TDS, pt3, or How to Survive a Riot.

Hello!  Well, it looks like The World’s Longest Grand Jury might be releasing its findings this Friday on the Ferguson Shooting.  AND the Anointed One is going to release his latest Imperial Decree telling America how he plans on his Never-Ending Saga to bring about the “Fundamental Destruction of the United States” at 8:00pm Thursday Night.

Right when I want to watch “Bones.” Thanks Obama.

And add in this is last full weekend before Black Friday, the Holiday that has replaced Thanksgiving, it looks like it we are all in for some excitement the next few days.

Except for those up in Buffalo, N.Y.  All they have to worry about is Shoveling.  And Shoveling.  And Shoveling.  Followed by a Thaw next week, where all they have to worry about is Flooding.  And Flooding.  And Flooding.

So, here’s my take on the Ferguson Result.  No matter what is said, the Usual Suspects have plans to Protest.  THAT’S THEIR JOB.  Never mind that it’s the Same Old Crap being Spewed by the Same Old Professional Racists.  These Yahoos don’t bother me.  What is good about that is that most of Ordinary America will not be Playing because it’s TOO DAMN COLD OUTSIDE.  Or where it’s warmer, they’re too damn busy getting ready for Black Friday. Hopefully.

What IS the Bad News is that all the Usual Scum will come out during those Protests to Loot, Torch, Rape, Murder, Steal, Vandalize, etc.  You know, GOBLINS. I guess most of us will not have to worry about that Crap too much.  But there is a chance that those of us who live too close to Major Metropolitan Cities might get caught up in the Chaos.  So, for those of us who live “Too close to the Action,”  let’s use TIME, DISTANCE and SHIELDING to get through this, okay?  I’m going to share some “Helpful Hints” that you might not have thought of.  And they’re going to be coming at you in Small, Easy to Digest Nuggets.  No Thick Manuals here.

First Things First, the Big Picture.  Most Riots should be treated like most Natural Disasters. i.e., Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, Wildfires, etc.

Which means you should have a good TWO WEEKS worth of Food, Water, Batteries, First Aid, etc. in your Home.  PLUS you should have a Bug-Out Bag for EVERY MEMBER of the Family, INCLUDING PETS.  These should stay at Home.  You bring them to your Car/Cars ONLY if you have to Bug Out.  Remember, unless one is LIving in a Riot Zone, most of us should be Okay.  But Food and Gasoline Supplies could be Disrupted, and EMS will probably be strained, so Staying Home until the “All Clear” is sounded is probably the best thing for most us.

Second your Cars should have a separate Emergency Kit in each one, consisting of Blankets, Food, Water, Tools, Flashlights, Cell Phone Chargers, TOLIET PAPER, etc.  You would toss your Bug Out Bags into the Vehicles as a separate Item, NOT INSTEAD OF, okay.

I can’t stress this enough.  FILL UP EACH VEHICLE TODAY!  AND KEEP THEM FILLED!  When you get to 3/4 of a Tank, top it off.  The Police tend to SHUT DOWN GAS STATIONS IN RIOT ZONES BECAUSE OF MOLOTOV COCKTAIL FIRE BOMBS!  And that can cause a “Ripple Effect” that could spread out a hundred miles away from the nearest Looting.  And if you’re trying to get out of a riot Zone on an Eighth of a Tank, well, say hello to the Goblins as you try to Walk Home.

Third, take some Emergency Supplies to Work with you, and keep them in your Locker, Desk, etc.  Granola Bars, Jerky, ANTACID PILLS and Empty Water Bottle or Canteen you can fill up in the Bathroom, Flashlight, GLOVES and Walking Shoes should be available.  Those N95 Face Masks and Safety Glasses might not hurt, especially if there’s Smoke AND Tear Gas coming down your Street.  Again, this is a Separate Kit, meant just for the Workplace.

And Finally, on your Body, for your EDC, (Every Day Carry), a Multitool, Spare Handkechief, a LIghter and a Flashlight, along with a CHARGED CELL PHONE AND PHOTO I.D.  Extra Cash wouldn’t be bad, either.

And, where Legal and NOT a Violation of Company Policy, and “Gun Free Zone” Signs, your CHP and a Handgun.  With Spare Ammo.

Hey, a Riot is a “Condition Orange” Situation, got it?

So that’s the Basics.  There’s TONS of Websites out there telling you what should be in the “Perfect Bug Out Bag,”  and “What Tools are MANDATORY to have in your Car’s Trunk.  Hey, go look at them.  Just keep in mind, what YOU NEED is what YOU NEED, not what I need.  But remember the Basics.  We ALL need Food, Water, Shelter and First Aid available in an Emergency, so take the TIME today and stock up.

Trust me, right now,  there is a whole bunch of people in Buffalo caught with their Pants Down.  Just like there was in Katrina, Sandy, etc.  And if you live in Greater St. Louis, don’t be wasting  TIME.  Get what you need today.  And for those who live near Big Cities, it wouldn’t hurt.

One thing I do stress is that ANY Gear you will be carrying on your Body leaves your Hands Free.  Why?  You’ll need them to clear Damage, Open Things, help the Wounded, etc.  And if you are constantly putting down a Tote Bag or a Brief case, well, use something that goes Cross Ways over your Body or a Backpack.  Which is why I HIGHLY recommend Gloves in ALL the various Kits.  Slicing one’s Hands while breaking a Window to escape a Burning Building is NOT Fun, okay?

And if you have something in your Hands when the Cops come around the Corner, well, it’s a Riot.  Don’t be Surprised if you get Shot.  When they yell “Show me Your Hands!”, they better be Empty.

And don’t be like a bunch of Stupid Kids who will head down to the Riot and take “Selfies.”  Trust me, they’ll be PLENTY of Pictures taken. Let those IDIOTS see the results of “Evolution in Action” for themselves.

And that leads me to this:  What about Weapons?

Well, since I was a Submariner, all I can tell you is how I was Trained to Fight.


Look, unless you’re a Cop or National Guard, there is no Logical Reason to take on a Mob.  If you think that by putting on some Cammies, grabbing your “Don’t Tread On Me!” Flag and an AR you can stop a bunch of Crazies Hell-Bent on Destroying everything in sight, then you are NUTS.  Maintain as much DISTANCE between you and Danger as you can.  It’s Not Your Job.


Look, during the L.A. Riots, a poor bastard named Reginald Denny was bringing his Concrete Truck back to the Yards when a Pack of Scum blocked him in, dragged him out, stomped him, and THREW A BRICK INTO HIS BRAIN PAN. THEN THEY STARTED TO DANCE.

And it was all caught on News Tape from a Copter Overhead.  Go ahead, Google it.  The Video should still be out there.

So, if you can’t run, then Fight!  But Fight Smart!

This may Piss some of you off, but during a Riot, I would NOT recommend Open Carry at ALL except in TWO Specific Cases.  Why?

Do you really think the Cops or the Guard are going to respect your RKBA during a Riot?  Even if it’s Perfectly Legal to Open Carry in Your State? Hell, most Guardsmen have no Idea what is Legal or Not during a Riot, so why expect them to obey the Law?  Does the name “Kent State” ring a bell?

Hell, you’d be lucky if you’d survive Long Enough to get to a Hospital.  All they will see is a Person who is NOT a Cop or a Guardsman with a Gun.  And they WILL Shoot First.

Except for Two Scenarios.  A) You have Business in a City or Town that might be Looted.  Personally, I would have treated it like a Hurricane, taken Pictures, Boarded it up, make sure your Insurance covers Riots, etc, and put some DISTANCE between you and the Danger.  But some Business People Can’t, and we still have the Right to DEFEND our Homes and Properties.

I’d just would not do it SOLO in that Scenario.  If you can’t get 2-4 other Adults with Long Guns who know how to Shoot and most Importantly, when NOT to Shoot, I’d head out of Dodge.  These things could go on for a couple of weeks, like the Riots in the 60s, and you do have to Sleep sometime, right?  So get some Competent Help if you have to do that, okay?

B).  Neighborhood Watch/Road Blocks.  This is VERY Controversial, especially after Katrina.  But some neighborhoods, especially in the Fringe Suburbs and Small Towns with Small Police Forces have been known in the past to “Blockade” their Communities to keep out the Scum who want to Loot, Rape, Murder, etc.  And they used Volunteers.  Which, No Surprise, many of whom were Military Veterans.  And they also Open Carried Long Guns.  Which seemed to do a Good Job in Deterring Goblins.  All I know is, if one is pretty damn sure that one’s Neighborhood is a Target, well, if there’s not enough Police or Guard to SHIELD the Innocent, hey, IMHO, do what you have to do.  I do remember during Sandy that some Vet took it upon himself to protect his Apt. Building from the Looters when there was no Police Presence available.  There were a lot of Elderly and Disabled living there, so he got a few of the Healthy and Willing and set up a Guard.

What SUCKED is, that being that Great Liberal Bastion of Socialism, New York City, they weren’t allowed to Have Guns, so he used Pipes and Shovels and Other Tools to stop the Goblins.

That’s why I LOVE living in a Free State.

And Finally, Home Defense.  In DC vs Heller, the Supreme Court ruled that  Citizens and Legal Residents have the RIGHT to use Firearms to Defend their Homes and Property from the Goblins.


Hey, you all should know by now that if the Shit Hits the Fan, that adequate supplies of Firearms for all of those Competent to use them should be available in one’s Home, along with Ammo, Cleaning Gear, etc. And if you don’t have a Home Defense Gun, well, Good Luck with that.

Of course, I know some of my Gunnie Friends will probably be Killed by the Goblins because you’re standing in front of your Gun Safe saying, “Well, THIS Smith 357 will stop most Bad Guys, but THIS Colt in .45 ACP also will work, yet if I break out my Benelli…”

Just Kidding!  We all know that the Only Gun needed in a Riot is a Glock, right?  ; )

But back to being Serious.  What if you HAVE to go into the Riot Zone, yet one is NOT a Cop?  I’m thinking Doctors, Nurses, Utility Workers, etc.  Some people can’t keep their DISTANCE from Danger, yet they don’t have the SHIELDING being a Cop provides.  What to do?

Fight like a Submariner.  If you have a Concealed Carry Permit, then carry a Handgun Concealed on your Body, where Legal to do so.  But keep it Concealed.  Stealthy.  Unknown.  A Surprise to the Enemy. Get the Picture?

And if you HAVE to go into Danger, yet the Law WON’T let you Carry?

On advice from my Legal Consul, I can NOT Advocate anyone Breaking the Law.

I will say this:  If You are one of the “Good Guys,” and the Shit Hits The Fan near you, Take the TIME to put as much DISTANCE from Danger, using WHATEVER you need to SHIELD yourself and any other Innocents near you.

But hopefully, 99.9% of us won’t have to deal with this kind of Chaos that the IDIOTS who are running this Country have brought about.

Everyone Stay Safe and Warm out there, okay?  Bubblehead Les Out.













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