NEVER let Hippies play with Guns.

Hello!  Well, time to address more STOOOOOOPIDITY from the Obama Admin.  Trust me, it’s not hard to do.

So, you all heard that Obama needs to prop up his Legacy, so he decided to send U.S. Military Troops to put “their Boots on the Ground” to fight Ebola in Liberia.  Well, which Troops are being sent into Harm’s Way so that Obama could build up his Legacy?  Is it the Modern Version of a MASH Unit?  Is it Navy SeeBees or Army Combat Engineers to build Field Hospitals?  How about a Marine Expeditionary Unit to sit off the Coast and do Helo Flights into the Bush?  Nope.  He’s sending a Brigade of the 101st.

Let me repeat that:  The 101st.  You know, “Band of Brothers,” “The Battling Bastards of Bastogne,” “Hamburger Hill,”  “We Were Soldiers,”  THOSE Guys and Gals.  One of our Top Combat Outfits is sending Troops over to a Third World Hell-Hole to “Fight Ebola!”

Now, they may be MASH Units and Combat Engineers and MPs from the 101st.  But here’s the Problem.  IF one is sending Military Assistance to fight a Disease, you DON’T sent a Front-line Combat Outfit.  You send in Reserves and the Guard.  The 101st is not DESIGNED for “Comfort Missions.”  They’re meant to “Travel to Exotic Lands, Meet Exciting and Unique People.  And KILL THEM.”

And what happens, if, God Forbid, the SHTF and you need to send the 101st into Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS?  You’ve weakened the 101st by leaving a large chunk of them in Liberia,  ALL TO MAKE A BUNCH OF HIPPIES LOOK TOUGH BUT COMPASSIONATE!

I know my Military Readers understand what I’m getting at, but for those who never served, let me put it this way.  Let’s say your Town has a Swimming Pool.  Would you put Police, Firemen and Paramedics on the Lifeguard Stand INSTEAD of doing their normal Jobs of stopping Bad Guys, putting out Fires, and treating Car Accident Victims?  Of course not. It would be a waste of time, money and skills to do that Job, even though Important, yet not so Important as to have all those Skills go to waste.  By deploying the 101st, this is the CLASSIC Definition of Overkill.

Another reason you wouldn’t deploy the 101st is, frankly, they’ve been “Rode Hard and Put up Wet.”  Along with the 82nd and the 10th Mountain, those poor Bastards have been amongst the First to go into Harm’s Way since the FIRST Gulf War back in the ’90s.  Trust me, they haven’t been sitting in Germany sucking down Beer for 20+ years.

So why them?  Well, we KNOW that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  has “Drunk the Kool-Aid” of the Obama Admin.  But I suspect that another reason might be that the Navy/Marine Corps Team told the Pentagon “Uh, well, we’re Broke and since Congress and the Obama Admin has cut us to the Bone, we can’t deploy a Rubber Raft.”  And calling up the Guard and/or the Reserve to go to Africa to “Fight Ebola!”  just before an Election?  Right, all those Congress Critters would LOVE to have to explain to their Constituents WHY their Loved Ones are being sent to Africa.

But I also smell some Ass-Kissing on the part of the Big Army Brass.  After all, since the Anointed One declared “World Peace is Ours!” and turned Iraq and Afghanistan over to the Terrorists, well, It’s kinda hard to get one’s Ticket Punched anymore.  So a nice little Humanitarian Mission into the “Heart of Darkness” is just the thing to advance one’s career, right?

And if some Privates and Corporals get Sick, well, that’s what Purple Hearts are for, right?

Look, we have a hard-enough time dealing with Ebola in State of the Art Western Hospitals.  What’s going to happen when some Major comes into a Death Ward and Orders some Spec-5 to “Get those Bodies out of Here! They’re Stinking Up the Compound!  Don’t waste Time looking for Suits and Gloves, just pick them up and throw them on a Truck!”

Can YOU spell F-R-A-G Boys and Girls?  Sure, I know you can.

So, once again, the STOOOOPIDITY of the Obama Admin rears it’s Ugly Head.

All because the Hippies who are running the country now have the power of Big Army’s Guns under THEIR Thumb.  Bubblehead Les Out.


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