“So I shaved my legs for THIS?”

Hello!  So do you hear it?  The sounds of Angry Crowds in the Distance?  The sounds of Breaking Glass, Sirens and Gun Fire?  Do you smell the Smoke and the Tear Gas?

Funny.  Neither do I.

So it looks like Holder’s and Obama’s effort to make an “Arab Spring” in the United States has turned into a “TeePee the Tree” Prank.

So let me explain.  On Thursday, Holder came to Cleveland to explain  how the Cleveland Police Dept.  will now be under “Federal Supervision”  for all the Abuses they’ve done over the years.  You know, things like chasing a car 20 miles, putting a 120+ Bullet Holes in it when it finally stopped and killing the Unarmed Occupants.  And I’m sure a lot of you have seen the Video showing the Cops pulling up to a Rec Center and shooting a 12 year old kid playing with a VERY Realistic-look BB Gun, plus a lot of other Crap over the years that never made the National News.

Okay, well and good.  CPD has …shall we say, NOT the best Reputation as far as Law Enforcement goes.  But that’s all because of the “Racist White Republicans who run the City oppressing the Black Minority,” right?

Uh, sorry, but no.  You see, the last Republican Mayor was George Voinivich, who left the Job in 1989 to run for Governor, before he became a U.S. Senator. Since George left, the City has been run by Mike White, a BLACK DEMOCOMMIE, Jane Campbell, a LESBIAN DEMOCOMMIE, and FRANK JACKSON, a BLACK DEMOCOMMIE.  (And yes, Jane came out of the Closet a few years ago).  And the CITY COUNCIL and the local JUDICIARY have been the DEMOCOMMIE MAJORITY since… FOREVER.

Okay, well about the “White Republican Majority Citizens?”  Again, sorry.  You see, according to the latest Census, Cleveland is 56% BLACK, and when you add in the Latinos and the Asians and any other Category the Federales have divided the HUMAN RACE into for their Political Purposes, you’ll find that the “NON-HISPANIC CAUCASIANS” are the MINORITY IN CLEVELAND.  And the Republitard Party has less Votes than ….Israelis in Iran.  So, what gives?

Well, remember I told you awhile back that Police Chiefs are APPOINTED, while Sheriffs are ELECTED?  So since 1990, the Cleveland Police Dept. has been under the ORDERS of the DEMOCOMMIES.  And the Cleveland Police UNION is one of the Strongest Unions in the Area.

And when was the last time the Modern Democommie Party has gone against a Union?


Too bad Obama’s “Great Dream” doesn’t work in the Real World.  And when Bad Cops get away with Murder so as to “Appease”  Gooberment Unions and their Cronies, this is what you get.

Now, here’s what’s so Delicious.  The day after Holder came to Town to announce how he was going to “Appease” the 56% of the City’s Population, the Usual Suspects decided to have their HUGE PROTEST TO SHUT THE CITY DOWN!

And at Rush Hour Friday, the HUGE MOB took to the Streets and created Massive Traffic Jams in their Protest March!

One Street at a Time.

You see, in spite of all the News Coverage and Social Media Screes, the Usual Suspects were able to gather about….80 PROTESTORS!  AND HALF OF THEM HAD TO BE BUSED IN FROM WHITE UBER-LIBERAL OBERLEIN COLLEGE!

Friends, as THE Wife said, “Why is the Media covering a Non-Event?”  Friends, from the Helicopter News Shots, it looked to me that there were about 3 times as many Cops on the Streets as Protestors.  Even if the Usual Suspects tried to start something, they would have been shut down faster than a U.S. Solar Panel Maker!

Now, the Media did report that the “Protest March” was made up of a “Coalition” of Students, Civil Rights Group and other “Community Activists” like the OCCUPY MOVEMENT.

Ahh, now we get to see the “Wolves’ in Sheep’s Clothing.”

Did any else notice that some of the Professionally Printed Placards were made by SEIU?  I did.  Did you hear that some of the Protestors/Community Activists are being BUSED into various Cities to… “FIGHT THE SYSTEM!”  Gee, so who’s paying for the Transportation and Motels?  Who’s Co-Ordinating all the Protests?

And why on this past Monday did OBAMA “Host a group of YOUNG CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS AT THE WHITE HOUSE?”

There’s an Old Saying:  “If it looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck, it’s probably a Duck.”

So what’s the Big Picture in all this?  Well, we know that, come January, Obama has lost his Power Base in Congress.  That doesn’t mean the Republitards get to pass all the Laws they want w/o being Vetoed, but he no longer has Harry Reid and Nancy Polosi to act as Road Blocks.  And the Judiciary is all over the Place, and under THEIR Rules, they’re still a lot of Judges who will NOT be “Rubber Stamps.”  So basically, Obama has the Power Base that he started with when he entered Politics:  the “Usual Suspects” of SEIU, La Raza, ACORN, OCCUPY, the TreeHuggers, Unions, and the rest.

You know,  HIPPIES.  The same pack of Fools, Idiots, and Psychos that have been Screwing things up since the 60s.

Except now that some of them are also Billionaire Communists, which has GOT to have Karl Marx spinning in his grave, but I digress.

Look, when Obama was running for President in 2008, he had on his Campaign Website something called his “Agenda” (read Manifesto) that explained the details of what he wanted to do with his “Fundamental Transformation.”  I ran off a Hard Copy of his “Urban” Section at the time, because that was where his Gun Control Dreams were located.  But here, in his own Words, is how Barack Hussein Obama views the Law Enforcement Community:  “President Obama and Vice-President Biden are fully committed to fully funding the COPS (COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICING SYSTEM) to put 50,000 Police Officers on the street  AND HELP ADDRESS POLICE BRUTALITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ISSUES IN LOCAL COMMUNITIES.”  I sure wish I downloaded the rest of his Agenda, because it got Yanked the day he was sworn in.

2008. Obama told the World what he wanted to do to the LEOs.  All the police are supposed to be “Oriented” to “Community Oriented Policing,” which means that Cops are ONLY to enforce the Laws that the Local Community WANTS enforced.  And if the Local Community wishes to allow “Troubled Youth” to Rob, Rape and Murder (CHICAGO!), then the Cops are obviously WRONG to stop them, even if they are Breaking the Law.

Or Assaulting the Cops.  Like Michael Brown did to Officer Wilson.

So let’s wrap this up.  The Good News is that, even in the Most Liberal of Democommie Cities, the Vast Majority of Citizens aren’t pouring into the Streets to Protest, Loot, Burn and Murder.  Guess they have better things to do, like, oh, I don’t know, BE ADULTS!  So, in spite of the best efforts of the Lamestream Media, the White House, and all the rest of the Usual Suspects, America doesn’t want to Play these Silly Games.

The Better News is that Bad Cops and Bad Police Departments have been put on notice to Clean Up Their Acts, no matter what their Skin Color is.  And hopefully, those Cops who NEED to go to Jail WILL go Jail.

The Not-So-Good News is that the Thugs, Gangsters, Drug Dealers and Corrupt Politicians and Cronies who just so happen to be of the “Politically Correct Persuasion” are getting a Green Light from the Current Political Elite.

Which means that, as usual, the Ordinary Legal Citizen or Resident who CAN Legally Carry Concealed SHOULD Legally Carry Concealed.  But that should be a Given at all times.

But the Bad News is, that, until January 2017, it looks like the Usual Suspects will still get their Marching Orders, and continue to try to Disrupt the lives of the Vast Majority, NO MATTER THEIR RACE, AGE, GENDER, ECONOMIC STATUS, RELIGION or LOCATION ALL TO BRING ABOUT SOME IDIOTS WHO HATE AMERICA WARPED IDEAL OF A LIBERAL SOCIALIST COMMUNIST UTOPIA!

So, right now, due to it being Winter, I don’t see much happening on a Large Scale, even if Rev. Al gets his next “Gazillion Man March” in DC.

But I wouldn’t put it past these Hippies to launch a “Spring Offensive.”  Let’s just hope that it FAILS like most of their current and past efforts.  We shall see.

But right now?  Heck, go out and do some Shopping.  There’s some Good Deals out there on Firearms and Ammo, and heck, we ALL need more Ammo, right?  And keep in Mind, if the Hippies do want to exercise their First Amendment Rights to “Peaceful Protest,” and you get caught in it, you still have the Right to Self-Defense if THEY attack YOU.

Just make sure to wash your Hands afterwards.  Bubblehead Les Out.







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