TDS, pt.2

Hello! Well, funny how the best laid plans tend to get flushed down the drain.  Here’s what happened.  A few weeks ago, an opportunity arose to upgrade our Snow Blower for a very cheap price.  And when one lives a mile from Lake Erie, with our Lake Effect Snow patterns, one jumps on the chance. Seems a co-worker of THE Wife had an Industrial size Snow Blower for sale.  Seems her Husband has some Health Issues, and they decided that just hiring a Snow Plow guy for the Winter was best for them.  So they decided to get rid of their Snow Blower.  And since ours doesn’t seem to be able to handle all the Global Warming that keeps getting blown into our driveway (and why am I having MORE Snow lately than when I first moved in, Al Gore?), we jumped on the chance.

So, I and THE Wife went to her home, checked it out, and decided to buy it.  So we loaded it into the Mommy Mobile, and took it home, and unloaded it.

But it is HEAVY.  And guess what my 56 year old back decided to do?  Yep.  It went “SPROING!”, and when I woke up the next day, I was a hurting unit.  No biggie.  Been down that road before.  Broke out the pain pills, Heating Pads, Ice Packs, take it easy, it’ll be fine in a few days.

Nope.  Nada. Not happening, Dude.  So after a few days, I was able to get into the Doctors, and I’m on Prednisone and Generic Flexiral, and a Referral for an X-Ray.  My Doc gave me enough Meds so as to be safe to go to next Blogshoot, but I have a Funny Feeling that I’ll be using that X-Ray Referral when I get back.  We shall see.

So now that I am no longer a Writhing Ball of Pain, let’s return to the Topic, Time, Distance, Shielding.  Keep in mind, this “Philosophy” was originally developed for Nuclear Safety.  But it can be modified for all sorts of stuff in the Everyday World.  I gave you an example of what one can do if one is caught in a Bank Robbery.  But is that particular Scenario actually the best thing to do?  Let’s explore some other options.

B) Instead of getting into a Shoot Out, one can do exactly as the Goblins tell you to do, and let the Police handle them.  That’s what the Anti-Gunners keep saying.  “Only POLICE should have Guns, because they are TRAINED!”  Yeah, right.  Ask the lady who is now Paralyzed by NYPD Bullets from the Axe Wielding Nut Job a few days ago.  HE didn’t shoot her, the Police did.  But let’s move on.  What’s to say even if you do exactly as the Robbers tell you, you end up getting Shot because the Goblins are High or Stupid or Whatever.  In that Scenario, you placed yourself at the mercy of others in a Highly Dangerous event, whose outcome is Totally Dependent on others.  But it’s Your Choice.

C ).  The Robbery starts, and you Freeze, thinking “This CAN’T be happening to ME!”  Trust me, Freezing in Place is a LOT more Common than one thinks.  Just ask a Fireman.  The Problem with Freezing, hoping that “THIS” will just Magically Go Away, is that you are now NOT following the Goblins Orders, which makes them Mad, and then the more you Freeze, the Madder they get, and then one just decides to Shoot You.  Not Good.

So there’s our Three Basic Scenarios:  Fight, Flight or Freeze.  So, using TDS, what would be the best Choice if one is caught in that event?  Remember, if you use TDS, you took the TIME to plan your Response to that Dangerous Event, and you should be able to handle it.  So the Correct Answer should be “A,” Fight.

And you’d be WRONG.

The Correct Answer is “D,” None of the Above.

Why?  Simple.  We live in the 21st. Century.  We have Drive-Thru Windows and On-Line Banking and ATMs.  There is very little need to go near any sources of Cash that the Goblins want.  Yes, one may need to talk to a Bank Manager regarding a Loan, or a Problem with your Direct Deposit, etc., but the Old Days of HAVING to get your Pay-Check Cashed or making a Deposit, etc. are gone.

And if one takes the TIME to really think about it, how much can we do in 2014 that actually NEEDS “Face-to-Face” contact?  Filling up the Gas Tank? We do it at the Pump, away from the Cash Register.  Want something to eat?  Look, there’s a Mickey D’s across from the Gas Station, so let’s hit the Drive-Thru.  Prescription Meds?  My CVS has a Drive-Thru.

Yes, I know, there’s still a lot of places one needs to go to.  Hard to try on Shoes through the Mail.  And most of us need to buy Groceries.  And of course Doctors, Dentists, Hair Cuts, Range Time, New Tires, DMVs, etc, still need to be done in Person.

But there’s a LOT if one is willing to take the TIME to think ahead and “Plan Accordingly.”  And you’d be surprised how much Free Time adds up that can be spent on the Family, Chores, Blogs, etc.  Keep in mind, no matter who you are, we all get the same amount of time per day: 24 hours.  Doesn’t matter if you’re the President, the Pope or a Pauper, TIME is one of those “Universal” Constants.  And how you spend it is up to you.

But I like to spend my Time making sure that I have used it to ensure that I can get to my NEXT 24 hours. For example, why waste it standing in line in a place that has a “Gun-Free Zone” Sign up, which only means Cops and Robbers are carrying. Which is why you will hardly ever see me standing in line waiting on an Over-Priced cup of coffee.  Buy a damn Coffee Maker and let it brew while you’re in the Shower.  Then you can take the Time and Money you saved and spend it on something Useful.

Like Ammo. So, Back Willing, we’ll move on with “Distance” as the next Topic.  See you then.  Bubblehead Les Out.


2 thoughts on “TDS, pt.2

  1. ProudHillbilly

    Sounds suspiciously (and familiarly) like a blown disk to me…

    Grocery shopping on Saturday is major social time in my town… But I do sometimes feel sorry for panhandlers. Most of us rarely carry cash anymore.


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