Merry Christmas 2014.

Hello!  Well, before we get started, some more Breaking News out of Missouri.  Seem a Cop got a call to check out why a couple of guys where hanging around a Gas Station in Berkely, MO, which is right next door to Ferguson. Uh Oh.  One of the Guys pulled a Gun out and pointed it at the Cop, who DID WHAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO, WHICH IS PULLING OUT HIS SERVICE WEAPON AND SHOOTING AT THE GUY POINTING A GUN AT HIM!  And the Perp died.

But his Mother said that her “Poor Baby” was with his Girlfriend.  So it is OBVIOUS that the Cop went into the Girl Friend’s Home, Shot the “Poor Baby” and dragged him to the Gas Station, planting a Gun on him, right?

Anyway, a Crowd is on the Street, Extra Cops have pulled up, and the “No Justice! No Peace!” Mob has arrived, YadaYadaYada.

Too Bad for the “Poor Baby” that there’s Surveillance Video of the Scene, and Forensic Evidence vis-a-vis the Perps Gun.

Wonder how fast Sharpton will arrive, and how quickly Holder will start a “Civil Rights Investigation?”

Anyway, the First “Merry Christmas” goes out to that Cop and his Family, who just had their Holidays RUINED by ANOTHER THUG ON THE STREET WITH AN ILLEGAL FIREARM.  And Yes, Anti-Gunners, the Perp DID break your Federal Anti Gun Laws, yet that piece of Stupidity on the Books somehow doesn’t seem to stop the Goblins from being Goblins, now does it?   Hope they can find some Holiday Cheer someway. Seriously.

On that note, let’s try and hope that all the Family and Friends who have lost their Loved Ones doing their Job on the “Thin Blue Line” of Law Enforcement can have some kind of “Merry Christmas!”  There’s been about 75+ so far this year in the U.S., and they all left Loved Ones behind.

Next, I want to wish a “Merry Christmas” to all those Civilians in the Local, State and Federal Governments who HAVE to work this Holiday, including the 99.9% of the LEO Community who aren’t “Bad Apples.” I’m talking about those who man the Firehouses, run the Ambulances, patrol the Streets, keep the Water Plants flowing, those who Plow the Streets, keep an eye out for Terrorists, etc.  Sure, they get extra pay, but do YOU want to be Driving a Snow Plow on Christmas Eve? Or go into a Burning Home?  Or drag a Mangled Baby out of a Wrecked Car?  Or face down some Thug who thinks it’s his RIGHT to Shoot Cops?  I sure don’t.

Next, to all those Civilians who aren’t part of the Government, but who are working this Holiday Season.  You know, Doctors, Nurses and the other Health Care Pros who keep the Hospitals up and running.  Same to the Power Plant workers, the Linesmen/women who climb the Poles during a Storm, etc.  Thanks to You and Yours.

Next, a “Merry Christmas” to all those People manning the Counters at the places we do our Christmas Shopping, and the Online Sites and the Truck Drivers who bring the Stuff to the Stores and our Homes.  Why?  Because they have CHOSEN to be Workers, and NOT sit on their Fat Asses drawing Welfare and Other Government Handouts when those same Bums COULD be Working.  This doesn’t mean that those who are Truly Sick and Disabled and Elderly shouldn’t get their Benefits, but you and I both know there are MILLIONS of People out there living off of “Other People’s Money.” So thanks to them who decided to EARN their Living.

Next, I want to wish all those “Blog Buddies”, especially Murphy, who, at the last NRA Meeting in Indy, “No Ballsed!” me into starting this Blog a “Merry Christmas!”  You asked for it, you got it! ; )

Next, I want to thank all of those Living Military Veterans who served the Republic Honorably, even when it seems like they were in a “Lost Cause.”  At least we made it back to a Country where we can HAVE a “Merry Christmas,” right Bothers and Sisters?

Next, I want to wish a “Merry Christmas” to all the family and Friends of those Military Heroes who didn’t make it back home alive.  “Great Love Hath No Man…..”  Some of us who have Lost our Fellow Comrades-In-Arms DO understand your Pain.  Try to enjoy the Holiday anyway.

Next, I want to wish a “Merry Christmas!” to ALL of the Men and Women who are serving the Republic in Military Uniform this Holiday Season.  I KNOW what it’s like to be “Home for Christmas, if only in my Dreams.”  Trust me, there are a LOT of People in the U.S. who DO appreciate what you and your Families are going through.  Try to enjoy the Holidays, no matter where you’re at.

On a Personal Note, I wish to wish a “Merry Christmas!” to my Nephew, Brian C., Navy EOD Tech, who, on October 30th, 2014, was given 24 Hours notice and sent “Somewhere Overseas” to fight Terrorists.  Come Home Safe and Sound, Brian, the Family Misses you.

Next, I wish a “Merry Christmas!” to ALL the Evil, Rotten, No Good Scumbags, both at Home and Abroad.  My Christmas Wish to YOU Pieces of Crap is that Each and Every One of You GET WHAT YOU DESERVE, JUST LIKE YOU GAVE IT TO YOUR VICTIMS.  

And the Horse you road in on!

Next, “Merry Christmas!” to the Best Wife on the Whole Planet, MINE! Lord Knows, she deserves it, especially being Married to me!

And of course, a “Merry Christmas!” to my Family and Friends.

Finally, I wish “Merry Christmas!” to all of YOU who have decided to read these Ranting and Ravings of an Ordinary Citizen.  Trust Me, I may be slow in Posting, but as long as I have a Right to Freedom of Speech, this “Bubblehead’s Constitutional Discussion” will be taking up space on the InterWebs.  After all, why should only those who have “Political Power and Connections” be ALLOWED to Speak their Mind?  And as long as the “Emperor” insists on walking around with No Clothes On, this Kid will continue to call him out.

Because OUR Founding Fathers gave the World one of the best Christmas Presents EVER, the United States Constitution.

And I intend to use it.  Merry Christmas, Everyone!  Bubblehead Les Out.


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