting, IMHO, is the Fact that Holder was there attending Police Security Meetings about these Terror Cells, yet he was “Too Busy” to March because “He was Booked on the Sunday Talk Shows, and the Time Difference prevented him from Marching.”

AND when he was asked by Chris Todd of NBC and George Stephenopolis of ABC (neither of whom are members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, BTW), whether the United Stated was now joining our European Allies to Fight RADICAL ISLAM, Holder refused to answer.  All he gave was some Weasel-Worded Half-Ass answers.

Just like he did about FT. Hood.

Which tells me that The Anointed One is more concerned about NOT “Hurting the Sensibilities of the Muslim Community” than taking the Fight to a Bunch of Murdering Barbarians.

Funny how Terrorists don’t seem to care about “Hurting the Sensibilities” of AMERICANS, isn’t it? It’s as if this Administration said “What does it matter?  They’re Dead either way.”  Sound familiar?

So that’s what we have to deal with until the next Political Hack takes over the White House on January 20th, 2017.

That is, if what’s left of Western Civilization holds together until then.  What’s happening on the World Stage recently is NOT looking good.  But we’ll talk about that next time.  Bubblehead Les Out.


One thought on “The REAL State of the Union

  1. Old NFO

    Yeah, the flu IS putting folks in the hospital, friend of mine did the same as your dad. Re the movie, hope to see it this week. And I’ve got to watch the SOTU speech, I’ve got $$ in the pool on the number of I’s and ME’s he uses… sigh


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