TDS, pt.1.

Hello! I want to take the next few posts to share a Concept with you.  No, I’m not getting Religious, nor do I plan on Selling anything.  What it is is something that Frankly, some of you paid for with your Federal Tax Dollars.  But I’ve taken this Info and have Modified it.  Think of it as a way at looking at Situations that might effect you.  Or as an Emergency Response Plan.  Or Time Management.  Or Strategic Planning.  It could fit any or all of those Situations.  But I know it helps me, so I’ll pass it along and maybe it can help you.

First off, I got this back in the Navy as part of NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare) Training.  Some of you may recall that I served aboard TWO Nuclear Powered Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines.  The kind that were built for World War Three.

Oh, before I forget, need to state this.  “It is the Policy of the United States Navy to neither Confirm nor Deny the Presence of Nuclear Weapons aboard ANY Ship, Plane or Station.”

Hey, I took an Oath.  And I don’t care what’s been “Declassified” since I left.  “Need to Know” Trumps “World Peace” as far as I’m concerned.  Especially when we sign Treaties with Thugs like Putin.

Anyway, since I served aboard Submarines that had the CAPABILITY of Launching Nuclear Missiles, and the Subs were Nuclear Powered, Radiation Hazard Training was VERY Important.  One of the Concepts that were crammed into our Skulls was TDS: Time, Distance, Shielding.  What this means is, that, in case of a Radiation Accident, one should MINIMIZE the Time spent near the Radiation Source,  MAXIMIZE the Distance from the Source, and place as much Shielding as Possible between one’s self and the Source. Pretty simple, right?

But TDS is not just for Nuclear Accidents.  It CAN also be used for Self-Defense. Think of it this way.  Let’s say you happen to be in a Bank when some Goblins show up to Rob it.  And you just so happen to be Armed (Ooops!  Shame on You for Carrying a Concealed Weapon into a Gun-Free Zone!  Bad Gunnie!  No .22 for you!)  Now the Goblins are Pointing and Shooting into the Air and Yelling and Threatening, you know the scenario.  Now here’s where TDS comes into play.  Time: Don’t waste it.  Get your Pistol out and return Fire w/o shooting Bystanders.  Distance:  Don’t get up close and personal, the Bullet can cover the Distance faster than you can. Let IT do the Job.  Shielding:  Put some Desks or Counters or whatever is close to you as a Shield.  Remember, chances are the Goblins got THEIR Training from TV, not Gunsite.  So even a Chair breaks up THEIR Sight Picture of you.  Use it to your advantage.

See how it is coming together?  But TDS can be used in a lot of different ways in one’s life, not just Gunfights and that’s what I plan on expanding and explaining over the next several posts.  I’ll be breaking it down into each of it’s parts, and we’ll explore how to use it, okay?  So stick around.  Bubblehead Les Out.



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