Racist Liberal Lesbians, or Heinlein was Right!

Hello!  Busy World out there, including my Life.  But moving on…

You know, there’s an awful lot of Crazy Stuff going on out there.  ISIS, Ebola, more Obama Administration Screw-ups, the Ukraine’s getting Hotter, and other stuff makes you think that I have more Blogfodder than I can deal with.  But a lot of my Friends are already Posting on those Topics, and why Pile On?  Let’s leave that for the Lamestream Media, shall we?

But I saw this story, and after reading it, I thought “Am I really living in Heinlein’s Crazy Years?”  For those of you who don’t get the reference, some History.  Robert Anson Heinlein (PBUH!) was considered by many to be the Greatest Science Fiction Author who ever lived. HE’S the man who wrote “An Armed Society is a Polite Society.”  IMHO, they have a point.  One of the things Heinlein did was to create a “Future History” (or at least that’s what John W. Campbell coined)  wherein he placed a lot of his Stories and Novellas along a “Timeline.”  A few of his Characters overlapped, but mostly, it was People and Events moving along a path.  Part way through his “Future History” was a period called the “Crazy Years.”  Basically, it was a period of “Considerable technical advance…accompanied by a gradual deterioration of Mores, Orientation and Social Institutions, terminating in Mass Psychoses.” “Lunatics Taking over the Asylum,” in other words.  What eventually happened in his Future History was that a Religious Nut named Nehemiah Scudder gained control of the United States and set up a Radical Fascist Religious Dictatorship.  So everyone got that? Cool. Moving on.

So I’m reading the News Apps, and I see something that concerns my Hometown of Akron, Ohio.  Now this is a little complicated, but I’ll try to K.I.S.S.  It seems that a Lesbian Couple in Akron decided to have a Baby a couple of years ago.  Now, being Lesbians, they decided to get their Sperm Donation from a Sperm Bank. It takes and they have a Baby. ONE LITTLE PROBLEM.  It seems that they wanted Sperm from a WHITE DONOR, #380, and got Sperm from #330, a BLACK DONOR.  Looks like a Typo, but hey, they’re still Responsible.  So, they’re Suing the Sperm Bank.

So this is a case of Consumerism gone Bad, right? One orders one thing, gets another, etc.  Not really.  You see, this couple had the Baby a couple of years ago, and made the decision to move to Uniontown, Ohio, just down the road a bit “for Better Schools and to be closer to the Family.”  But they are “Concerned about raising her in the Predominantly WHITE Community where they live.”  They are also worried about how the child will be treated in her “All-White and often Unconsciously Insensitive Family.”  So it’s all the Sperm Banks Fault, and Make the Bastards Pay!

OKay, let’s clarify a few things.  First off, I grew up in the Akron Environs.  I have Family and Friends who work and live there.  I got my Degree from Akron U. IMHO, since the Dems have had near-total Political Control for the last 30 years, they took a thriving Factory Town and help turn it into a clone of Detroit.  Well, not quite that bad, but close.  Uniontown is a Bedroom Community, mostly known for it’s being close to Akron.  Boring, “Whitebread,” Dull.  But if one wanted to “Celebrate Diversity,”  you’d think one would live in Akron.  Especially in the Highland Square neighborhood, which seems to be the “Trendy LGBT” area of Akron.  Yes, I Know Akron.  Granted, the Schools Suck (my Sister-in-Law works for them as a Special Needs Teacher, FWIW).  But the kid is only Two Years old, so I’m not buying it.  And why wait two years and go on the Local Media?

So here’s the Scenario as I see it.  The Sperm Bank Screwed Up, no doubt.  But for Uber-Liberal Lesbians to try and make the case that their Lives are Ruined because they are now the Parents of a “Half-Black Baby?”

And now we get to the point.  If this was a Straight Couple who claimed that their Lives were Damaged because the Child they “Ordered” was the Wrong Race, how fast do you think that the Liberal Media would be all over their Butts?  Do you think some “Child Advocacy Group” wouldn’t try to get a Judge to remove the Baby?  Hey, there has been Supreme Court Rulings the past couple of years regarding a Native American Kids Adoption along the same lines.

But since this story came out, have I heard any thing from the Liberal Media saying these Ladies are Wrong?  Wrong in their Attitude?  Wrong in their “Legal Excuses?”  Or does the fact that they are considered “Special” because they are Lesbians grants them the Right to Sue to cover up the Fact that they are RACIST HYPOCRITES?

Oh, and before anyone wants to point a Finger at me for Hating Lesbians, I think my TWO Lesbian Cousins and my Gay Nephew would Kick my Ass if I tried to pull some “Hating” down on someone just because they aren’t Straight or White or Male or…  got it?

Let me put it another way.  I’m not down on them because these Women are Lesbians.  I’m down on them because they’re HYPOCRITES.

How often have we heard that if one is against Gay Marriage (which, FWIW, I’m NOT) then one is a BIGOT.

How often have we heard from the Liberal Media that the ONLY Racists are the Right-Wing WHITE People?

How often have we heard that one needs to be “Open-Minded” and “Tolerant” of others, no matter who they are?

How often have we heard that “Racism begins at Home,” and we need to raise our Kids to be “Non-Judgemental?”

Yet because someone couldn’t tell the difference between “330” and “380” on a Container, these “Ladies” are calling the place they Deliberately Moved To a “Racist Town,” that their own Family is Racist, and yet, they can look into a News Camera and be perfectly comfortable spouting their Prejudices about their OWN DAUGHTER!

So yeah, I AM living in the Crazy Years.  Bubblehead Les Out.

P.S.:  Oh, Ladies?  You know your Liberal Anointed One, Barack Hussein Obama?  He’s Half-Black, like your Daughter.  Do you think his Mother should have Sued his Dad?



4 thoughts on “Racist Liberal Lesbians, or Heinlein was Right!

  1. sGlenn B

    Listen here Les and listen good (or in this case read well), if you are going to tease us with titles for your blogposts containing the word lesbians, you could have at least placed one totally gratuitous sexually oriented photo of two hot babes somewhere in the post. Thanking you in advance for next time. ;>)

    1. bubbleheadles Post author

      Two things Glenn. A) If I put up Hot Pictures, with my luck, some Bastard would sue me for Copywrite Infringement. B) If I put up Hot Pictures, THE Wife would Kill Me for getting those pictures.

      And if I used the Pictures of that Lesbian, YOU would Kill Me for making you Sick! ; )


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