Veteran’s day 2014

Hello!  Well, today is Veteran’s Day, the one Official Holiday in the United States that is set aside to Honor those of us who are still Alive who had raised our Right Hand and took the Oath that doesn’t come with an Expiration Date.  Go back and read my Post on Memorial Day for the difference between Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.  Currently, we have about 20+ Million of our Brothers and Sisters still above ground, breathing in and out.

And there’s about 2 Million people who are on Active Duty and/or in the Guard and the Reserves.

Which makes us about what, 7-8% of the Population?

Anyway, the rest of the Population are starting to come around and are at least saying “Thank You for Your Service.”

Which is a lot better than being Spit on by Hippies like our ‘Nam Brothers and Sisters went through.

Or those Vets who died at Benghazi awhile back defending the Embassy.  THEIR Boss, HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, honored them with her Immortal, Stirring Words “WHAT DOES IT MATTER?  THEY’RE DEAD ANYWAY!”

Election 2016 isn’t that far away, my Fellow Vets.  Remember her words.


And of course, we ALL, Veterans, Active and Civilians alike get to take Advantage of all those WONDERFUL Sales that Macy’s, K-Mart, Sears, Kohls, etc. are having, right?

Hmm, should I get a new Mattress to honor my Fellow Vets, or just some new Clothes?  Decisions, Decisions.

Well, enough with the Cynicism.  Hey, to all my Fellow Veterans out there, and to all those Future Vets, in fact to ALL of those who ever served in the U.S. Military (except for those Nameless Worthless Pieces of Shit who Assassinate Presidents, Blow Up Babies in Oklahoma City, and MURDER FELLOW SOLDIERS at Ft. Hood, you don’t count!); to all the rest of you, no matter how long you wore the Uniform (that means YOU T-Bolt!), to all my Brother and Sisters in Arms, I leave you with the Highest Compliment that the United States Navy taught me decades ago was the Best that One Service Person could say to Another:

Well Done, Brothers and Sisters, Well Done.

So let’s go enjoy those Free Pancakes, okay?  Bubblehead Les Out.


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