Gunnie Heaven.

Hello!  Well, I was going to talk about the latest effort in Obama’s Scorched Earth Campaign (gee, talk about a Sore Loser!), but news from the Home Front has sent a “Tingle down my Leg,” so here it is.

Last NIght, the Ohio Senate passed an “Omnibus” PRO-GUN BILL to match one the House passed last year.


Anyway, there’s a lot in it, from reducing the number of hours one needs to get a CHP, to FULL RECIPROCITY WITH ANY STATE THAT RECOGNIZES OHIO’S CHP (thus taking it OUT of the hands of the Ohio Attorney General!), to easing Residency Time to get a CHP, to allowing a Valid CHP to be used for Firearms Purchases INSTEAD OF NICS, to other stuff.

But one of the things that is in the Bill is that Ohio will allow SUPPRESSED FIREARMS TO BE USED FOR HUNTING!

“But Les, what does that matter?  Isn’t Ohio a Shotgun-Only State for Deer?”  Yes, until this year.  You see, Ohio is slowly working it’s way into the 20th. Century.  And this year, they allowed STRAIGHT-WALLED CARTRIDGES IN LONG GUNS FOR DEER SEASON FOR THE FIRST TIME IN DECADES!  Which means, that Long Guns chambered in .38 Special, .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, and 45-70 could be used to Harvest Bambis.

Now, someone put into the Bill the idea that it would be “Beneficial to the Hunter and the Surrounding Area” to make those “Loud Guns” quieter.  Naturally, the Usual Suspects opened their Traps and started Screaming about how “Silencers will be used to Assassinate Poor Urban Youth!” and other such nonsense.

But Ohio kinda dug itself into a hole.  You see, Ohio Dept of Natural Resources (think Fish and Game) has been hiring “Sharpshooters” to thin the herds up around Cleveland, Columbus, etc, that have taken over the Parks and causing tons of Accidents on our Highways.  And THEY have been using “Silencers” so as not to Disturb the Suburban Liberals who are Bitching about the Deer in the First place.

So “Sauce for the Gander…” applies.

Now why am I so “Tingly?”  Well, I’ve always wanted one of those Marlin Alaskan Lever Guns in 45-70, and if I could have afforded to get one and have it converted into a “Take-Down Co-Pilot”, …well, it’s now Legal to Hunt with one this year.  But NEXT year, if the Bill doesn’t get messed with before it hits the Governor’s Desk (this is OHIO, remember), then I can have one that is Suppressed! 

And since it’s my “Deer Rifle”, and looks NOTHING like an Evil Black Rifle, well, just think of the Emergency Home Defense Usage in case of a Home Invasion or a pack of “Peaceful Protestors” decides to leave Urban Cleveland for the ‘Burbs.

So, if I can get a couple of grand together…..  C’mon Lottery!

Yeah, it’ll probably never happen, but still…

Anyway, once that Bill gets signed, I’ll give you all an Update on just how much Freedom has EXPANDED in the Buckeye State.  Bubblehead Les Out.


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