A Guy named Joe.

Hello!  Been awhile, I know.  But there’s been so much News out there concerning the Fundamental Destruction of the Republic lately (Feliz Navidad, Fidel! Congratulations on your WIN!), that I could Rant every Hour on the Hour for a Week.  But one story has hit close to Home, and it’s a Good Example of how the March to a New Socialist Utopia is proceeding.

I want to tell you about Joe.  Joe’s a Good Guy.  Born and Raised in Wisconsin, graduated from High School, went to U.Wisc, Majored in Business, got a Job Offer to work down here in Cleveland, and took it.  Now Joe’s Married, got a little girl, and they live on the West Side of Cleveland.  So far, so good.  Now Joe’s a little unusual.  Joe’s one of those Rare Guys who shows up every day to work, and does his Job until his Shift ends.  EVERY SINGLE DAY. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ATTENDANCE.  Doesn’t matter the Weather, whether he’s got a Cold, Joe ALWAYS shows up and does his Job.  Rare, I know.

But Joe has a couple of Problems.  One is that the Outfit he works for SUCKS.  Oh, he gets Paid, no problem there.  But it’s had two different Owners since he walked in, lots of Management Turnovers, his Co-Workers can’t seem to hold onto their Jobs, it’s a Mess.  But that doesn’t bother Joe.  He just keeps on showing up and doing his Job.

Joe’s other Problem is his Hobby.  Nothing Illegal (YET!), but Joe LOVES Hunting and Fishing.  I mean BIG TIME.  So Big, in his Spare Time, he even Co-Hosts a Small Cable Hunting/Fishing Show up here.

So, a few years ago, Joe decided to Reward himself, and he bought an old Deserted Farm back in Wisconsin.  Now, we’re talking about something that was so Abandoned it came close to being a Toxic Waste Dump.  But Joe has Big Dreams for his Land, so he decided to make them come true. First thing he did was to hire an outfit that specializes in tearing down old Barns and Salvaging the Wood.  You know, Recycling.  He also called in an outfit to haul away all the old Rusted Farm Machinery that’s been laying there for decades.  Again, more Recycling.  Next, there was an old Manure Pit that was full of Rain Water, NOT full of Manure.  So Joe had it pumped out and Backfilled with Soil from his own Property.

He cleaned up a Toxic Pit on his own Dime.  Remember that.

Finally, he decided to let the Farm “Revert” back to Nature, so there will be NO Farming taking place at all.  Just what ever the Environment turns into up there,under the “Guiding Hand of Mother Gaia.”  Treehuggers call it “Greenspace,” and they LOVE the concept.

So, did Joe get any Praise or an “Attaboy!” from doing something ON HIS OWN DIME from the County or the State or the Feds or the Treehuggers?

Nope. Joe’s gotta go to Court in January.


And it’s NOT the State EPA or the Federales or the Farm Bureau who’s taking him to Court.

It’s the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

AKA FISH AND GAME! Now why in Hell would Fish and Game be sticking their Noses into what a Private Land Owner does on his own Property?  Usually that’s the Treehuggers at EPA or the Federal Dept of the Interior or some other “Usual Suspect.”

Well, you see, Joe plans on using that PRIVATE PROPERTY FOR HUNTING BAMBI.  Just for Friends and Family.  He’s NOT setting up a Commercial Operation, like some “Deer in a Box” outfit down in Texas.  He just wants a place of his Own to go Hunting during the Season.

Yet, because some “Anonymous Tipster” said he was Pumping out the Pit w/o a License/Permit, Wisc.DNR is going to fine him.


Now, think about it.  Who could Possibly have a Vested Interest in making sure that Joe is Prevented from Hunting on his own Land?  Could it be a Neighbor that wanted that Land for himself?  Possibly, but unlikely.  That’d take a lot of Strings being Pulled.  Could it be some Developer that wants to use the Acreage to build up a Sub-Division full of McMansions?  Possibly, but I understand that it’s way out there, and there’d be no Customers.

What’s most likely is that some Environmental Wacko Group wanted it for Greenspace, and when they heard that Joe was going  to use it to KILL BAMBI, they had a Fit!

What’s Disturbing is that Wisconsin DNR, the Agency that is supposed to enforce the Hunting and Fishing Regs, and ensure that the Game Population is strong enough to be Hunted in the First Place has DECIDED TO JOIN FORCES WITH THE NO HUNTING MOVEMENT!

Think of it this way:  What if Mickey Bloomberg was in Charge of the NRA?  Get the Picture?

So what to do for Joe?  Should we set up a Legal Defense Fund?  Should we get him a Lawyer?

Uh, No.  You see, I’m going to tell you a little bit more about Joe. Joe’s got money, not a Problem there.  Joe’s last name is Thomas.  As in the Cleveland Browns Left Tackle Joe Thomas.  Seven Years in a Row to the Pro-Bowl Joe Thomas.  Who’s played 126 straight games for the Browns. WHO HAS BEEN ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE FOR OVER 7,000 SNAPS!

Yeah, THAT Joe Thomas.  Future Hall of Famer Joe Thomas.  Who has never been in trouble with the Law Joe Thomas.  Who’s never been in trouble with the League Joe Thomas.  Who works for one of the Worst Pro-Sports Teams on the Planet.  Who has NEVER been to a Play-Off Game, and at age 30, probably never will as long as he stays Loyal to the Browns.  Who’s Rep up here in ClevelandLand is Solid Gold.

Just a REAL Positive Sports Role Model who just likes to Hunt and Fish in his Spare Time.

And that’s why I believe he’s being Harassed.

You see, it’s Okay if “Sports Stars” do Drugs, or Whines about the Refs, or gets Busted for being a Jerk, or plays Dirty in Sports nowadays.  Being a Thug is Cool,  helps to sell Over-Priced Sneakers, or Cars, or whatever.  But Joe’s not one of those Guys.  He never gets the Ads.  He never get a Big Banner floating over where HE Works, like LeBron.  Nope.  He’s just a Guy who SHOWS UP AND DOES HIS JOB. And who likes to Hunt and Fish.

Which means he likes to use Firearms.  And there’s the Bottom Line.


Remember, I told you Joe does a Hunting and Fishing show is his Spare Time?  It’s called Outdoors Ohio, and it’s on the SportsOhio Network.  Minor League stuff, actually, but it gets a few Viewers.

And that’s Intolerable!  At least according to the Anti-Gunners/Anti-Hunters.

The Same Damn “People” who will LIE to your Face and say “Hunters will be allowed to keep their Guns, this Bill has nothing to do with that!”

You know, Our Enemy, the Anti.  What’s Scary is that the Liberal Socialist Utopians have Targeted Joe, and are planning on using him as an EXAMPLE.

And if the State Agency that is SUPPOSED to help Hunters and FisherFolk (Women Fish Too!) is trying to STOP HUNTING, what does that mean for you?  Yeah, Joe gets the Big Bucks, but he sure as Hell Earned them.  So what about those of us who DON’T have the Big Bucks?  What do WE do when the Agency that is supposed to be on OUR side turns against US?

And if the Liberal Socialists can shut down Hunting, doesn’t that mean that there is “NO SPORTING USE FOR FIREARMS AT ALL, SO LET’S BAN THEM!” 

If they can go after one of the Cleanest and Hardest Working Guys in Sports, they can go after you.

And they will, on any Level of Gooberment they can sink their Fangs into.  Think about it.  Bubblehead Les Out.



3 thoughts on “A Guy named Joe.

  1. Old NFO

    Yep, that one is truly a head scratcher… I cannot understand WHY DNR is in the middle of a private land issue, since this ‘normally’ would be an EPA issue (except the clean up of a toxic area IS a responsibility of the landowner)…

  2. Dan F

    Here in Wisconsin the DNR is also the state EPA. If Joe was working on a state project they wouldn’t care. When I was a kid a construction company building a bridge dumped alot of hydraulic fluid in the river due to a broken hydraulic system on a crane. The slick covered the whole river. The DNR came used our boat to investigate and did nothing about it because it was a state project.

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Thanks for the Info Dan! Thank God here in Ohio we keep the EPA separate from the DNR. Maybe someday Wisconsin Voters will have the Legislature do the same. But considering all those DemoCommies in Madison, it doesn’t sound like it’ll happen any time soon. Merry Christmas!


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