Holder and Sharpton, sitting in a tree….

Hello!  Well, yesterday I said that I didn’t think the Craziness over Ferguson would spread out too much.

Today, I’m not so sure.  You see, the Washington Post wrote an Article about “The Rev. Al Sharpton” and his Money Problems, which they got from the New York Times.  You see, besides being the current Head Professional Racist with his “National Action Network,” he’s also a “Commentator” with his own show on MSNBC (which has fewer viewers than the Food Network) plus his Church.  It seems that his Books are all screwed up, and former Employees aren’t too happy with his lack of paying Payroll Taxes.

Now, we all now that if Sharpton was a member of “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy,”  that the IRS would be all over him like he was a Tea Party Organization.  Yet Eric Holder’s Injustice Dept. seems to be strangely silent on any Investigations into Rev. Al’s possible Law Violations.  Wonder why?

Well, someone in the Article let it slip that right after the Ferguson, Mo. Shooting, SOMEONE in the Obama Administration asked the Good Reverend to head out there and look into on just how RACIST! the Cops are.

Hey, I didn’t say that, look it up in the Washington Post.  I’m just passing on what the Liberal Media is reporting.

So Al goes out, and sure enough, there’s RACISM!  And he keeps the Fire being Fanned, and Holder then announces that the Injustice Dept. is going to set up an Investigation to see if there was any “Civil Rights Violations” when the Thug got shot.

Now, fast forward to today.  It turns out, NO MATTER WHAT THE GRAND JURY SAYS,  Al’s National Action Network has Protesters on Standby in Major Cities across the U.S., protesting at FEDERAL JUSTICE BUILDINGS DEMANDING THAT THE OFFICER BE CHARGED WITH VIOLATING THE THUGS FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS!

Keep this Straight.  Obama Admin sends out Sharpton.  Sharpton finds Racism.  Grand Jury may or may not charge the Officer, doesn’t matter.  Sharpton will have Protests AGAINST the Feds UNTIL they Arrest the Officer.  Holder will “Listen to the Voice of the People” and go after the Cop.  All based on the Word of the Man whom they sent out in the First Place!

Gee, can you say the Words “LYNCH MOB,” Boys and Girls?

Oh, that’s right.  Only WHITE PEOPLE can commit Hate Crimes like FEDERALLY SANCTIONED LYNCHING.  So what Obama, Holder and Sharpton are doing isn’t RACISM, it’s JUSTICE!

Right.  And there’s No Russian Troops in the Ukraine, and Global Warming does allow for Blizzards, and the only reason People have Guns is because they have Tiny Penises.

So, you know what?  Since the Injustice Dept is Hell-Bent on making sure that the Cop is Railroaded for DARING to Shoot a Young Black Thug, and they are using Al’s “NAN” as Cover, one should be asking themselves one simple question right now:

How in the Hell did the Washington Post and the New York Times jump off the Reservation?

Or did some Uber-Liberal Yuppie who works there realize that if the “No Justice!  No Peace!” Crowd gets out of hand, “No Peace!”  might mean that RIOTERS could be heading to THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD?

And THEY live in “Gun-Free Socialist Utopias.”


But unfortunately for the rest of us, these Gov’t Sponsered Riots could affect more of us than I thought.  So Stay Alert!  And get stocked up.  Because knowing THESE Guys, they’re just going to use the Ferguson Verdict as a Cover for Something Else.

After all, what does Obama have to Lose?  Think about it.  Bubblehead Les Out.


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