Je’ Suis Charlie. (0r not every Hero wears a Uniform).

Hello.  Hope everyone had a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.  Mine went okay.  But though I had other things planned to Discuss with you, events in Paris got bumped up.

As most of you who pay attention to news other than the Kardashians have heard by now, Terrorists pulled off an Attack on a French Newspaper.

BTW, Obama, that’s TERRORIST ATTACK.  Don’t be such a Chicken Shit about using that Phrase, okay?  See the White House Press Briefing for today for details.

Anyway, Three Pieces of Shit decided to attack a French Weekly called “Charlie Hebdo”.  Now this Weekly is kinda like the old National Lampoon or Mad Magazine, but a LOT Rougher.  They have no qualms whatsoever about making fun of ANYONE or ANYTHING.  And since they’re just a little to the Left of Karl Marx, well, it’s obviously not on my “Must Read List,” okay? In fact, I only know about it from some of the International News Stories that hit the wires over the years.  But they have no problems taking on Allah, Jews, the Pope, etc.  And over the years, members of the “Religion of Peace” have Fire-Bombed it, issued Fatwas against it, etc.  In fact, the Editor, Stephane Charbonnier had a Police Bodyguard assigned to him, and one needed a Passcode just to get into the Building.  Get the Scene?

Well, the latest issue published decided to Piss Off the Leader of the ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islamic State, Al-Shitheadi.  Guess he didn’t take to it so well.  So 3 POS pull up in Full Combat Rig, force a Staff member to open the Door by putting an AK to her young Daughters Head, went inside and pulled a Columbine.  Five minutes later, there were 12 DEAD, 2 of them being Cops.  And Charbonnier was one of them.  Survivors say these POS were yelling “Allahu Akbar!” and other phrases (like the FT.Hood Shooter did when he had his “Workplace Violence Incident” a few years ago, Eric Holder), then escaped unharmed.  And now France is on Lock Down while the Man Hunt goes on.

May the French Security Forces get to them quickly.  With Pork Fat on their Bullet Tips.

Now a few years ago, Charbonnier was interviewed by the AP after the Firebombing.  And he was asked if he feared he might be attacked again. He said “Yes, but I’d rather Die Standing Up than Living on my Knees.”

Survivors said he went down Standing Up.

And that’s why some Heros don’t wear Uniforms.

Granted, on the Political Spectrum of things people like Stephane and I are on complete opposite sides.  But people like him and I never advocated using Violence against our Enemies.  Fighting it out in the Public Arena, supporting or not supporting Politicians and their Agendas, yeah, that’s okay in a Free Society and Civilization.

But to use AKs against someone who made Bad Jokes and Drawings?  No, un-uh, no way.  Only BARBARIANS AND PSYCHOS USE VIOLENCE AGAINST A FREE PRESS, SOCIAL MEDIA OR ANY OTHER FORM OF PUBLIC EXPRESSION.

Good Lord, even PUTIN came out and Condemned the Attack.  And we all know what a “Paragon of Freedom” HE is.

So to all the Journalists, TV Reporters, Editors and Staffers who are out there, Stay Safe, but NEVER YIELD TO THE BARBARIANS.

But to all the Members of the United States Media, remember that the Freedom of the Press is only GUARANTEED BY THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.

And to the Political “Non-Leaders” in Washington?  Please quit Dicking Around and Squash those Pieces of Shit who have declared Jihad against us.  Fuck the Geneva Convention and the “Rules of Engagement.”  They’re a threat to the WHOLE FUCKING PLANET, LIKE EBOLA.


Gee, am I advocating Violence against an Enemy?  Yep, you got that right.

But they Started it, and if we aren’t careful, they’ll Finish it.

And I hate being on the Losing End of a Bunch of Barbaric Assholes who Crucify Kids who happened to be born Christian.

And I’m sure you don’t either.

Oh, and for “Je’ Suis Charlie?”  That’s French for “I AM CHARLIE.”

Think of “I am Spartacus” or “I am TJIC”.  Same Principle.  Tells the Terrs that they ain’t Shutting Me or anyone else out there Down who wants to use the Freedom of the Press no matter what Format they use to express their Opinions.

Because, like Stephane, I’d rather Die on my Feet than Live on my Knees.

But unlike Stephane, I get to carry a Firearm to Protect myself. Right to Keep AND Bears Arms, you know.

And I know how to use it.

In other words, “Attack Me? Expect Return Fire.”  Hmmm.  Not bad.  Someone out there make some money and put it on a T-Shirt.  I’m too Busy to do so.

Til next time, Bubblehead Les Out.



2 thoughts on “Je’ Suis Charlie. (0r not every Hero wears a Uniform).

  1. Old NFO

    Well said Les, and you’re right. They NEED to be exterminated like the vermin they are. Period. When you kill innocents, women and children it’s time for the gloves to come off!


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