So The Revolution WILL be Televised, eh?

Hello! Well, let me just say that, after fighting with my Internet Service Provider for over a week, being told by your “Customer Service Rep” that it’s MY FAULT that my Internet speed is Vastly Lower than what we signed up for “…because YOU should have called us earlier!” AND that if I wanted what I signed up for over FOUR YEARS AGO I would have to pay TWICE as much, well, guess what, Time Warner?  Guess who gave me TWICE THE SPEED AT HALF THE PRICE!?  HINT: IT WASN’T YOU!

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

So anyway, I hope you all had a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.  To all the GOOD Citizens in the Ferguson, Mo. area, sorry a bunch of Bastards has created such a mess for you.  And to the National Guard Troops and LEOs out there who had their Holiday RUINED by your Political Hack Governor Nixon, sorry.  And to all the Small Business Owners out there who couldn’t participate in Small Business Saturday because PACKS OF “PEACEFUL” DEMONSTRATORS EXERCISING THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS LOOTED AND BURNED YOUR BUSINESSES, I’m sorry it happened to you.

Speaking of Bastards, did you hear the latest from the White House?  Here’s some Quotes: “We’re going to continue to take it to the Streets, we’re going to continue to disrupt the daily order… Philip Agnew, “Dream Defenders”.  “Police use of Military Equipment to quell Protests in Ferguson after Brown’s shooting was a Key Problem….We’re not satisfied by any means.  We’re definitely going to keep doing the work on the ground.”  Ashley Yates, “Millennial Activists United.”

Above Quotes from Carey Gillam of Reuters, 2 Dec 2014.

Now what do these Haters and Revolutionaries have to do with the White House?  Funny thing is that they were INVITED BY OBAMA to attend his Monday Ferguson Meeting.  You know, the one where the Cabinet was called in to deal with “Police Equipment and Policy?”  The one where Civil Right Orgs and Leaders like NAACP and Sharpton were invited?  The one where Obama invited “Young Civil Rights Leaders” like Yates and Agnew were invited?

The one where the latest moves in the “Fundamental Transformation of America” were discussed and planned?

And what brought this about?


Think about it.  How many people outside of Ferguson “Rose Up” in Mass Protest across the Nation about the “Murder of a Poor Innocent Black Youth?”  A couple hundred here, a couple hundred there,  gee, you’d think Americans had something they felt was more important than Blocking Streets yelling “No Justice! No Peace!”

They did.  They went Shopping.  You know, they engaged in…..


So, once again, the Anointed One and his Cronies tried to start their  “Great Socialist/Communist Uprising” and had an EPIC FAIL!

But I am Pissed that the President of the United States felt that APPEASING A BUNCH OF ANARCHISTS, COMMIES, AND PROFESSIONAL RACISTS was more important than:

Ebola, the Middle East, ISIS, Ukraine, Russia, the Budget, China, North Korea, you know, REAL PROBLEMS.

Instead, Obama showed his True Revolutionary Colors by bringing into the White House the same pack of OCCUPYING, ACORNING  ALINSKYITE Radicals that he cares for.  Not You.  Not Me.  Rioters, Looters, Anarchists, Arsonists, and their Ilk.  Obama’s TRUE Friends.

Some days, friends, one has to wonder:  Are you SURE we beat the Commies in the Cold War?

Because it looks like to ME, after this “White House Summit” on Monday, that somehow Che Guevera got elected in 2008. And Re-Elected in 2012.  And his Propaganda Arm, the MSM was ready to bring the Revolution right into our Television Sets.

And that’s DANGEROUS.  Bubblehead Les Out.




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