“And to hear the Lamentations of their Women at your feet.”

Hello!  Just a Quicky.  Yes, I had a Great Time at the Blogshoot.  Yes, the Back is getting “Better.”  Yes, we’ll be hitting the TDS Idea shortly.  But I want to talk about last night’s Election.

You know, after being alive on this Planet for 56 +years, you’d think you know what the Lamestream Media is going to say.  But one can still be startled.  For example:

“GOP SEIZES Senate.”  “Republicans Seizes Senate.”  “How will the Republicans work WITH Obama, or will they continue to OBSTRUCT?”

Gee, you think from the Gnashing of their Teeth, the LSM was reporting on the Election of Hitler in the 30’s.

Let’s get some FACTS straight.  First, there’s about 233 Million Legal Eligible Voters out there.

60% stayed home.

That means this Election was determined not by Photo IDs, or Same Day Registration, or Mail-in Ballots or the Legality thereof, but the FACT that those who Gave a Damn spent the time and Effort to Vote.  PERIOD.

And I don’t care that that they Voted DemaCommie, Republitard, Wookie Suit, or TreeHugger.  They “Put Up or Shut Up.”  Sorry, LSM if you didn’t get enough Votes.

Welcome to America.

With a very few Technical Glitches, most of the Voting in the Republic went smoothly.  Kudos to those Election Officials and Volunteers who brought this about.  No Hanging Chads, No Appeals to the Supreme Court to give a Rigged Election to Algore, so far, so good.

Oh, and Sorry Eric Holder, looks like YOUR attempts to Rig Elections because “RACIST!” are an  “EPIC FAIL!”  Now get the hell out of MY Government.

But back to the Vote.  Gee Whiz, it looks to me that Honest Citizens came out and Voted for THEIR Candidates, and the Republitards were the Big Winners.

Uh, New York Times? CNN?  Huffington Post?  THIS is called “Democracy in Action.”  One Person, One Vote.  You might want to look it up.

In other words, if you were looking for more “Anointed Ones,”  So Sorry Charlie.

Which means if you want Hillary to become the Empress of the Liberal States of America, you got Two Years to try and sell the ENTIRE Country on her Merits.  Good Luck with that.

Sucks to be you.

But let’s look to the Future, shall we?  First Off, expect Obama and Harry Reid to cram as much Damage as they can into the Lame Duck Session, via “Executive Orders” and “Nuclear Option Votes” and Mass Appointments to the Judiciary, various Depts, etc.  Some are saying Obama will announce a Mass Amnesty for ALL Illegal Aliens during this time.  We shall see.

But come January, we should see ObamaCare Repealed, the EPA dissolved, 100,000 Troops on the Border, Nationwide Reciprocity and a 80% reduction in all Federal Taxes, right?

Right.  Pull the Other One, it’s got Bells on it.

Seriously Folks, McConnell only has a couple extra Votes to Play with, and RINOS like McCain are still in Power.  (And Thank God RINO Bloomberg Money Taker Anti-Gun Scott Brown ISN’T in the Senate! Frickin’ Carpet Baggin’ RINO).

What I do expect is some “Nibbling Here, and some Nibbling There.”  But when Pat Leahy loses his Senate Judiciary Chairmanship, I do expect some extra Hearings (Finally!) on the Senate Side regarding things like “Fast and Furious”, the IRS Scandal, Benghazi, etc.  And maybe we can get some Punishment applied to those who Broke the Laws, not just “they Retired.”

On the Money Side, hopefully they’ll get the Budget straightened out, and SHIT CAN “Sequestration.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a REAL Military available to put THUGS like Putin, ISIS, the ChiComs, etc down?

Of course, that would mean we’d need a Commander-In-Chief who had some Balls….

But the Main Thing I’m so happy about is this:


Think about it.  We have Four Semi-Conservatives, Four Uber-Liberals and a Wild Card (Kennedy).  What would happen if say (God Forbid!) one of the Semi-Conservatives Died or Retired in the next couple of years, and the DemaCommies still controlled the Senate?  How fast do you think Obama would nominate someone like, let’s say, ERIC HOLDER to the Supreme Court?

Okay, Catch your Breath, Restart your Heart, it’s not going to happen.

At least for the next couple of years, that is.

IF one of the Semi-Conservatives does happen to leave, expect a Moderate to make it through.  And Hopefully, McConnell has enough Brains to NOT be “Bipartisan” and turn the Supreme Court over into a “Rubber Stamp Committee.” But we can hold Mitch’s Feet to the Fire if he tries.

Oh, and some other things NOT to expect.  Nationwide Reciprocity.  Repeal of the NFA Act, the GCA Acts, in fact any of the current Anti-Freedom” Gun Laws on the Books.  Why?

Because they had the Opportunity to do so when they had the Votes during Bush the Younger’s Admin, and they didn’t do so.  And a lot of the Usual Suspects are still there.  Remember, we are slowly getting the RKBA expanded through the Courts, NOT the Legislature.

Besides, Obama can still use the Veto, and there aren’t enough Republitards in the Senate to Override Him.  Remember that.

And of course, the Republitards will be having their own “Internal Civil War” between the Tea Party/Libertarian/Big Business/RINO factions over the next few years, and Trust Me, it’ll be Ugly.

And of course, the DemaCommies are PANICKING right now, and if they could get their way, Hillary would be “Beamed” into the Oval Office so fast Scotty would be breaking his fingers controlling the Transporter Console.

And of course, 20 Republitard Politicians are putting their Presidential Campaigns into High Gear, each one claiming to be the “Heir of Ronald Reagan,” and the “Savior of the Republic.”

Personally, if it comes down to Hillary and Christie in 2016, well….

But Overall, I’m feeling a lot like Winston Churchill right now.  That would be when he said “We have not reached the Beginning of the End, but rather we are at least at the End of the Beginning.” Or something like that.

Because the Supreme Court SHOULD be safe.

Hell, who knows?  Maybe even .22 Long Rifle might “Mysteriously Appear,” having been “Found Mislabeled in a Warehouse.”  Heck, Stranger Things have happened.

Like Harry Reid being Fired last night.  Bubblehead Les Out.


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