870,000- 3

Hello.  Sorry, but I’m not in a Good Mood right now.  It’s because of those 2 LEOs who were Assassinated in NYC yesterday, and the one down in Tarpon Springs, Florida early this morning.

Three Cops down, due to some POS.  Three Gaps in the “Thin Blue Line that separates us from Anarchy,” as NYC Police Commissioner Bratton said yesterday.

And he’s right.  Look, according to Holder, there’s about 870,000 LEOs out there.  All the way from the NYPD down to the Four Man Dept. in Crooksville, Ohio. (Yeah, it’s for Real. Look it up.  My Buddy is a Reserve Cop down there).

And there’s about 310 Million or so People in the United States.  Do the Math, and that means about .2-3% of the Population is “On the Job” for 99.8% of the rest of us.  And of course, at any given moment, there’s maybe a Third of that number Physically Available to respond to a Call. Period.

To give you a little more Perspective, there’s about 2 Million People in Jail or the Pen at any one time.

Unfortunately, one of those whose %%%&^&@%((*%@#$%%%$#%%^$%##$%%%%^^ ASS SHOULD have been in Jail was out on “Probation” when he decided to go on a “Pig Hunt,” all in the Name of “Fighting Police Brutality!”

But I guess down Atlanta Way, it’s Okay to let a…. Politically Protected Class “Being” who was caught BREAKING GUN LAWS and other Crimes with VIOLENCE roam free with a $1,700 FINE and Probation.

Free to Shoot his ex-GF, then use her Instagram Account to brag about how he was heading up to the Big Apple to do his “Pig Hunt.”

The only Good News out of this was the Fact that the Perp blew his own Brains out afterward.  You see, if he was caught Alive, the Worst that could happen to him would be Life w/o Parole, since New York doesn’t have the “Barbaric Death Penalty.”

Guess in New York, it’s perfectly Fine to let Innocents get Murdered, but God-Forbid the Perps who do the Killing get the Needle!  Totally Uncivilized!

Now, those of you who know me understand that I’m NOT a Huge Fan of the Cops WHEN THOSE COPS ARE BAD! Or Incompetent, Stupid, Lazy, Bullies or use the Job for Political Gain.  Which means, the Cleveland P.D. SCREWED UP BIG TIME in their Police Chase a couple of years ago, and Tamir Rice is VERY Iffy, IMHO.  And I am NOT a Big Fan of this trend towards “Militarization” that a lot of Depts. are embracing.  Cops should be walking the Streets, not riding in MRAPS. There’s definitely something WRONG when we have to Deploy MRAPs outside of a War Zone.

But There’s the Rub.  For the 99% of the LEOs out there who took on the Job of keeping the Forces of Evil at Bay, it must be Infuriating to know that  Two of them were MURDERED by some Scumbag using the EXCUSE that “It’s Okay to Kill Cops because THEY Kill Black People!”

An Excuse that the Powers That Be don’t seem to be Squashing too much, or why else are they supporting all those “No Justice, No Peace!” Shenanigans out there?

Granted, this …”Thing” got it into his Deranged Mind that he had some sort of “License to Kill Cops” when there NEVER has been anything Generated like that in the United States by the Powers That Be.  But I can see where he got that Impression.  Some of those Statements generated by those Politicians who are using Dead People to advance their Political Agenda really does give one the Idea that ALL COPS ARE BAD!  

I remind those Politicians that those same “Bad Cops” are the ones who are keeping THEIR Sorry Asses safe from the Forces of Evil, along with the rest of us.

And they better wake up to the Fact that ALL Cops are Volunteers who, unlike the U.S. Military, can QUIT the Force any time they want to.

And right now, if the NYPD Police Union decided that the Rank and File were “Too Sick” to come to Work on, let’s say New Year’s Eve, especially the MidTown Cops who’d be Working Times Square, well, it would be one of the few times that I would support the Union.

Because, Frankly, these Political Hacks who are more Concerned about “Possible Civil Rights Violations” rather than keeping the Citizens as safe as possible SHOULD be facing the Consequences of their Actions.

Before any more Cops do.

Or us.  Bubblehead Les Out.


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